Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Perfect Little Dress

As you know, I've got tons of gorgeous Goddaughters. That I love dearly!!! I've been looking for some cute little patterns. Because I just adore, making them sweet little things. Maggie's Crochet, is one of my favorite websites, to buy patterns from. She's got some fun patterns. Things that I've never seen, anywhere else.

I found this little dress. The Madeline Pink Check Outfit. To me, it just screams Baby C! Except, it doesn't come in a small enough size. I bought it anyway. Took a look at the pattern. Read through it, and made some adjustments. To meet Baby C's size 3 months frame.

As I've been working on this adorable dress, I couldn't help but think of Miss Matilda. And I've started a larger one for her. Something she can wear, when the weather cools again. :) But let's not be fooled, I've got a Wish List at Maggie's Crochet, that's a mile long! I tell you, when I decide to have babies, I'm going to have to start crocheting years in advanced!!!

Monday, April 23, 2012

I've Always Wanted One!!!

Have you ever had anything on your "Wishlist," that you've wanted for years? Something that you swear, you're going to buy. But never do. Something that screams at you. But you seem to ignore it? For me, that would be a "Pocket Watch Necklace."

I found this picture on Pinterest. With no source. WHAT??? If I could find these sweet watches, I'd buy all 3! Without thinking twice. Because when I was 7 years old, I walked away from the most gorgeous Pocket Watch. At a yard sale. And it still haunts me. To this day!

Have you seen anything similar? Anything on Etsy? Or maybe you know where this picture is from. I'd appreciate the help! I'm a lady on a mission. To buy a watch, that reminds me of my Grandpa! ