Sunday, March 4, 2012


Have you ever seen something, and instantly known, that you want it? I have! Unfortunately, I'm the type of person, that goes home to think about it. And by the time I decide what to do, it's usually been sold. Sad!

But when you are a "crafter," sometimes you can recreate those same things. It also gets bad, when you are constantly saving pictures. To later recreate. I literally have 10,000 pictures saved. In one folder. To make certain projects. That's where this picture came from.

I don't even remember, where I found this. But I knew instantly, that I wanted to make a few of these, beautiful pillows. For our breakfast nook at home. I want to find some bright colors. For the actual pillow. And I'm going to stick with white, for the roses. Oh, I'm so excited to start this project!

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