Thursday, March 31, 2011

Family Love

I mentioned yesterday, that we spent the day with My Guy's family. It doesn't happen often. But when it does, we all enjoy it so much! I just wish that our schedule would allow for more time like this. To enjoy the people that we love.

We spent the day helping out My Guy's grandma. Working on projects that needed to get done. Enjoying lunch together. Lots of amazing and fun stories. And of course, lots of laughter. She told us so many wonderful stories. Stories about her and her husband. Such an amazing couple, they must have been!

Later, we picked up 2 of the most precious cuties. From school. They had missed their uncle so much! And the rest of the family joined us for a BBQ. Were again, we shared lots of fun. Many laughs, amazing food, and just some good "old fashion family time."

But during all of this, My Guy's grandma, told me that she had something to show me. And to ask me. I was kind of intrigued. What could it be? She goes over to her laptop. Yes, she is a "high tech granny." And opens up this picture...

So pretty! She wanted to know if I could make her something like this. She really likes it. Or if I couldn't, would I know where she could find one. Um, I don't crochet a lot with thread, but I thought, heck, I'll give it a try.

Just some family time. You know, families do things like this for each other. Grandma always makes me fried apples, or Monkey Munch, or fried chicken. I'm more than positive, I can figure out something. Because I love her. And respect her so much.

There is one thing that I really do love about My Guy and his family, their closeness. They don't forget about each other. Their love honestly grows by the second. That is truly amazing. This family is never envious of each other. Just loving!

And I'm so blessed, that they've welcomed me with open arms. Yesterday, was the day my soul needed. A day filled with love, laughter, and family. Even doing the dishes, is fun with these people. I'm so blessed to be a part of their family. Now I need to put a little love into a hook and thread. Because no one deserves it more, than Grandma! ♥

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hoping for Peace

Something about today, has helped me to find peace. Monday night, I went to a rosary. For a friend of mine. Who was only 28 years old. Just months older than me. And yesterday, she was laid to rest. In her final resting place. We were childhood friends. We shared chocolate milk on Fridays, and helped each other with school projects.

All of this, seems so strange. We're young. She was so full of life. This should not have happened. Not to her. We still don't know if it was an accident. Self inflicted. Or murder. We don't know the whole story. Just the sadness. The sadness that comes with this loss.

I don't know why this is bothering me so much. I mean she was my friend. And it hurts to lose a friend. Especially through violence like this. But the pain is deeper. Like it's more available. More accessible. Like it could have been me, instead of her.

To be honest, I think it's because we were very similar. In lots of ways. Far beyond our ages. The similarities in our lives, they're a little scary. And not so many years ago, I found myself in a darkness. In a hole. Looking for a way out. Praying for someone to help me.

Today was spent with family. Just My Guy and his family. I really enjoyed it. And there was something so calming about this field of flowers that we past. It just made me smile. Gently blowing in the breeze. Almost like a message from above. Letting me know, that there is still beauty on earth. A message that life still moves forward.

I was lucky. I worked through my darkness. It was nothing like drugs or alcohol. But rather, things going on inside. Cleansing of my soul. Realizing and facing the things in my life, that were causing me the most pain. The most heartache. I got to work through all the things that were weighing me down, and sucking the life from me.

Looking back now, I wish I could have been more available to my friend. Even if it was just to listen to her. Maybe I could have helped. Maybe I could have made her feel better about herself. Who knows what that could have done. But it might have helped.

In the past, I've not been the best of friend, to all of my friends. You know, life gets busy. And the time and distance grows. I'm lucky to have an incredible core group of friends. People that are always there to love me. When I need it. And when I don't. And even sometimes, when I don't want anyone else around. They've helped me through so much. Especially my Battle with the Big C.

But there are also friends that I've let our friendship sort of "die down." These are good people. Great friends! And just because I lack in time, I've let things go. I realize that it's my fault. And I want to reconnect. Reconnect with high school friends. College friends. And childhood friends. I want to be a better friend. A more attentive friend.

Growing up is tough. All of a sudden everyone and everything, is screaming out for your time. It's demanded. And your "free time" becomes smaller and smaller. Blogging for me, has always been an "easy and fast" way to stay connected with friends. I can sit down for 5 minutes, and bam, all my friends know what I've been up to. I can sit at 2AM, and catch up on all their blogs. It's just "easy."

But "easy" is not what I'm looking for. I want good, strong, and loving friendships. I want to start talking, to all those people that I've lost touch with. The ones that I shared so much of my life with. The people that I think about. The ones that are always on my mind. I want to be a better friend to them.

I don't want to lose another friend like this. Tragically. I want to be there for them. To celebrate in their joys. And carry them through their sadness. I want to be that friend. I want to be the good friend that I used to be. Before I let my crazy schedule dictate my life.

