Friday, March 23, 2012

Hair Inspiration

I can't lie here. I've been in a bit of a "Hair Funk" lately. Either, I straighten my hair, and wear it down. Maybe throw it in a messy ponytail at work. Or I wear it, totally natural at home. All crazy curly, with a touch of product, to hold the curl. If I wear my hair this way, I generally, clip it up.

Honestly, I wish that Manders was around. All the time! To do my hair. She always has some amazing hairstyle. Something simple, but with tons of impact! Oh, if I just had her skills. Then maybe, I'd do things like this...

Yes, I've been inspired! I want to wear braids. Back in high school, I adored braids! Wore french braids, instead of ponytails. When I was a cheerleader. Not the usual kind. But 2 braids, that lead into one. Oh, I miss my braids! The top middle picture, is my inspiration. For tomorrow. When I hangout with My Bestie. Then we meet My Guy, and this guy, for dinner. Yes, I might just put a little effort, into my mile long hair! ♥

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