Sunday, March 25, 2012

Happy Birthday Savannah!

Dear Savannah,

Happy Birthday sweet girl! Just a few minutes ago, you were born. The most precious little gift, straight from God. An answer to your Mommy's prayers! Already loved so much!

Your Nono and I, are so excited. Over the moon! I do believe, I just heard him say, this was the greatest day of his life! :) Yes, you are one baby girl, that we've all been waiting for. Praying for. And right now, we've given you and your Mommy and Daddy, some much needed "bonding time." We know that you, as a family, need this time!

Today is your day. I'm sure your big brothers, are going to be so excited! They're at home sleeping. Waiting to hear, about their new baby sister! From this day forward, I know a solid group of people, already love you so! Happy Birthday! I can't wait, to see what life has in store for you!

Your Nana♥

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