"A" didn't die, without leaving a mark on all of us. She was special. Full of life. And even in her death, she is still inspiring good. "A" will be missed. By all those who loved her. But for me, she has inspired so much. In 28 years, she touched many lives. Now it is time for my friend to rest her soul. ♥

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I was looking for some "Springtime" crafts. Something that I could make with My Guy's nieces this week. We're going to be spending one afternoon, evening, and night with them this week. Something that I've really been looking forward to. :)

I found this cute little birdie and basket! Katja has such great ideas! I'm going to need to head to the store. And maybe try a different kind of glue. You know, I don't want any itsy bitsy fingers getting burned.

And to be honest, I just need this. I need some fun time. Time with kiddos. Craft time. Just time to enjoy the people around me. To laugh. To be happy. To love. And maybe, to just craft some. ♥

Monday, March 28, 2011

Sleep and My Guy

I can relate a lot to Gemma. Not in the sleep paralysis. But in the inability to sleep. You know, when your significant other is missing. I've really gotten used to My Guy being around. I already have sleep issues. And when we are not around each other, it gets so much worse!

A good example of this, is when my Dad was sick. And I was spending time at the hospital. And later, at my parents' house. I struggled. Actually, I got nearly no sleep. Nothing! Maybe an hour a night. For 2 months! And then, just as horribly as it began, it ended. Why? Because my Mr. was around. Ya, those 2 months, they were so very long!

It's funny. I just feel so much relaxed and safe, when My Guy is around. I don't know how else to put it. Something as silly as My Guy working, and me coming into his office, ya that can lead to hours and hours of GREAT sleep! My Guy is working. And I'm fast asleep on his sofa. Crazy? I'm not sure. I can also sleep though hours of his playing video games. No stinkin' lie!

In the last, almost 3 years, we spend very few nights apart. I'm so glad. Because I do get better sleep. It's bad enough to have a sleep disorder. But to also have issues, because he's not around, it just ain't fun! No sir.

But we both know what works. Actually, My Guy tells me, he gets better sleep when I'm around too. Is it just comfort? Maybe love. I'm not 100% sure. But I am very happy to have My Guy around. He does make all aspects of my life better! ♥

Week Three

Welcome to Week Three of the Crochet Along! This week is all about working on the handle. You should have the main basket piece (up to row 25) done. If you haven't, that's OK. Just work on as much as you can. If you need any help, don't hesitate to ask Manders or me. We'd love to help! Because we really want you to succeed at this cutie!

I'm having a lot of fun with this project. I just need to find some time to crochet. Earlier in the week. I keep putting off my crocheting time until Sundays. Particularly, Sunday nights. It's not that bad. But then I feel a little bit of stress. You know, trying to finish before my own deadline. I just need to make a "crochet date" with myself. Maybe Wednesday nights. How is everyone else doing? ♥

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Tripas Eating Tripas

After not feeling so well, over the last few days, My Guy and I decided, to just take last night, and enjoy. We went out to a yummy dinner. Where we obviously, ordered way too much food! So we came back with big "Doggy Bags."

It's a good thing too! Because today, I'm just not feeling it. I'm feeling very lazy! Not sad, like the last few days. Just lazy. It might be the roller coaster of emotions that I've been on. Or maybe the gloomy weather, that we've been in. I'm not sure. But this morning, it was tough!

As usual, I threw myself out of bed. Managed to order My Guy some breakfast. And spent 30 minutes trying to get him out of bed. He's not a morning person! But he often has morning work obligations.

I was not in the mood to eat. I wanted to sleep. But I know better. I must stay awake. If not, My Guy will never leave on time. This week especially, I needed to get him out the door on time. Oh boy!

He sat eating his breakfast. Half asleep. Listening to me, tell him, all about his schedule. We also talked about our traveling plans for the week. Time we're going to spend with family and friends. And what next weekend holds for us. It turned out to be a good morning. I even ate a strawberry or two.

But the minute My Guy left, I was all about getting back into bed. No lie! People, I don't know why, but I've been completely drained, as of late. I went to sleep for a bit. But woke up...STARVING! Starving like Marvin. Oh, boy. What to do?

Because of where we are this week, we're staying in a hotel. We don't do this much. But this week, we're in a hotel. I didn't want to order room service. I just knew I wouldn't eat it all. And I remembered that we had food, from last night. In our mini fridge.

I was getting excited! That yummy piece of meat. The mouth watering one, from last night, that I didn't finish. And you know what, as one of my "Tripas was eating up the other," I was warming up my food. :)

"Breakfast of Champions" today? A hunk of meat! Or like my friends like to say, a piece of "Man Meat." :) You know, a nicely grilled piece of yummy meat. That's what I ate.

No potatoes. No veggies. Nothing. Just meat. And when My Guy called to chat with me, before he started the big part of his day, he laughed. Laughed at my yummy breakfast. Why? Because I always tease him.

When he is home alone, he just makes a piece of meat for dinner. Whether it's a steak, a pork chop, or ribs. He only eats meat. Almost like he doesn't know how to cook anything else. Even though, I know he does. Funny huh?

