Friday, December 24, 2010

Keep Him In Your Prayers

I have a big favor to ask you, please keep my Dad in your prayers. He got sick yesterday. My Mom called me up. To let me know. But something seemed wrong. Really wrong. So My Guy and I drove into town, so I could check on things. I stayed the day, with my parents. Hoping that this wasn't a major issue. But quickly, I realized we were in trouble.

Last night, things got worse. To the point, I didn't feel safe, having my Dad at home. I called this guy. And an ambulance. When it became clear, we needed more help. My Mom and I, were right behind the ambulance. My Dad was immediately a "Priority One." Tests were quickly taken. Many doctors came in and out. His condition, getting worse.

Within an hour, he was admitted to the hospital. To the ICU. In "Bed One." And we've had around the clock care since. He's been medicated, to keep him sleeping. While they try to figure out, exactly what's wrong. Being that it's a holiday, it's been a little tricky. Many doctors are being called in. Hopefully, things will be OK.

My Mom and I have been here. Almost all alone. I don't think, my siblings understand, the seriousness of the situation. One of my brothers also came. His girlfriend insisted. And I'm getting ready, to go call some family and friends. I know, that we need the support system right now.

Most of all, I'm grateful. To God. This medical team. Everyone involved. This is serious. And we need prayers to help my Dad. I'm grateful to My Guy. Who has been my biggest supporter. My rock. Right now. When I need him. But honestly, we need prayers from all of you, to get through this. Please pray.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

A Monkey

Hi there Sew, Mama, Sew friends. You can find my giveaway right here. Good luck! And I hope you come back soon.

Because I'm honestly exhausted, and I can't really put my thoughts to a blog post today, I'm just posting a random gift that I bought. This cute little Monkey Bank. Not really so random if you knew who I bought it for. :) It's for a very special little girl. For Christmas. Because she just adores monkeys! In case you are wondering, I picked it up at Wal-Mart, when I got my nail polish.

I promise that I'll blog about my week tomorrow. After I've gotten some sleep. I'll tell you all about our shows, the medical conference, and getting to see the Nutcracker last night. All I can say is, it was amazing! But right now, I'm ready to head home. It's literally been weeks since I've slept in my own bed. Happy Saturday! ♥

Friday, December 17, 2010

Super Star

Hi there Sew, Mama, Sew friends. You can find my giveaway right here. Good luck! And I hope you come back soon.

I'm in LOVE with this nail polish. It's Pure Ice, Super Star. The perfect glittery, crimson color for the Holiday season. I picked it up the other day. Violet and I made a mad dash to Wal-Mart. She was looking for a new mascara. And I got lost in the world of nail polish.

That night, I painted my nails. And they've been perfect ever since! No chips, no bumpiness from the glitter, no peeling. I didn't use a base or top coat. Just the Super Star polish. It's definitely a must have for only $2! ♥

Thursday, December 16, 2010


Hi there Sew, Mama, Sew friends. You can find my giveaway right here. Good luck! And I hope you come back soon.

So you might be asking yourself, what in the world is this picture? It's a picture that My Guy sent me yesterday. He was working. I was in my medical conference. And this was all that he put in the e-mail. This picture. Random.

What is it you ask? Those are Christmas trees. Spray painted pink and orange. I don't know where My Guy found this picture. But when we finally talked last night, he told me that this picture just reminded him of us. Why? Because he likes orange, and I like pink.

Would we ever do this to our Christmas tree? I doubt it. But it is pretty. I'm just wondering who would paint their Christmas trees? The craziest I've ever gotten, was a vintage aluminum Christmas tree. I don't know what happened to it after I broke up with my then boyfriend. But I liked that Christmas tree. And it was the most "out of the box" tree I've ever had. But this picture, well it has the wheels turning for next Christmas. ♥

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Praying Angel Ornaments

Hi to everyone from Sew, Mama, Sew. You can find my giveaway post here. Good luck! Hope you enjoy!

This is today's free pattern from Free Crochet. I think these angels are beautiful. So much so, I might take another shot at crocheting with thread. If you've ever seen my Mom's thread crochet, it's gorgeous. Even the things my Grandma made, were just amazing.

Me? Not so much. But I just might have to try thread crochet again. How beautiful would it be to have 3 of these surrounding a Christmas candle? Beautiful. ♥

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Apricot-Glazed Baked Ham

Hi everyone from Sew, Mama, Sew. My giveaway is right here. But if you're looking for a yummy recipe from Gooseberry Patch, you can keep reading. Here is this week's free recipe. Yummy! It sounds like a little piece of heaven to me. :)

Apricot-Glazed Baked Ham

1 T. all-purpose flour
6 to 7-lb. fully-cooked ham
18-oz. jar apricot preserves
1/4 c. spicy brown mustard
1 c. brown sugar, packed
1/2 c. orange juice

Shake flour in a large oven bag. Place ham in bag; set in a roaster pan. Combine remaining ingredients, mixing well; pour over ham. Close bag with nylon tie provided; cut 6 to 8 slits in bag. Bake at 325 degrees for 2 hours to 2 hours and 20 minutes, or until a meat thermometer inserted into thickest part of ham reads 140 degrees. Serves 10 to 15.

I'm not sure if I've ever shared this with you, but I really like ham. At Thanksgiving, all I can think about is ham. Not turkey. And for New Year's, I also make a big ham. Is that weird? Well I hope not. Because ham really is my favorite holiday food. That's why I'm so excited about this week's free recipe from Gooseberry Patch. And don't forget about my giveaway. ♥

Monday, December 13, 2010

Sew, Mama, Sew Giveaway Day

Welcome everyone from Sew, Mama, Sew! I'm so excited to be a part of Giveaway Day again. I just wish I would have remembered to pack my camera with me. But these cellphone pictures are going to have to do.

Now on to the good stuff! I'm giving away 2 different items. And we'll have 2 different winners. :)

First we have this full apron. I know lots of people like the full aprons to bake with. Especially at this time of year! I'm also going to include some dish towels and other kitchen gadgets.

And a cute cupcake purse for a little girl. I don't know if you can tell, but it's filled with lots of goodies too!

