Wednesday, March 21, 2012

29 is the Time to Leap!

"All growth, is a leap in the dark. A spontaneous unpremeditated act, without benefit of experience." ~Henry Miller

Sometimes, I feel like it's time to jump. To just take that flying leap, off of a ledge. To just experience life. I feel like, in many ways, I've held back. I've censored myself. In life. I haven't allowed myself, to fully experience life. To enjoy life.

I'm looking at "Year 29," as being a real "life changer." A point, when my life really does change. For the better. When I grab life, and really let myself grow. To grow in my happiness, soul, and my heart. I want to be a better person.

Much of my life, has been lived, walking a very "fine line." Not really jumping into anything. Not really going 100%, "in over my head" deep. And I want to change that. I want to jump, without over thinking things. I want to be that person, that just runs full force, into life!

This picture, in so many ways, inspires me. So much, that I had it printed, on a canvas. For my office. To remind me, that sometimes, we just need to "grow wings." And take that running leap. To really, go after life.

It's funny! That the older I get, the more chances I want to take. The more I want to just be, truthful to me. I want to expand my world. I want to really chase after my dreams. And make myself happy. Truly happy. Yes, this year, I plan to make it really count. Year 29, is going to be the year, that I allow myself, to be me.

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