And on an unrelated note, today is my sister's birthday. Unfortunately, we haven't talked in years. Lots of family problems. But once, we were so close. Spent so much time together. Regardless of our age difference. So I hope she has a wonderful birthday! Happy Birthday Sister!!! No matter what has happened, I love you. ♥

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Saturday, March 26, 2011

When is Enough...Enough?

Yesterday, I just wasn't having a great day. I was feeling down. Really bad. Then I got 2 pretty horrible phone calls. My Mom called to let me know, a childhood friend of mine, had been found dead. I was in shock! I really couldn't believe it. And it made me sad. To think, maybe she just felt very alone. And needed someone to be there. I wish I could have been there.

Then, my bestie called. While I was talking to my Mom. To let me know, that they were flying her and Baby C to another hospital! She left me a voicemail. And when I got off the phone with my Mom, I called her right back. No answer. I pretty much tried all afternoon. With no luck. It made me feel horrible.

I had a horrible pit in my stomach. I had no information. Just my mind. Thinking of all the things that could have gone wrong. The last time we were in California, disaster struck. And now, I'm feeling in the same boat. With no one to turn to. My Guy and our friend were working. What was I supposed to do?

Yesterday, just wasn't a good day. I felt horrible. I had already been feeling bad. But this was worse. I tried reading. It wasn't working. Not at all. And I finally decided to call another friend of mine. Someone that I hadn't heard from in a while. I figured she would understand. Boy was I wrong!

She and I have been having a difficult time. As friends. I feel like I'm the only one, that is putting anything into this friendship. It's been nearly 2 years, since we've actually seen each other. It's been weeks, since we've talked on the phone. Which I'm always the one to call. She hardly ever calls me. But I was putting it out there. Hoping that we could set up a time and date to meet for lunch. For the last few months, we've tried. But fail miserably.

I've not been completely 100% into this. There's just something about the situation, that bothers me. Maybe it's because I know she is stealing when we go out. Yes, I know she is. It's been going on for years. Maybe that's why I don't push to meet up with her. Because I feel uncomfortable.

It's bad enough that I noticed it when we were out shopping. Like when she'd see a product, that I have in my purse. Then she'd ask me to show her where I bought it. She'd walk around the store with it. Then ultimately, decide she wasn't going to buy it. While I'm paying for my purchases, she is off wondering about in the store. And just a short time later, I see that product in her purse.

WHAT? She's stealing beauty products, stationary, dollar items. Yes. And it really bothers me. I don't believe in stealing. I can somewhat understand if you are a parent. And say, you can't afford something that your infant needs. But still. I have a tough time being "OK" with it. So when someone is stealing "luxury" items, I have no sympathy.

I've had a tough time. With just wrapping my head around all of this. Then the last few times that we've met up, I've noticed things missing from my purse and my car. So can you see why I'm hesitant? I mean, if you want that lipgloss, just ask me. 9 times out of 10, I'll give it to you. No need to steal from me too!

So when I'm the only one making the calls, it gets especially annoying. She doesn't give any kind of effort. All relationships, require some effort, from both parties. And when it's not there, well, you start to give up on it. And I'm feeling that way.

But I sucked it all up. I needed to just talk. And I was honestly, wondering how my friend was doing. So I called. This was before I learned of everything in the day. Before my day really began to tumble. There was no answer. So I called Enzo. We had a good, long talk. And I felt so much better! Then after a good lunch, I was feeling better. Until the bottom of my day, just fell out.

I was happily surprised, late in the afternoon, when my friend called me back. She seemed genuinely excited to hear from me. And we talked. Or I should say, she talked. And talked. And talked. When I tried to get a little of my worry out, I was cut off. She was not interested. Didn't want to hear about my friend. Or Baby C. Didn't care. I didn't know what to say. Or how to go about this.

I didn't want to fight. I just didn't have it in me. I was already emotionally drained. But when she completely cut me off, while talking about my dear friend, to ask about a beauty product. I didn't know what to say. I honestly didn't! What do you do with that? What kind of friend is that? And after I gave my opinion, she cut me off again.

I was so annoyed. But not letting it show. I was biting my tongue. Trying as hard as I could, to not blow up! We quickly went from talking about a beauty product, to my friend, to when I would be going home. The minute I told her it wouldn't be until mid April, that was it. She had to go.

I'm not sure what to do. My head knows. But my heart doesn't want to listen. I find myself in this position a lot. There are just certain friends, that honestly, I'm not sure why I'm friends with. They are what my priest calls "bottom suckers." They suck the life out of you. And just want to pull you down. They're miserable. And only think of themselves.

I know what I have to do. But it seems so abrupt. So final. So unexpected. But something that I need to do. I've been feeling so drained. Weighed down. Horrible. I know that this has been coming for a while. I've been putting it off. But I'm pretty sure, I've had enough. Enough of this bad friendship. And of this horrible friend.

In all honestly, I need to start taking care of myself. And nurturing the relationships that really matter. Not all this extra crap that's going on. I need to be a better friend, to my true friends. And I need to just cut strings with the bad ones. I know that it will make me feel better. And it will make me a better person in the end. ♥

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Saturday Crochet

Is it me? Or are there a lot more really cute free crochet patterns on the weekends? I think so. Every weekend, I find myself downloading some cute patterns. Here are 5 "Free Patterns of the Day." Available today, on Free Crochet and Free Patterns.