Now how do you win? Just leave me a comment with your favorite homemade holiday dessert. It can be a candy or a cookie. Whatever homemade dessert is your favorite. Get 5 extra entries for a link to a recipe. I LOVE to try new things. :)

You have until December 19th at 11:59PM PST. And I will draw 2 lucky names. Good luck! And have fun blog hopping this week. You might want to stop by a few of my friend's blogs too! They're also hosting a giveaway. Here are their links, My Mom, Cari, Gabi, Kate, and Manders. ♥

One More Reason to Knit

This is just one more reason for me to learn how to knit. Aren't these the cutest little Christmas ornaments? I would love a white Christmas tree, with lots of lights, and a ton of these ornaments. Yup, a ton of these all over my Christmas tree.

I guess if I start learning how to knit now, maybe by Christmas time next year, I might have enough knitted ornaments for my tree. What do you think? That snowman just melts my heart. ♥

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Peppermint Winter

This is quickly becoming one of my favorite Christmas songs. It might be because I like Owl City. Or that I'm really in the holiday spirit at the moment. But this is such a great song.

I feel like I NEED to go home immediately. We haven't decorated for Christmas. We haven't really done much shopping. I still need to bake. And time is just flying by. Maybe that's why I'm enjoying the Christmas music so much this year. It's the only real holiday thing I can control.

So how are your holiday plans coming along? Are you ready for the big day? You know, it's 13 days away! I'm really starting to stress out a bit...♥

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Mountain Dew Christmas Tree

Isn't this tree adorable? My Guy came across this picture. I'm not sure what he was searching on Google. Being that he likes Mountain Dew a lot...I'm thinking he was probably searching for some Mountain Dew Christmas decorations. :)

But this tree is entirely made of soda cans. I wish there was a better picture. But I think it's adorable! And you can't forget the red Christmas balls!

I know that this is a little out of the box. Well, as far as Christmas decorations go. But I think that it could be a fun project to work on. What do you think? Would you like something a little more non traditional hanging around your house this holiday season? ♥

Friday, December 10, 2010


It's that time of year. Christmas is just around the corner. 15 days away to be honest. And everyone wants to know..."Lola, what do you want for Christmas?"

I'm honestly a very easy person to shop for. Buy me a candle, scarf, or cookbook...and I'm so excited, I just can't contain it. Give some craft supplies...I just might have a heart attack!

But when Enzo asked me what I wanted, I told him yarn. I love me some yarn! Or maybe some fabric. Oh no, my best friend wasn't have that. He wants to buy me something fun and girly. You know something that's not so practical. Instead fun and girly.

So I got to searching. And I kept coming up empty handed. I know Enzo. He wants to get me something that I want, but would never buy myself. But what could that be?

Then I was catching up on my blog reading. Reading through Armelle. And I found these beautiful necklaces...

OK, Enzo I know you're reading this. You are like my most loyal reader. This is what I want. You pick! Any one of these necklaces or pairs of earrings would be perfect! I know, I was supposed to find something more expensive. So you can decide what you want to do. Maybe just maybe, you can get me more than one...

See you can say that to your best friend. The best friend that you met hours after your birth. And the same friend, that you agreed to spend a certain amount of money on each other. Even though we always ended up spending more. But there you go. I really like Armelle's jewelry. And I'd be so happy to get a piece for Christmas.

Oh and a very special birthday wish goes out to my good friend and boss, Billy Bob! Happy Birthday! You know what, we're going to have to go find you a yummy cake in the casino. :) ♥

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Money, My Guy, and Me

I get lots and lots of money questions. Everyone wants to know. Does My Guy pay for everything? Do I really work? What do I spend my money on? How does it all work?

Well, I work. All the performing that I do, it's to pay for things like my college tuition, books, internships fees, insurance for working at the hospital, my home, all the costs associated with my home, and anything personal like that. Why? It's my decision.

My Guy from the very beginning, wanted to be able to pay for it all. Honestly, he can afford it. But I wasn't having any of that. I've never been the type of woman, to just let someone be completely financially responsible for me. Call me crazy but that's how I feel.

When I was 18 years old, I moved out of my parents' house. I actually moved a few hundred miles away, to go to college. From the beginning, I was pretty lucky. My parents convinced me to buy a house. It would be an investment into my future. And I had a really good job in music at the time. So I bought a house.

It hasn't always been easy. But I've done it on my own. No matter if I was dating someone or not. In a serious relationship. Or just by myself. It didn't matter to me that I was only 18. Or single, in a family sized home. Seriously, my house is bigger than any other on my street. I didn't plan it that way. But I got a good deal on the house. So I bought it.

That's my way of having independence. I'm financially independent. I have always paid for my education. I have a few small scholarships. With the issues in the economy, you've definitely seen scholarships dry up. And I get help from the various doctors that I work with. But I pay for 99% of it. I've also paid off my home. I did that in just over 7 years. Yes, it's possible to pay a 40 year mortgage in 7 years. Is it easy? No way! But again, I was single at the time.

I didn't have kids to worry about. Or anything like that. I could just take an entire paycheck and send it to the mortgage company. Living like that is tough. Because you sacrifice other things to pay off your home. Like furniture, decor, and sometimes even the basics in life. I never had cable. I watched the thermostate like my life depended on it. And I lived in the desert with no AC. I didn't go out with friends. Shopping was almost nonexistent. I rarely if ever, had a decent meal. Times were lean. But if there is a will, there is a way.

I'm not saying that I do it all on my own now. Yes, My Guy does pay for a lot of things. Like travel. Because we travel mostly for his work. So that cost, is purely up to him. He also pays for me to be able to go home to visit my family and friends. Because he knows that I moved to be closer to him.

As far as our day to day costs, again My Guy pays for most of those things. Groceries, bills, utilities...those sorts of things, he pays for. He makes sure we have what we need. Or in his case, what he enjoys. So ya, he pays for movies, dates, anything like that. And for anything for his house. I know what he'd say there..."Our House."

Like now for Christmas, he pays for the decorations. He also pays for the cleaning lady. Although, we really don't need one. But he's had her working for him for over 10 years. And well, he never had a girlfriend who did housework and cooked before. So he kept our cleaning lady. And now, we just kind of hangout and talk when she comes over. :)

My Guy also owns a large lot of land where we live. Our friends say we live in the BFE. And with that much property, well you need people. People to help you keep up with it all. So My Guy obviously pays for that.

But I'm still pretty stubborn. I don't spend My Guy's money on myself. As an example, if I go shopping for me, I pay for it. Regardless if it's clothes, makeup, craft supplies, a movie, a haircut. Those things, I still pay for. And that is the point were we don't agree...

