Sunday, March 11, 2012

Too Supreme

I'm a VERY LUCKY WOMAN! This Guy, he surprises me all the time. With lots of gifts. Things that I never ask for. And most times, don't even know, that I want. :) But that's part of the fun, of having an AMAZING boyfriend!

Let's press forward. My Guy, knows that I have this semi-serious, LOVE AFFAIR with makeup. MAC to be more specific. :) And without fail, weeks before the collections come out, he comes home with them. How? I still don't know! But it's pretty amazing.

For example, MAC's Too Supreme Collection, came out March 1st. This guy, came home with them, about 6 weeks ago. And I swear to you, it was LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT!!!

The collection has 24 pieces. 24 pieces of pure bliss! 11 Sheen Supreme Lipglasses. Which are limited addition. And 13 Sheen Supreme Lipsticks. Which get this, are PERMANENT!!!

Now let's take a closer look. :) These lipsticks are a dream. A dream I tell you! They are a lipstick, with the finish of a lipglass! They don't leave that, "weird sticky feeling." Just a beautiful finish. Not too shiny. Just perfect!

I'm still a little uncertain, about the lavender. When do you wear lavender lipstick? And the darker nudes, well are a bit dark. But these are a dream! And I'm going to figure out, how to make them all work! Between, they're $14.50 a piece.

Then you have the "clickable" lipglass. I LOVE the colors. The finish is wonderful! And did I mention? They are clickable! This germaphobe, is so excited! I HATE sticking the lipgloss wands back inside the tube. This concept, just seems so much more sanitary. And $19 a lipglass.

Yes, this is one of those collections, that just excited me! In ways, I NEVER thought makeup would! I've worn these products, every single day, since I got them. This man is just AMAZING!

How he knows about these things, I may never know. But I have a feeling, one of his assistants, has to be on top of this stuff. One day, I'll catch somebody, researching beauty products! Until then, I'm off to enjoy some Royal Azalea! ♥

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