Boy Wrapper

Baby Sacque and Cap

Daisy Table Set

Crystal Lace Afghan

Cascade Tablecloth

All these patterns just encourage and inspire me to start crocheting. A lot more than I've been doing lately. I'm just in need of some yarn. I've let my stash kinda die down a bit. I need to replenish it. And start making some cute things. ♥

Friday, March 25, 2011

Grey and Gloomy California

Since when is California this grey and gloomy? I'm not sure. But it's not been great weather. Not this morning anyway.

The weather is really just bringing down my mood too. I know, I had a "melt down" last night. Maybe I could tell the weather was changing. I'm not sure. But I'm not feeling this. I feel like there is something bad, just lurking around the corner. I can't put my finger on it. I just know.

I hate this feeling. I usually really like rainy weather. It's my favorite! And California. Well, I'm not a HUGE fan. But I do enjoy coming. It's the only time I really let myself shop. Good vintage shopping out here. But I'm just not feeling it.

My Guy has been amazing. Poor thing. After working yesterday, he came back, to find me curled in a ball...crying. Go figure. But he picked me up. Cuddled me. And let me be. He knew that I just needed it. I've been carrying a lot lately. My Guy was perfect. Just let me cry it out. Then let me talk it out. For hours. Really listening to everything that has been bothering me.

I needed that. So maybe there is a point to this "Gloomy Mood" that I'm in. I've been dealing with a lot. You know, since September. And I just hadn't let it go. This could be a good thing. For now, I'm going to curl up with some hot tea. And pray that My Guy doesn't have to work all day in this rain. Maybe I'll watch a good movie. Or read a good book. Happy Friday! ♥

Thursday, March 24, 2011

We Can Do This

My Guy and I realized something over the last few days. We can do this. We can have kids. Yes, we can! And now more than ever, we want to be parents.

We've always wanted kids. ALWAYS! Both of us. It was one of those serious talks, that we had way before our first date. You see, we talked on the phone for months, before we went on a date. Because I lived in the SW. And he lives in the SE.

But kids have always been on our radar. We took care of his nieces, for an extended period of time. I've taken care of my nieces and nephews in the past. But there was something about the last few days. I can't put my finger on it. We just realized, we can do this.

We decided to spend time with 3 of my Goddaughters. We honestly had a blast! My Guy was on diaper duty. Because I just can't deal with that. I know. I need to get over it. But I'm not there yet. Maybe one day.

Overall, we just had fun! Spent lots of time playing, laughing, reading, feeding the birds, and doing a little bit of shopping. I found My Guy and Maribel playing "Tea" yesterday afternoon. And I nearly died! My heart just melted. Because I know that he wants a couple "little ones" himself.

We may have forgotten about nap time. And totally refused to make the kiddos go to bed at bedtime. Cari stayed up with us watching all her favorite movies. We indulged the kiddos in lots of room service. A few ice cream sundaes. And a lot of "story time." We all really enjoy reading. And Abby, she was all about giving my "Blue Eyes" plenty of kisses! So cute!

Maybe we're getting older. Maybe we've just come to "that point" in our relationship. But anyway that you think about it, we now realize that we can be parents. We want to be parents. Now we just need to think of all those other things. Like becoming an official "Mr. and Mrs." You know, before adding to our "family." ♥

Barbecue Chicken Pizza

This week, I was a little surprised, when this guy, asked me to make this recipe. Why? He never "hunts" for recipes. He almost never, requests a certain dish. He's just an easy going kind of a guy.

To be honest, I was totally going to skip this recipe. It just didn't appeal to me. I don't know what it was, but it just didn't sound good. I actually had another recipe in mind, for this week. But, I said, why not.

Yesterday, My Guy and I headed out for the supplies. Heck, he made it really easy on me. Picking up some fresh pizza dough, from one of our favorite pizza places. And the rest was history. If you'd like to try it out too, don't forget that I'm using this week's Free Recipe of the Week from Gooseberry Patch!

Barbecue Chicken Pizza

12-inch Italian pizza crust
3 c. cooked chicken, shredded
1 c. barbecue sauce
1 c. shredded mozzarella cheese
1/2 c. shredded Cheddar cheese

Place pizza crust on a lightly greased 12" pizza pan; set aside. Combine chicken and barbecue sauce; spread on pizza crust. Sprinkle with cheeses. Bake at 450 degrees for 8 to 10 minutes, or until cheeses melt and crust is crisp. Serves 4.

This was such a quick and easy recipe! Like I said, we picked up pizza dough, from our local pizza place. A total time saver! And you know that it will ALWAYS be delish! We also picked up a rotisserie chicken. And this guy was smart. He picked up a BBQ one! It added so much more flavor. :) Literally, in 5 minutes, we had 2 pies in the oven. And it made for a very yummy lunch!