You see, My Guy has more than enough to take care of me. And a small country to be honest. But I still feel like I don't want to "burden" him with the responsibility. Or make him solely accountable for everything. I think it's because I was raised to be so independent. Now one day, you know when we are legally wed, I won't have a problem with that. But right now, I feel like I need to support myself.

So there you go. I still pay for most of the things in my life. My home, my car, my bills, my health care, my shopping. But My Guy provides us with all the other stuff. The stuff that I probably wouldn't have encountered otherwise. We fight about money. But not like most couples. More because I don't spend enough of My Guy's money. Isn't that hilarious? But we've finally agreed on a little set of rules. And it's made life a lot easier. Even for this insanely independent woman. ♥

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

How Cute!

I'm so in love with this pattern from Ana! Since I first saw Ana's patterns on Etsy, I've been hooked! I've purchased many of them. And her 2 books. Yes, I LOVE her blog too!

So you can count on me buying Crochet Today! magazine this month. Unfortunately, I didn't get the last copy that Ana was published in. :( But I'm not going to miss this pattern! Don't you just LOVE this amigurumi set? ♥

Fun Birthdays

Today happens to be, this guy's, brother's birthday? Did you get that??? Well, I really wish I was there. Because, you know that would be a fun celebration. Oh, but there is this thing called work. So instead, I gave him a call. And all the "Birthday Boy" wanted to know, was if I'd baked him a cake!

The conversation, was hilarious. But not necessarily "blog appropriate." You know what I mean? We did make some plans. I'm going to cook dinner for he and his wife. Of course, this guy and I, will be there too! I promised to make him a brownie cake. And maybe, even threw in a hunting trip...with his little brother. :)

Hey you! Ya, you. The "Birthday Boy." Have a great day! Enjoy grandma's dinner. And you better think of me. 'Cause I know, that you're going to be eating fried chicken. But for real, have a wonderful birthday! And I promise you, I remembered all by myself. I even got you a present! Happy Birthday K! ♥

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Let Me Down Easy

This song happens to remind me of My Guy. Before we "officially" started dating, we'd talk on the phone all the time. I'm going to confess here, we'd talk for hours at a time. :) And he'd always end the conversation with, "If I fall, will ya let me down easy?"

As time past, I learned that he "fell" pretty early on. As in the night we first met. And he wanted to ask me out. But he knew I was dating someone else. So he just waited. And waited. Like a good southern gentleman.

I know, it's only been 2 days, since I last seen him. But I miss My Guy. Every single time, I hear this song, it makes me think of him. And I can't wait, to get back to him. Yes, I'm admitting that here. So instead of him being the vulnerable one, I'm now that vulnerable person. But I wouldn't want it any other way. Now if I could just get this airplane to take off. I'd be one happy lady.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Quality Time with My Parents

I didn't get much time, with my parents yesterday. Not at all! It was a quick trip home. Almost solely for the Craft Fair. But that's how life goes. Right?

The little bit of time, that we did get, I enjoyed every single second of it! Every second!!! I'm at it again. Performing. All week. Throw in some work stuff. And well, the week is jam packed with stuff!

But I took some time, to just enjoy my parents. Which was much needed! My parents spent the afternoon with family. While I was the one, that stayed at the Craft Fair. We sold so much stuff! I can't believe it. And my parents, thoroughly enjoyed themselves. :)

After the Craft Fair was over, and I met my parents. We decided, to go out, to a late lunch. Before I had to head back to Sin City. We enjoyed it. It may have only been a few hours, but they were AMAZING!

I got to catchup on family stuff. Like how some sick relatives were doing. All good news. Yay! And well, we just caught up. On the important stuff. Planned some things for Christmas. Or should I say, the week after New Year's. Because, well My Guy and I already have some plans.

I really do wish, that I could spend more time with my parents. I wish that I could share this guy, with them. I wish that this time of year, wasn't so crazy. That I didn't have 2 weeks, worth of shows. And Medical Conferences. And lots of holiday stuff...that I just haven't done.

But at the end of the day, I know that spending time with my family, is important. I only have 2 parents. 2 parents that are older. That I know, won't be here, for decades to come. That my friends, is the ONLY downfall, to having older parents.

There's just something, tugging at my heart, telling me to spend more time with them. And I WANT to! I NEED to! And I'm planning, on spending as much time, as I can, with my parents. I need to carve out more time, for family. This I know. Because, it's important!

At times, life just gets so complicated. And hectic. We sometimes forget, what's important. And what should take priority. I know, that my parents are very important! That they matter. They mean the world to me! And I value that. Now, to schedule in, some more, of this important "Family Time!"

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sunday Sweets

I'm currently on a flight to my hometown. Why? For a Craft Fair! My Mom and I always get 2 tables. It's held at our church. And since the first year, we've always gone. We do it more for the fun, then the actually financial side of it. And to support our church.

But I do have to say, in the last 3 or 4 years, we've made a pretty good amount of money. And that never hurts during this time of year. So we have totes and totes of of crafts. We make them all year long, and just keep adding to our inventory. I also happen to have 2 suitcases with me. Loaded with things I've made over the last few weeks. So I'm pretty excited about today.

I'm a little sad that I will be missing my Family Reunion though. It's a somewhat small one on my Dad's side of the family. It was last minute. Mostly because one of my Dad's cousins, is really sick. And they don't expect her to make it past the winter. In years past, we've had much larger reunions, during the summer. But this was just too important to pass up. So I've agreed to man the Craft Fair tables alone. So that my parents can go to the Family Reunion. Yes, it's that important. In fact, had we not already paid for our tables, my Mom and I would have skipped the Craft Fair altogether this year.

But I suppose that's life. And there's not much else you can do. So I'm sitting here. Flying home. During the only real break I get from performing. But it's important. And sacrifices need to be made. It's all part of life. But I'm determined to have a good day. Oh, I may or may not be browsing Etsy...

I'm quite in love with this Cowl by Yarn Plus Yarn. The shop seems to be out at the moment. But I'm quite in love. I'm thinking a cranberry colored one would be perfect for winter. And at $25, you honestly can't pass it by.

I've noticed since I was first diagnosed, and told that I have to be careful health wise, that I really have stocked up on winter accessories. I've always had a love affair with scarves. But since my diagnosis, I've really fallen hard for winter accessories. It might just be my way of trying to protect myself.

Either way, I see a purchase in my near future. And a very fun day ahead. I hope everyone has a great Sunday! You know, Sunday really is my favorite day of the week! ♥

Saturday, December 4, 2010

What Do I Say? What Can I Do? I Feel Deflated...

