Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Happy Birthday Daniella!

Dear Daniella,

Happy Birthday! Sweet girl, you are getting so big! I'm so happy, that I get to be part of your life. That I get to watch you grow. It's been such a blessing, to be a part of your life. To be able to play dress up, "doctor" your babies, and read all those books that you love!

I still think about the very first time, I got to meet you. Such a precious baby. Who opened her little eyes, when I first held, and talked to you. It melted my heart. And from that day forward, I always knew, that you would hold, a very special place in my heart.

There are certain days, that you just know, will change your life forever. 3 years ago, today, I knew that it was one of those days. Getting to be a part of your life, has been such a blessing. And so rewarding. I'm glad, that I get to be here. To help shape the person you are becoming.

Time is just flying by. A few years ago, your Mommy and me, were helping you toddle around. These days, you're making me peanut butter sammies. Giving me lots of kisses. And showing me, how you tie your shoes. Sweet girl, you are amazing!

Happy 3rd Birthday! Sweet girl, I can't wait to get back, so that we can celebrate. I see lots of cupcakes, pizza, and presents in our near future. Love you lots!

Your Nana♥

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