We couldn't have asked for an easier, more delicious recipe! Perfect, for sharing with some itty bitties. Like we did. With a yummy salad, it was just perfect! :) Maybe this guy, needs to pick out more recipes for us! Now we're off to go enjoy some more "down time."

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Elizabeth Taylor

What a beauty. A legend. Elizabeth Taylor. I was s sadden to hear the news this morning. Elizabeth has gone to heaven.

Why does this hurt my heart so much? I'm not sure. Maybe one of those things. Because she's the last on a truly amazing, classic, and elegant people. People who were larger than life. Bigger than you could imagine. Yes, that was Elizabeth.

I remember watching her movies as a kid. I've always liked a good black and white movie. And watching Cleopatra with my Mom. I remember immediately wanting to dress up like Cleopatra. To be her for Halloween. No lie!

There was this one time, I was really sick. And I remember coming home from school. I laid on the couch, put the TV on, and watched a marathon of Elizabeth Taylor's movies. It was probably one of the best days of my life. Other than being sick.

Elizabeth was the last of the real "Movie Stars." The legends. People who were "bigger than life." Not celebrities. But people who you really wished that you could meet. Maybe live their life for a day. Because what little girl didn't want to play with Elizabeth's beautiful jewelry.

Rest in Peace Elizabeth. You are so dearly loved by many. A truly elegant woman. ♥

2 Cuties!

My Guy and I are taking some time to just relax today. Enjoy some of my cutie patootie Goddaughters. And really, just listen, to what our hearts are saying. We need to stop. And realize all the amazing things we have in our life. Sometimes My Guy's career can really "get in the way." And we start to feel "numb" inside. We get lost in the shuffle, and forget what's really important. Friends and family.

I think life, has just being going so fast lately. So much has changed. So many things are a whirlwind. Right now. My health. My Guy's career. Sometimes, just stepping away for a minute or two, really is all one needs. You know to get some real perspective on things.

And that just what we have planned for the next few days. Beginning with, and not ending with, a little crocheting for me. :) And I wanted to share today's free patterns, from Free Patterns. They're so cute! Definitely going on my "To Make" list. :)

Little Artist Crayon Keeper

Baby's First Easter

Now if you don't mind, I got some cutie patooties to go hang out with. And a man to love. :) And a little time to just enjoy life. Since My Guy needs to be in California, for work on Thursday. Not much time. But we're going to make the most of it. You know, I really do miss my friends and family. But My Guy is the perfect reason to be away. ♥

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring Has Sprung!

Yay! It's Spring. My favorite time of year. We're not even 2 days into Spring. And I couldn't be any happier. So many exciting things have already happened!

The "Super Moon." It was breathtaking! Beautiful.

The beautiful flowers are already blooming. It makes me heart just flutter with excitement! All I want to do, is spend my time gardening. :)

And it was my birthday. I have so much fun celebrating with my Mr. He planned an amazing day.

Yes, year 28 is already looking up for me. It's my favorite time of year. I'm still on a "birthday high." And I'm going to see my friends later today. I just can't tell you how much I love this time of year.

We spent the weekend in TN. My Guy was working. And it was so beautiful. I had so much fun on Sunday. It's one of those things that you have to do at least once in your life. You know, if you are a fan. So much fun!

Then My Guy planned this amazing day yesterday. He rented a cabin in the mountains. We slept in. He made me a yummy breakfast in bed. Followed by the most thoughtful presents. I'm a lucky lady! My Mr. really thinks these things out. And pays a lot of attention to my "likes" and "dislikes."

In the middle of the afternoon, we had a picnic. Next to a gorgeous stream. It was so peaceful and beautiful. We laughed and joked. Saw a beautiful deer, some rabbits, and lots of birds. Enjoyed some yummy food. I seriously didn't know that this man is such a great cook! Man can he cook. :)

And our evening was beautiful. While I was napping, during the late afternoon, My Guy was "creating Heaven on Earth." Yummy food, candles and flowers everywhere, beautiful music. I must say, I won the "Man that I Love" jackpot! He is definitely a keeper.

I was pleasantly surprised to get a trail of calls yesterday too! I felt so special and loved. Even from people that I never thought I'd hear from. It was the best present I could have gotten. And my Mom even made me a beautiful present, and managed to get it to me, on my birthday. Love you Mom! It is beautiful!

The best part of my day, was just spending time with My Guy. Just the two of us. And nature. We both love the mountains. It was absolutely perfect. And hearing from so many friends and family. Spring is always an amazing time of year! And did anyone catch the post from My Guy yesterday? So sweet! Happy Spring! ♥

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Monday, March 21, 2011

Week Two

It's Week 2 of our Crochet Along! It's time to begin the 2nd part of the basket. By the end of this week, we should have the main basket piece finished. Our goal this week, is to work Rounds 11-25.