It's crazy. Today, is someone's birthday. Someone that was, once very special to me. A close friend. Heck, I thought of her as a sister. We were that close...

Then one day, things instantly changed. No real explanation. No warning. No clue. It just ended. As quickly as we had become friends. It was over. Final.

It still seems so weird. It's been nearly 3 years. I don't feel any better about it. It was 1 message on MySpace. It ended it all. Crazy how that happens. I still feel such a sense of shock. I still grab for the phone, to call her. Or want to send her an e-mail. Or just want to talk to her.

I've seen her 2 or 3 times since. And we've never spoken. Never done much of anything. But look at each other. I still wonder how that happened. How such a good friend, could just, I don't know. Walk away? Push me away? How did we let it come to this? I'm not sure...

But I do, still think about her. I have for a while. Then today, I woke up and realized, that it's her birthday. How crazy is that? It's her birthday!

I want to call her.
Tell her that she is amazing. Wish her the best. But how do I do that? Does she still live in the same place? Does she ever check MySpace? Because I know I don't. Does she still have the same e-mail? I don't know...

But here we are. One small disagreement later. There we are. Not talking. Not communicating in anyway. But I miss my friend. "Kindred Spirits" don't come along often. A miscommunication, a mistaken identity, one bad day. This is where we are. I miss her. "Little G." I miss her laugh. Her "old school" way of life. Most of all, I miss my friend...Happy Birthday Little G!

Red Velvet Christmas Cookies

One thing that you should know is, I LOVE red velvet cupcakes. LOVE THEM!!! Just thinking about them, makes me want to go bake a batch. Oh. My. Goodness!

This week's Gooseberry Patch Free Recipe of the Week, just hit all the bells and whistles for me! Red Velvet Christmas Cookies! I'm sure that the people at Gooseberry Patch, know that I'm in the middle of my Christmas baking. And wanted me to add these to the mix. But oh my goodness! I might gain 20 lbs this year. Because of this recipe. :)

Red Velvet Christmas Cookies

18-1/2 oz. pkg. red velvet cake mix
1/2 c. oil
2 T. water
2 eggs
12-oz. pkg. white chocolate chips

Combine all ingredients; mix well. Drop by tablespoonfuls onto baking sheets sprayed with non-stick vegetable spray. Bake at 350 degrees for 8 to 10 minutes. Let cool slightly before removing from baking sheets. Makes 3 dozen.

Earlier this week, I baked these cookies. 3 batches of them! And guess what? In the matter of hours, they were history!!! And in case you were wondering, I wasn't the only one, that ate them. All my friends were so excited about these cookies. :)

It probably doesn't hurt, that most of my friends are from the "South." And red velvet is a staple there. But we ate. And ate. And ate some more! It's a good thing that we're performing this week. For 2 reasons. 1 can't bake while we're out here. And 2, I burned off a lot of calories!

But honestly, this is going to be a "staple recipe" for me. From now on! If I know you in "Real Life," you can bet your pants, that I'll be adding these, to your Christmas baskets. :) Today is Saturday. And boy, I can't wait for next week to come. When we head home. And I can bake up a few more batches! Oh, and I just might NEED this cookbook too! ♥

Friday, December 3, 2010

Capturing Memories

Isn't it crazy, how quickly technology changes? How fast life is moving forward? Yet, how so many people, love and adore, things from our past.

Let's take pictures and cameras, for example. I personally HATE having my picture taken. ABSOLUTELY HATE IT!!! But I like getting lost, in old pictures. Of recalling those memories, from my past. I adore it! And whenever I think of old pictures, I think of my grandparents' old Polaroid. The one that my Nanie would grab, and snap pictures with. Pictures of us kids, my Tatie, or even their countless animals. Fun times!

Recently, this guy and I, picked up 3 such Polaroid cameras. And we've been having a blast with them! There's just something, about watching a Polaroid develop. Almost instantly. It's amazing.

And when we were talking about our little cameras, to friends and family, all of a sudden...EVERYONE wanted one! It just makes me smile. :) How we all want a piece of the past.

Between, Happy Birthday Anna Marie! I hope you have a truly amazing day! We're going to have to grab lunch tomorrow. And do a little shopping! Maybe even capture some memories on my new best Polaroid. ♥

22 Years

Today is my parents' 22nd Anniversary! What a blessing it is. They've shown me, that life is not always easy. Life is not always about happiness. But with lots of hard work, faith, and love...a marriage can be successful. It's something that is invaluable. To know, that real love, does exist.

I just want my parents to know, that I LOVE them! With all my heart. And I'm so proud of this milestone. They are such amazing role models for me. And I hope, that this is just the beginning of their journey! Love you both! Happy Anniversary!!!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Dreaming of...

Cole and I, often e-mail each other, "inspirational" pictures. Things that we like. Something we think, might work for my shows. Or something that I need. Like this weekend. I'm going to some fabulous events, for My Guy. And I need some fabulous things to wear. So Cole and I brainstormed...

One of the pictures, that Cole e-mailed me, was this one. And I'm in LOVE with this skirt. But we talked about it. It needed to be more "formal." More "upscale." Cole not only designed a dress for me. But it has this identical skirt. The top is simple. I don't have any pictures of it. As I'm yet to see it in person. That's how we roll! But I saw a sketch. The top reminds me of the 1950s. Simple, and elegant.

Honestly, I can't wait to wear this dress. And I can't wait, to be supportive of this guy! He totally deserves it. And a week in Sin City, is a total bonus! Even if, I have to work a few nights. But honestly, how can I call dressing up, and I just can't! This is going to be an AMAZING week! I can just feel it. ♥

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

New Bebe

Dear Baby Jellybean,

Today, is your birthday sweet girl! I just can't believe, that you are here. So perfect. And beautiful. Everything about you, is just right! A baby girl, that we've all waited for. And you are absolutely perfect!

Not long ago, in fact yesterday, your Mommy and Daddy asked your Nono and I, to be your Godparents. We were both so surprised! And excited! What a blessing, this is to us! We're so excited to be a part of your life. A special part. To help shape the woman, that you will grow into.

Baby Girl, you are already so amazing! So LOVED! With a beautiful life in front of you. We can't wait to watch you grow. And help you along the way. Today, God bless us all. You are a perfect little Angel. Sent to us, to love, nurture, and protect. We all LOVE you! Happy Birthday!

