Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Like a Playground

That is what Sin City is like. A "Playground" for adults. Don't you think? We were in Sin City, for almost a week. The LBs and I performed. The BBs and I performed. Manders and I, got a lot of time, to catch up. I enjoyed my time with Cole, and her little fashionista! My Bestie, was dealing with some stuff. But I'm positive, that this trip helped her. To move forward. And my favorite time, was spent, with all my Goddaughters!

I always think, it's so strange. We go to Sin City to work. We perform. Put on BIG shows. We mingle with VIPs. Get paid to gamble. This guy, has to work. All weekend! Literally, all we do, is WORK!

But so many people, go to Sin City, to have fun. To play. To somewhat become "kids" again. A far cry, from our reasons. But we're all there, to entertain, have fun, and enjoy the city!

Sunday night, we celebrated this guy. Really "Lit Up the Town!" I think, for most of us, it's been crazy. We've been so busy. And stressed out. Life has been so emotional. The burdens were getting so tough. But this celebration, just helped calm everything. Even for, just one night!

I know that sounds weird. But it's the truth. And I'm glad, that I have the group of friends, that I have. I'm so happy, for the job I have. And for this guy. There was once a time, when all I thought about, was work and school. Life wasn't really "Worth Living," at that time.

I'm learning, that sometimes, you just need to enjoy yourself. To "Live in the Moment." Enjoy your blessings. I mean, seriously, how many people get paid to travel? And perform? Hangout with friends? Not many. And I need to be grateful for that. "Live in the Moment."

This was a fast trip. Almost completely, scheduled with work. But we did enjoy ourselves. In fact, this guy and I, want to come back. You know, when we're not working. And really enjoy the "City of Sin!" The way it was meant to be enjoyed. Now we just need to schedule that in! :) Oh, can you tell...we work too much!

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