And if you are like me, you were running a little behind, this past week. I didn't buy my yarn until late in the week. And I forgot to print out the pattern. So I only worked a row or two. But yesterday evening, I got working. And I caught up! This week, I'm going to try and be more product. Earlier in the week. :) ♥

Happy Birthday Darlin'

Happy Birthday my Little Darlin'. I couldn't love another person more than I love you. I planned more than anyone realized. I want this to be the most special day you've ever had. Just to show you how special you are.

Who would have thought, that I'd become a fan of spanish music. But you have a way of changing a person for the better. :-) This song is perfect. I love ya! Happy Birthday Doll Face! Your Guy


Today marks the beginning of year 28 for me. A little scary. I definitely thought I'd be living a completely different life right now. You know, college graduate, married, and maybe a baby or two. But life has lead me down another, and might I add, more exciting path.

I'm still in college. Getting a degree in medicine. Who in the heck would have thought? Dating the most amazing man alive. How did that happen? I swear to you, some days, I feel like my life is a dream. In a good way. :)

10 years ago, all I could think about was graduating from high school. Moving away from home. And "starting my life." You know, my way. So much has changed. But for some reason, this is the year that I've stopped to reflect.

My illness has not made things easy. It's created so many challenges for me. Things that I would have never thought about. You know, before that "fateful, life changing, difficult day." But I think God has done this to me, to prove a lot to myself. To show me, I can do it. I can take care of myself. I can do this on my own. I'm strong enough. Because no matter what, I've done a lot, while dealing with the "Big C."

And I've accomplished so much in my 10 years, post high school. Like owning a home. No mortgage. Full out owning it! Buying and paying off a new car. Chasing my dreams. Both in performing, and in school/work. And I've learned so much about myself. Good things. Bad things. It all has helped me grow.

I've lost so many amazing people in my life as well. Been faced with life changing situations. Helped take care of my Dad. Entered a new phase of my life. Become a Godmother. To many precious little girls. And fell in love. I still don't know how that happened. Oh, and I "unofficially" moved across the country. :)

So to celebrate, I'm going to share with you. 28 things that I don't think you know about me. And I'm not sure here. You know, it's been a year and a half of blogging. Is there anything you don't know about me? I'm not sure. But here we go...

1. More than once, I considered becoming a Nun. As in a "Sister." In the Catholic Church. I swear, it was calling me.

2. I past up a music contract with Sony. I'm not lying! I don't exactly know what I was thinking at the time. But seeing as where my life has lead me, I'm thinking it was the best choice I could have made.

3. I like to eat my french fries with mayonnaise. Not ketchup. Mayonnaise. Or a Frosty from Wendy's. :)

4. I miss some of my best friends. Like a person would miss air. Friends that I just grew apart from. Like Amanda, Hillary, Patricia, Jude, Brenda, Jennifer, Jenny, Antoinette, and Priscilla. That's just 9. A short list. There are a few more. How sad is that? But how do you reconnect?

5. I would have given my right arm, to have played full time, with a Mariachi in my hometown. You know, where they respected me. Not the crap that I dealt with. I really wanted that. More than anything.

6. I still get nervous about talking in Spanish. I don't know why. I just do. Like I'm waiting for myself to fail or something.

7. I'm very insecure. And lack in self confidence. Most people don't know this. They just think I'm ridiculously shy. Which I am. The two together, can almost be crippling.

8. Along the "Friend Topic," at least once every two weeks, I'm probably minutes away from my childhood best friend. I work at the hospital, in the city, where she lives. I need to schedule in some time to meet up with her. I really miss our friendship.

9. For years, I watched Telenovelas. Why? I'm not positive. But it did give me the confidence to speak in Spanish. I've understood, read, and written in Spanish since I was a small kid. But I didn't really "speak" Spanish, in conversation, until I was a teenager.

10. I miss my Grandma a lot. And occasionally, I go have lunch at her grave. I talk to her and my Grandpa (that I never met.) It always makes me feel better.

11. The idea of wearing shorts, almost makes me have a panic attack. I don't know. I was a cheerleader for years. Wearing a lot less. But shorts, they scare me!

12. There was this guy in college. I had the BIGGEST crush on him. So bad, I could barely talk to him. Forget when he sang, played, or looked my way. I would turn "beet red" when he'd talk to me. It's pretty hilarious now that I think about it! :P

13. I still panic, when I have to change the thread, in my sewing machine. I don't know why. But it makes me sweat bullets!

14. I can easily spend $100 at Dollar Tree. On what? All kinds of things. Especially around holidays. Or now at Spring time. So I avoid it like the plague!

15. I can't remember the last time I washed my car! I rarely wash it. And 99% of the time, it's a mess. While my house is completely spotless. Not a thing out of place. I don't get it!

16. I sometimes eat an entire package of whipped cream. With warm chocolate chip cookies. Why? It makes me feel better, after a bad day at work.

17. I really like "Hospital Jell-O." So much that I eat at least 2 cups every single time I work. :)

18. I've always wanted to ride a real life bull. Like the ones in the PBR. But at the same time, it scares me to death!

19. I brush my teeth at least 6 times a day. And floss 2 or 3 times. I still fear losing all of my teeth. I honestly don't know why.