Your Nana♥

Flirty Aprons

One thing, that I'm not sure you know yet is...I collect aprons. I LOVE aprons!!! Yes, I'll admit that here. :) It started, when I first moved out, of my parents' house. My Mom was giving me lots of stuff, to take with me. Odds and ends, that she was finding. Because my parents were also remodeling their house.

I ended up, "inheriting" 2 aprons. Made in the 40s? Out of sheer fabric, ric-rac, and lace. Beautiful! They are the type of aprons, that women wore, when they had company over. Totally "useless," but so pretty!

After that, I hunted out aprons. I bought them at Antique Stores, Craft Fairs, and even at my grandma's house. :) Then a few years ago, I got involved in an "Apron Swap." I sewed my first apron. And well, the rest is history!

Since then, I've made myself, 30+ aprons. Participated in many "Apron Swaps!" And added many aprons to my "Wishlist." I've received them as gifts. And every single day, I happily wear one.

The other day, "Little Sister," sent me this link. And I was so excited! The kind of excited, that keeps you up, for hours! Because you are drooling over all the beautiful aprons.

I may have hinted to this guy, that I'd love a couple of aprons. Especially, this one. For Christmas. Oh, that would make me so happy!

Is there anything, that you collect? Are you an "Apron Collector" too? Do you "Swap?" I'd like to know. Because these are things I enjoy. Collecting things that I enjoy. Finding fellow collectors, and swapping. And oh ya, sharing some of these wonderful things, with all of you! ♥

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving Leftovers

So I happened to come across this post about Thanksgiving Leftovers. Just thinking about Thanksgiving Leftovers makes me so hungry! I honestly can't stop thinking about a breakfast of mashed potato pancakes and a slice of ham. Or a yummy turkey sandwich with stuffing. I know, it sounds nuts.

But if you're not like me, and enjoy the leftovers, you have options. And lots of them. Lots of these recipes look and sound so yummy! Yes they do! Just look at this picture people.

So if you are interested, click here. By the way, Cafe Zupe is a yummy blog! Yes it is. A place that I enjoy a lot. I really do like to just look at all the pictures. But the recipes, yup they are delish! ♥

Friday, November 26, 2010

Old Navy Presents The Gobble

I know I can't be the only person that is this excited about Old Navy's Gobblepalooza. I may or may not have bought a few pairs of jeans for myself. And maybe a winter coat or two. :)

Yes, I know. I'm supposed to be shopping for other people. But yesterday, I just got the urge to buy myself a few things. Because I refuse to buy myself, any type of clothing, at full price. Weird I know. But it's the truth.

So do you plan on taking advantage of Old Navy's sales this weekend? Are you going to buy yourself anything? Or are you just going to spend money on Christmas presents? I'm just a little curious. Oh, and I did buy some Christmas presents too! ♥

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Warm & Cozy Autumn Makeup

I tend to be a big fan of Charlotte. I've been watching her YouTube videos for years. And now I'm starting to read her new blog too! But honestly, I just enjoy Charlotte's personality and style. Oh, and this "Fall" inspired look, is quickly becoming a favorite of mine. Which I might just have to try on Thanksgiving. Because you know, I like to try new things. Oh, and I have pretty much all those products already. Not sure if that is good or bad. :) ♥

Thalita Doll Illustrations Giveaway

Don't you think this is just an amazing piece? I do! It's by Thalita Dol Illustrations. I honestly think that these drawings should be in some children's books. They remind me so much of my favorite books growing up. :)

Right now, Cakies is offering a giveaway for either a print or a set of note cards from Thalita Dol Illustrations. You will not be disappointed. So head over and enter the giveaway! ♥

Emily Sparks Handmade Giveaway

I just adore that top, left hand headband! Yes I do! It's feminine and funky all at the same time. If you head over to Cakies right now, you have a chance to win a Blooming headband. Yes, that's the one that I like. :)

So hurry up and go enter! You know you want one of these gorgeous pieces. And don't forget to check out Emily's Etsy store. ♥

Jill's Giveaways

Jill over at Homemade by Jill, is having a week of giveaways! No lie. And she is giving away some really fun stuff. Hurry up and head over. It's just this week!

First off, this cute blanket and pillowcase giveaway. Aren't they adorable? I think so! And perfect for any kiddo in your life. Just imagine them all snuggled up!

And don't tell me you don't like this ruffle material! The possibilities are endless. Yes, endless! I could dream up at least a dozen projects right now. So enter here if you'd like some of this cute fabric. :)

And lastly, the Silhouette SD!!! Wouldn't you just LOVE to win one of these bad boys? Jill is giving one away on her blog!!! Go enter here! You will not be disappointed! Not at all!

Don't forget to check back all week at Jill's blog. Everyday she is posting a new and fun giveaway! A HUGE Thank You to Jill. Isn't she a doll? I think so! ♥

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Safari Booties

With Black Friday being this week, My Guy and I have started talking about Christmas presents. Yes, I'm way behind! Usually by this point, I've got 90% of my shopping done. But not this year. But that's not what this post is about.

While looking around, I spotted these gorgeous shoes! They're by the company Glaze. And oh, I just might want them for Christmas. In a size 6 1/2. Oh, and in the taupe color please. :)

Ya, My Guy has requested that I make a list of things I'd like for Christmas. Or stuff that I'd just enjoy. I know that he has done a lot more shopping than I have. The evidence...a pile of boxes in his office. But I'm still keeping these on my list. ♥

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Little Girl Dreams

Isn't this just dreamy? Any little girl's dream, right? Heck, I'll admit it. I LOVE this pavilion! My Goddaughter, she told me that she just LOVES this! You see, Maribel is the girliest little girl, that you will ever meet!

Hmm, if I had $470 laying around, I'd get it for her. Oh, and we'd probably need a place to put it. I doubt that Sals would be happy with me. You know, if I should up to her house with this very large present. 5 kids and a pavilion, that just might be pushing it a little too much...

But us girls, we can dream. We can dream about a lot of beautiful things. About tea parties in a beautiful garden, under this beautiful pavilion. Oh, with fancy cupcakes, some dress up, and lots of laughter! ♥

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Emma!!!


Today just happens to be your 1st birthday Miss Emma Grace! How amazing is that? I'm one very lucky lady. You know why? Because I'm your Godmother! Yes, my precious little "Lovebug," you are my Goddaughter.

