Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Taste of Yesteryear

This guy and I were talking the other day. About the "Good Old Days." Like either of us, really lived through them. OK, we sorta did. This guy's childhood, happened during the 70s and 80s. Mine was more, the 80s and 90s.

Another thing on our minds, was finding a really cool gift, for this little guy. Something fun. Meaningful. And something that would bring a bit of the past, back to life. We're just like that. We like retro and vintage type of things. We enjoy learning about the past. So I did a quick search. And found a few of our favorites. :)

Do you remember this little guy? Being that I spent a lot of time in the mountains, I remember him well. My grandparents lived in the mountains. And I spent so much time with them! So seeing Woodsy, was very common. This guy remembers Woodsy too! As he and his family, spent a lot of time, hunting and fishing, while he was growing up. :)

The same can be said for Smokey the Bear. I remember going to the State Fair, every year, as I was growing up. And all I ever wanted to do, was go see Smokey, and eat a turkey leg! :) Smokey would also come to our school, and teach us all about Fire Safety. Yes, we saw a lot of him in the mountains too! In fact, this guy and I, went to go see his memorial. :)

And lastly, are all these books. I didn't have any of these brand new. None! I don't know if they came before I did. But that's how it happened. And oh, I just LOVE books! I've always had a ton of books. But I did have some of these books. OK, a nice collection. I don't know where they came from. Perhaps, they were from my older siblings.

Yesterday, this guy and I, we went shopping. At the most AMAZING antique, and second hand shops. Oh hello! The southwest has some amazing ones. I just wish, that we would have had more free time to shop. We found lots of pieces, for our homes. This guy added to his Vinyl Collection. I added to my own Cookbook Collection. And we picked up some gifts.

It was a day, dedicated to "Yesteryear." We "rescued" a lot of the past. And hope to bring new life to it. Including a nice stack of books, for this guy's nieces and nephew. Something that we hope, brings them many years of happiness. Yes, it was a nice trip, down "Memory Lane!"

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