20. I organize everything in my house. EVERYTHING! Books by authors. Clothes by color. Dishes by size. Linens. Gardening tools. Wrapping paper, ribbons, and cards. Jewelry. Food. Everything! It's almost crippling.

21. I like to sleep outside, on the porch, when it rains.

22. I'm scared that I'm going to be the "Unsuccessful Graduate of WMHS '01." Maybe because I feel like I haven't accomplished enough. I don't know.

23. I don't use public restrooms. EVER! I just can't do it. The "Germ Factor" freaks me out. I know, it's bad for my health. But I can't.

24. I have a diagnosed, sleep disorder. Most days, I sleep maybe 2 or 3 hours. Nothing seems to help. And honestly, I'm exhausted 90% of the time. But I put on a brave face. And don't tell people that I'm silently suffering.

25. I still can't bring myself to change a dirty diaper. I can't. What in the world am I going to do, when I have kids?

26. I secretly love math, chemistry, and physics. I realized that during one of my toughest semesters in college. I really do enjoy those classes! Can I take more?

27. When I was little, I knew deep in my heart, I wanted to be a mommy and a wife. I never wanted a career. Just to love and take care of my family.

28. My butt gives me nightmares. Think "Baby Got Back." Is it too big? Too "out there?" But secretly, I like having a larger rear end. But it still gives me anxiety. So I workout.

There you go. 28 things about me. I wonder if you really learned anything worth while? But right now, those are the things that are on my brain. I might do this again. Maybe a few times during year #28. ♥

Happy Birthday Abby!

Dear Abby,

Happy 1st Birthday! You are such a big girl now. You and Robbie are just so sweet and amazing. Making everyone around you so happy. Little Cowgirl, you just make me smile. Lucky to be your Godmother, well that's an understatement! I love you so much. Just like I know your 3 other Godparents love you too. What a lucky little girl. You already have 4 Godparents! :)

Watching you grow, is just like watching my own child. We all know that I don't have any babies yet. But you know what I mean. Every time I see you, you look so much bigger. You're doing something new and fun. I just can't believe it. What a true and honest blessing you are to all of us.

I cried the first time you called me Na. We're guessing you were trying to say Nana. And when I got to see you walk, sweet pea that was amazing! So many big steps for such a small little girl.

I thank God each and everyday. Just for letting me be a part of your life. I feel so blessed. I don't take this whole "Godmother thing" lightly. And soon enough, we'll get to see each other again. I can't wait!

Abby, today is all about you and Robbie. I hope you guys enjoy your 1st Birthday. I'm sure you won't remember it. But do remember this, you are loved so much! Little girl, there is not a thing in the world, that I wouldn't do for you!

Your Na (Nana)♥

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sums Up Our Day...

For so many reasons, this song sums up our day. But in a good way. You know, we all need that little kick in the butt sometimes. When we "see the light." And realize that something wasn't right. Maybe we were lying to ourselves. Just going through the motions. And just trying to survive.

Funny how My Guy and I have the most incredible relationship. Everything on the "Love Front" of our lives couldn't be any better. But the other stuff, it's been tough lately. Work. Family. Life. Careers. Just life.

For so many reasons this song, is just way too perfect! And guess what? We made it to my "home state." And we've planned a "low key week." Before heading to California. Neither of us would change anything in our life. But it's nice to get to just clear our minds for a bit. It's exactly what we need. ♥

Along for the Ride Giveaway

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Lollipops' Giveaway

My Guy just told me that this print, it would be perfect for me! Yes, I'm one of those people that enjoy taking pictures. Maybe a little too much. Even if I hate to have my picture taken. :)

You have a chance to win this beauty. How? Go to Sandy a la Mode and enter here. Good Luck! You know you think this is super cute! ♥

La Posh Style Giveaway

Let me just say this, I LOVE these Ruffled Boots! Now that all the important business is out of the way, let's get on with this post...

Little Miss Momma is having a giveaway. For what? A $25 credit to La Posh Style! Have you seen this site? OMG! A new love for me! No lie! I'm not going to. Because I love just about everything on this site. Especially these boots!

To enter, go to Little Miss Momma and enter the giveaway. And hurry, it's almost over. And you don't want to miss this one! You could win something big! ♥

Fun Crochet

This morning on Free Patterns, I found 2 very cute patterns. They're the "Free Patterns of the Day." So you just might want to head over there right now. You know, and download them. :)

Springtime Coasters

Splash 'n' Fun Cover-Up

I think both of these patterns would be so fun to crochet! I want to make some of those coasters. But maybe with thicker cotton yarn. And use them as potholders instead. And this little cover up, I think it would be super cute! You know, for a few of the cuties in my life. :) Happy Sunday! ♥

Happy Birthday Maribel!

Dear Maribel,

Sweet girl, today is your 4th Birthday. Where in the world has all the time gone? I'm not sure. But your Nana has just enjoyed watching you grow so much! I'm so lucky to be your Nana.