That is why I stayed here. To celebrate this very big and important day with you. You are truly a blessing from God. A perfect little girl. Emma you bring so much joy and happiness to so many lives! Your mommy, daddy, and big sister are so happy that you're part of their family. And your Nana and Nono are so happy to be part of your life too! :)

I'm so excited to be your Nana. To get to be a part of your life. To watch you grow and learn so many new things. It's been such a great year. Just watching you reach all of your milestones. The first time you crawled was so fun! And I will never forget the first time you smiled at me! But my favorite times, are just hanging out. You know, when we laugh and play.

Yes, Emma you are a true blessing. Someone God has sent to make our lives so much better! You bring such happiness and love. I look forward to the coming year. To watching you really accomplish this thing we call walking. You're doing great already. But we all can't wait to see you really running around. And talking. I can't wait until we can sit and talk. You know, about the important things. Like dollies and books.

I love you so much! And your Nana just wants to wish you the best birthday ever! Yes, little girl, I'm so excited to be a part of your life. To watch you grow and become such a great person. I want to watch you dream about life, and then chase after those dreams. I can't wait. I really can't! But until then, you just have a great time being a perfect little girl. I LOVE you!


Your Nana♥

Monday, November 15, 2010

Baked Macaroni

I can't be the only one that LOVES baked Mac-n-Cheese. Oh no! Especially the homemade kind. Yes, my absolute favorite! So I'm very excited with this week's free recipe from Gooseberry Patch. :)

Mary's Baked Macaroni

Submitted by: Paula Weaver from Steeleville, IL

8-oz. pkg. elbow macaroni, uncooked and divided
1-1/2 c. milk
2 T. cornstarch
1/3 c. water
1-1/2 c. Colby Longhorn cheese, diced
3 eggs, beaten
1/2 c. oil
1 onion, diced
1/2 c. green pepper, diced
8-oz. can sliced mushrooms, drained
1 to 2 c. soda crackers, crushed

Measure out 1-1/2 cups macaroni, reserving the rest for another recipe. Cook macaroni according to package directions; drain. Heat milk, without bringing to a boil, in a saucepan over medium heat. In a small bowl, whisk together cornstarch and water; slowly stir into warmed milk. Cook just until slightly thickened, about 2 minutes. Combine macaroni and milk mixture with remaining ingredients except cracker crumbs. Pour into a buttered 3-quart casserole dish. Cover with cracker crumbs. Bake, covered, at 350 degrees for one hour, until golden. Serves 6 to 8.

Yummy! I sincerely want to make this for dinner tonight. With a big salad. Oh, and maybe some pork chops. Possibly a warm fruit cobbler, with ice cream. Yum! Can you tell that I'm a little hungry right now? ♥

Friday, November 12, 2010

Rock Candy Necklace

Let's all take a minute to look at this beauty! There are 11 different colors in each and every necklace. At $74, it isn't a bad buy. Just imagine all the outfits, that you can pair this gem with! The Lavaliere Multi Drop Necklace is made of 11 different color Swarovski Crystals. It comes on an 18 inch chain. And honestly, it's just beautiful! I'm adding this beauty to my Christmas List. :) ♥

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Updates on Baby C

Today Baby C turns a month old! I can't believe it's been a month! So much has happened. Good and bad. But prayers are still needed. Definitely needed! Today, Baby C is also having surgery. Why? To have her feeding tube moved. And to check her intestine. She is having a difficult time when it comes to eating, and gaining weight.

Since her birth, Baby C has lost weight. And hasn't been able to "feed" like a "normal baby." But she is staying strong. H is also doing so well. I'm so proud of her. Because they've been through so much! And she is still so incredibly strong.

Hopefully with this surgery, Baby C will start gaining weight. We all want her to grow. And in 7-10 days, they'll try bottle feeding again. Very exciting news! Because it means, Baby C is getting closer to going home. :)

Barracuda has a lot to do with H and Baby C doing so well. He is spending so much time with them. And I personally know, it's good for the 3 of them. They're becoming such a close little family. And I think it's good for them. H needs someone to love her, and to be there for her. Barracuda, he's ready to settle down. He wants a family. He wants Baby C. See, even if her biological father doesn't want to be in the picture, God has sent her a Daddy to love her. :)

So I need to get moving. I need to go say some extra prayers for Baby C. There are so many important things to do. But I honestly can't wait to see Baby C after she gets out of surgery. Knowing that the doctors have fixed some of the things that are plaguing Baby C. I really can't wait until she gets to go home with her mommy. And just to get my mind off of things, I really want to make these beautiful shoes for Baby C. I'm pretty sure that she would enjoy a new pair of shoes. ♥

Monday, November 1, 2010

So Pretty

Isn't this just the prettiest thing ever? See, crochet doesn't have to be all about granny squares and baby sweaters. It can also be about cute jewelry pieces. Yes, I have this necklace on my Wishlist. Maybe I'll get inspired, and make me one. It shouldn't be that hard. Right? But isn't this necklace just beautiful? ♥

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Holiday Leaves

Isn't this just the cutest little wreath? I think it would be perfect in browns, oranges, and yellows for Fall. Or in just white for Winter. Those are little crochet leaves all the way around. It's simple and classy. Just perfect for your front door! The best news is, it's a free pattern from Lion Brand. ♥

Friday, October 22, 2010

Am I Going to Be Ready?

1 month ago today, I found out about this 5K. I knew about it before then. But that's the day, I found out the actual date. It's in 15 days. No lie! And I just started training. As in, Sunday morning...

I usually run. Every single day. At least a mile. But usually more like 2 or 3 miles. By the end of the summer I was up to 5 miles a day! I was so proud of myself. But lately, things have been crazy. For about 2 months now, life has been ridiculously busy. The last 2 weeks, have been especially bad. But honestly, I wish I was still back home with Baby C. She is way more important than all of this.

Sunday, I decided that I needed to get my butt moving. I was 20 days away from running a 5K. I got up early, and somehow got My Guy to go running with me. We ran a mile. And walked the mile back to the house. It felt good. There is something incredible about running in the cool air. :)

Monday, My Guy had to work again. It's a little weird for him to work Monday and Tuesday. But this week, he had to. So he got up before me, again. Had me a glass of juice and a little snack ready. Then we went to run. A mile and a half! After that, we walked back to the house. Honestly, I thought I was going to die!

That was 3 miles on Monday morning. I was really sore from Sunday. And my back was really hurting. I don't know why. But on Sunday, I woke up with such a sore back. I could barely get out of bed. On Monday, ugh, I was in some fierce pain!