Nothing puts a smile on my face, quite like you. From the way you smile, to all of your dancing. God has definitely blessed us all. Just by sending us you to love. That much I know is true. You are a true light in our lives.

For you sweet girl, I pray that you dream as big as the mountains, as deep as the seas, and as far as you can see. I want for you to grow big and strong. To accomplish everything that you do. To love your life. To trust in God. And to be happy.

I wish I could be with you right now. To tell you how much I love you. To hold you. And give you a great big hug. To sit and play with you and your Barbie dolls. To read lots of books. And just spend time with you.

But know this. I love you. I will always be here for you. 4 years ago, I promised your mommy and daddy, that I'd always be here. I pledged to God, to help you grow, follow in his path, and most importantly, to be your rock.

Happy Birthday sweet Miss Maribel. There is just something so sweet and innocent about you. Something that makes your Nana so happy and proud. I love you! I can't wait to see you. So we can celebrate our birthdays together. Until then, have a very magical birthday.

Your Nana ♥

Saturday, March 19, 2011

June Bride and Groom

Isn't this a cute pattern? The June Bride and Groom are today's Free Crochet, free pattern. I know this, because Violet sent me a quick e-mail. She was wondering if I could make them for her Flower Girls. As their little gifts. Yuppers! Now I'm starting to get really excited about this wedding! ♥

Looking For...

I'm looking for a necklace like this. I was doing a google image search and found this beauty! But when I clicked on the link, it wasn't available. If anyone knows where I can find this necklace, or one similar to it, please let me know. Pretty please!

On another note, My Guy is definitely back to work. He's been working pretty hard for a few days now. And I'm trying to tackle all of my files. It's really busy around here. But we're trying to carve out some time to hangout with friends tonight. I hope we can manage it.

And I'm in a sea of crafts! No lie! There are so many birthdays between March 15th and March 31st. I'm a little overwhelmed. Maybe I should have packed some of these crafts. You know, during our trip. There was a lot of "down time." Oh, and I just opened up 5 Baby Shower invitations. I guess you can say, reality is smacking me in the face. Oh well! Happy Saturday! ♥

Friday, March 18, 2011


I need to get back to writing. I just realized this. Over the last week. I did a lot of writing for me. And only me. Do you know what I mean? I write a post every single day for this blog. And I write in my journal. Oh, and there is my "job" of writing too! But this past week, I just wrote what I was feeling. Whatever happened to come to me.

I had forgotten how much I really just like to write, "to write." To just sit and let my imagination run wild. To let the words flow from my head, straight to my paper and pen. It was such a relaxing time. Something that I've really missed.

And you know what I'm thinking? I need to carve out more time to just write. To just be me. To see where this goes. I'm thinking that I need to create a beautiful space like this. A cozy place that just invites creativity. Just to write some beautiful stories. I'm just dreaming of all the possibilities. Happy Friday! ♥

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patty's Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Funny how we are out here, in the middle of paradise, and we're planning a "traditional" St. Patrick's Day dinner. I've never had a "traditional" dinner. I'm usually fasting for Lent. But this year is different. And what a fun way to spend our last night in paradise.

This was definitely the trip that we both needed. In more ways than one. It's been absolutely insane in our lives. And well, we won't have another break until mid July. So we definitely enjoyed our time out here!

And one last note, today is my friend Patricia's birthday. We haven't seen each other in forever. But I never forget. It's funny how that works. Some people just leave a lasting imprint on our lives. I hope she has a great birthday! And I hope everyone enjoys their St. Patty's Day! Now I'm off to have some yummy green crepes. :) ♥

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Jackie's Apple Corned Beef

I love how Gooseberry Patch is getting in the holiday spirit. :) They're free recipe this week is just perfect for St. Patty's Day! It's making me so hungry just reading it. Everything just sounds yummy!

Jackie's Apple Corned Beef

8 new redskin potatoes
4 to 5 carrots, peeled and cut into chunks
1 onion, cut into 8 wedges
3-lb. corned beef brisket
4 c. apple juice
1 c. brown sugar, packed
1 T. Dijon or honey mustard

Arrange potatoes, carrots and onion wedges in a slow cooker; top with corned beef. Stir together apple juice, brown sugar and mustard; pour over top. Cover and cook on low setting for 8 to 10 hours. Slice meat thinly across the grain. Serve with cooked vegetables, Sautéed Cabbage and some of the cooking liquid. Makes 4 to 6 servings.

Sautéed Cabbage: 1/2 head cabbage, shredded 1/2 c. onion, chopped 1 to 2 cloves garlic, minced 1 to 2 T. butter salt and pepper to taste. In a skillet over medium heat, sauté cabbage, onion and garlic in butter until soft. Add salt and pepper to taste; serve warm.

Although we're not going to be home for St. Patty's Day this year, I want to make this. Maybe we'll do a post-St. Patty's Day dinner. I just think it will be so fun! And honestly, this recipe is making me so hungry! Let me know if you try it out. Or leave me some of your favorite St. Patty's Day recipes. Happy Wednesday! ♥