Tuesday, I could barely get out of bed. It didn't help that My Guy didn't have to be at work until near noon. His first day to sleep in since October 7th? I think that was the last day. Anyway, he was happily in bed. Asleep. And felt like I should be there too. Ugh, but I had to run.

So I literally rolled out of bed. Looked for some shoes and was out the door. Yes, I went running in my pjs. I mean, who in world is going to see me? We live in the BFE. And I run on our trails. No one in sight! I don't think our animals cared what I was wearing. They were the only ones awake at that hour. And just so you know, I had on 2 different shoes. I realized this on the walk back...

Wednesday, I had to run on the treadmill. I was already in Sin City. I'm not a fan of running outside here. So I ran on the treadmill. For 1 1/2 miles. My 3rd day at 1 1/2 miles. And I hated it. I just can't run on a treadmill. I hate it!

Yesterday, it was another mile and a half. Really annoying. But today, I branched out. I went running with some friends. Outside! Praise the Lord! I rather run outside than on a treadmill. Even though it was cold. And icky from all the rain. Oh, and we left in the dark. But it was a good run. And we ran 2 miles! :)

So am I crazy? I'm trying to get in gear for a 5K. In less than 3 weeks! I started with a mile. And I hope by this coming Monday, that I'm running 2 1/2 miles a day. My goal is to be running 3 miles by October 30th. Ugh! I should have been training weeks ago! You know doing it the right way. Slightly increasing my distance. And hopefullly my speed at the same time.

Whatever happens, I will be running a 5K on November 6th. Even if I'm sick. Or barely moving. You know, because of my back. Or if I have to haul my TPN with me. Even if I pass out halfway through, I'm going to accomplish this run.

Why? Because this event is in memory, of a very special person. Someone that meant the world to me. And I want to honor him in this little way. No matter what, I'm going to accomplish this. I just hope I'm ready for 3 miles of running. In my hometown. I know it's harder to run out there. Especially in the cold weather. ♥

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Afforable Accessories

I just watched this video by Candace. Now I feel the need to go shopping. I'm not really a "clothing person." I like clothes. But I wear pretty boring clothes. But I adore accessories!!!

This website has some cute things. And they're so affordable! Don't let the video fool you. There are so many different styles available. And did I mention, super affordable!

I know, I should be thinking about work. Or my new Goddaughter. Or school. But even I have to indulge in a little bit of fun. And girly goodness! Um, now to narrow down my favorites. There are so many cute things. :) ♥

Lacy Strips Throw

Isn't this a pretty blanket? OK, so the colors are a little crazy. I'd go with maybe 3 different colors. But I really like the look of this blanket. I think a blanket made in neutral colors, it would go perfect in our den. Something wonderful to curl up with. You know, on those nights that aren't too cold. But cool enough. Oh the thoughts... ♥

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Do You Have Game?

I know that this is a weird thing to ask. But do you have game? As in flirting ability. Dating type of thing. The ability to flirt your way to a free drink or two.

Why am I asking? Some friends and I were talking about this recently. I know it's a weird topic. But still. We were talking. And you know what, I have absolutely no game! At least I feel like I have no game.

Sure, onstage, I can flirt and "wow" like the best of them. I know how to turn a song into a flirty adventure. Make things go all hot and steamy. But away from the stage, I'm horrible! It's like everything is left onstage.

I never, ever even came close to flirting in high school. I barely talked to the 2 guys I liked. Years later, I find out that they liked me. But were unsure of how I felt. You know, because I didn't talk to them. And I most certainly didn't flirt with them...

In college, I wasn't much better. I became everyone's best friend. All of my guy friends, well we were buddies. We'd just hangout. And when I did date, it was all because of the men. I wasn't about to start that adventure.

Now that I've been in a serious relationship, for 2 1/2 years, I still lack in those skills. Which is hilarious! Because My Guy, he's got game. Serious game! Women fall at his feet. Although, these days, he rarely notices. But I notice. Me? Flirting? Not at all. He makes me blush when he starts his flirting antics. Because I feel like we're 15, and first dating.

But that's him. Mr. Flirt. He knows all the perfect things to say. The way to look at you. Just all of those things to do. He walks with "swagger." Maybe that comes from what he does for a living. You know, he's used to the spotlight. Maybe it comes from years and experience. I mean, I'd think I was cool too, if I had dated some of the women that he has. That "swagger" it has to come from that.

I'm still that awkward woman. That is not happy with the way she looks. Constantly annoyed with my hair. Thinks my thighs are too fat. And wonders, why in the world My Guy loves me. I have no game. I try. But I don't. Dress me up for work, and all of a sudden, I "strut." But that's the only time. Like high heels bring the confidence.

My friends ask me why. Why don't I have game? I don't know. I should. I should be the woman that says, "Hey. Ya, you! Look who I'm dating. I know you want him. I know he's one of the most sought after "bachelors. Ya, he loves me!" But behind the scenes, I'm not that confident. Ya, My Guy comes home to me. For some 30 months, he has come home to me. The woman that he loves. But I don't feel that confidence that I should. Not about him. But about me. I lack that self confidence.

I'm unsure. Not because of My Guy. I know he loves me. I'm the only one in his life. The only one that he wants. But "My Game," it doesn't exist. OK, if you ask him, he'd say different. He'd tell you, I've got mad game. But I really don't think so. I blush way too easy. I get flustered with my words. And to be honest, I can barely flirt.

Do you have game? I think part of it is, you have to be a little vulnerable. You need to show people a part of you. A part that they can fall in love with. And I'm well, a bit too guarded. But I'm getting better. My Guy and I have pretty much mastered the art of "flirtatious talk." You know, as I'm trying to write a paper for school. And he's going over contracts. While we're in workout clothes, in the den. Or when I'm cooking. My hair is usually a wreck, and I've got food splattered everywhere. That's when I seem to be most confident.

So maybe it's all in the eye of the beholder. Do you have game? Maybe you should ask the people around you. Because now that I think of it, I do get a lot of free food from the hospital cafeteria. Maybe I have a little bit of game. ♥

Love Stitched Giveaway

I really think that you should run over to Craftaholics Anonymous' Blog. Right now! Linda is having a wonderful giveaway! For a $25 Gift Certificate to Loved Stiched.

Have you seen the amazing things at Loved Stitched? Beautiful pieces! And Loved Stitched has a really neat blog too! You should go take a looksy. :)

There is something magical and elegant about Love Stitched's roses. Just look at them. And the colors are beautiful. Love Stitched makes everything from hair pins to rings. So many wonderful pieces!

I think you should hurry up and enter! I'm already getting together a nice selection for my "Holiday Wishlist." If I could just decide on a few pieces. But I LOVE everything in this shop! Good luck! ♥

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fall Inspiration

Carah's video was definitely, just what I needed this afternoon. Something fun to take my mind off of work. Actually, it did more than that. It got me so excited about Fall! And about fashion. And about this trip.

How did this one video do all of that? Because it made me want to go shopping for some Fall clothes. Pieces that embrace the cool weather. And if you've ever been to Sin City, you'll know, the shopping is great here! Absolutely fan-freakin'-tastic!

So now, I'm excited about being in Sin City. I'm thinking I can squeeze in a shopping trip or two. Who knows. Maybe pick up some things for me, my friend, and Baby C. See there can be an upside to all this traveling for work! ♥

Hard Stuff

Today, I had to leave for work. Tough. Especially when I have to be in Sin City for a week. I didn't want to leave my friend. Or Baby C. That's tough. It's been just over a week since their horrible accident. But even I know, sometimes you need to put on your "Big Girl" panties. Life isn't always easy. And it never stops. Even when you're overwhelmed.

Besides, they're both getting the best possible care. They have so many people taking care of them. And visiting. Like My Guy's family, and tons of friends. And there is always the phone and the computer. I can keep in touch with them. We're going to survive this week. And before I know it, I'll be back to holding Baby C.

The only thing that made this day bearable, My Guy decided to come with me. He'll only be here until Thursday. Because he has to work in the SE. But I'll take what I can, when I can. I'm determined to make this a good week. :) ♥

Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Day of Blessings

Today was such an amazing day! It was a blessing. Straight from God. My friend got to meet her little girl. For the first time! Since she was unconscious for Baby C's first few days of life. And then, they were 3 hours apart from each other. At separate hospitals.

But this morning, my friend got to be transferred to a nearby hospital. She was in stable condition. And they flew into the hospital where Baby C is. I short visit was scheduled before my friend had to go to the hospital where she will recover at. My friend and her baby girl got to meet. It was so special. And so emotional. I cried. Everyone that was there, they all cried. It was such a touching moment.

I mean, she's been waiting 9 months to meet her little one. They finally got to meet! And Baby C, you could tell that she knew her mommy. :) My friend was a little unsure of holding Baby C at first. Mostly because the entire right side of her body is bruised, broken, and not it's usually self. She didn't want to drop her little girl.

But we got her situated. And she got to hold her precious little girl. It was so emotional. We all cried! Her brother, her sister-in-law, Barracuda, My Guy, and myself. Because we knew how special this moment was. Just days before, I wasn't sure if either of them were going to survive. And here they were, staring into each others eyes. So perfect!

My friend had already asked me, a couple of days ago, for a favor. To call our priest. To make sure that he could come and baptize Baby C. We planned everything. We just needed my friend to be there. So the minute I heard she was being transferred, we called our priest back.

And he was so pleased to hear the good news. He called another priest, to do his 2nd and 3rd masses for him. And he came to the hospital. Ready to help us celebrate such a miracle.

My Guy and I had already picked up Baby C's baptism dress. We had done that earlier in the week. When we had to go get W. And pick up some of Baby C's things. Carefully we dressed Baby C. And we got to baptize her. She looked perfect! And this was such a special moment. A moment in time, that I'll never forget.

Now, we are forever bonded. More so than before. Yes, over the last week, I've become so close to this little girl. But now the bonds are deeper and stronger. Through the will of God. My friend cried. Like she told me, this week has been a blur. Nothing that she expected. But she was just happy to get to hold her little girl.

My Guy's family cooked a yummy dinner and brought it to us. A traditional Southern meal. It was perfect. And it gave us all a little bit of time to relax. And to enjoy each other's company. It's been a tough week. This was a moment that we all needed.

And before my friend had to leave, she was being taken to the hospital where she would be recovering at, we went back to see Baby C. My friend cried. She didn't want to leave. But we gave her a long visit with her daughter. Just the 2 of them. To talk. And to encourage the other to fight. This is going to be a long recovery for both of them. And they need the love and support of the other.

It was a touching day. A day that I prayed would come. Both my friend and Baby C are so special. I'm glad that they finally got to meet. And to enjoy each other. It was incredibly special. A day that I'll never forget. And a day that I will always thank God for. ♥

Happy Birthday Grandpa

Today is my Grandpa's birthday! How special. I just wish that I could be with him today. Or at least get to see him. Nothing is better than his hugs. And all of his great stories. And he's got a bunch! my Grandpa is 97 years old today. I'm so blessed to have him in my life. He is such a special man. Happy Birthday Grandpa! ♥

Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Splash of Color

I read this article the other day. And it got me thinking. About decor. And color. Lots of color. Something happy and cheerful. Something that I could use right now.

Color is so much fun. Especially in our homes. And in our lives. Whether is be in decor or in plants. Or even in fashion. But today, I'm going to talk about decor.

I think we are all used to colorful events. Beautiful decor. Something like this. understated. But fun.

Or this event. This reminds me of a recent Baby Shower that I hosted. Fun, colorful, and funky. Also very intimate. But so exciting.

We're all used to colorful events. But how about colorful chairs in your home? This reminds me of my home. Because I could barely afford my bills, most of my furniture was hand-me-downs. Things that I'd find or was given. Very eclectic and "Shabby Chic." Lots of fun. This picture reminds me a lot of my kitchen. Isn't it fun?

This is a bit more stylish. Also understated. And elegant. Because there is a lot of neutral color in the space. I actually like this look for our home.

But this picture, it's my favorite. Because I can imagine doing something similar to this, in our yard. We have the perfect little garden area. The one that My Guy created for me. I think it would be fun to fill the space with lots of colorful furniture!

What do you think? Would you ever do anything like this? I would just LOVE to fill a space of ours with a "Splash of Color." Something fun and whimsical. A place that we can get away from the "Real World" and forget all of our problems.

The key to pulling this off, is making sure you have enough "neutral" color. And you need to make sure that this is an open area. Something spacious. Where the color won't be to overwhelming. Also pick one colorful accessory...chairs, candles, pillows. You don't want to overwhelm the space. Now I'm off to dream about a luscious and colorful garden. ♥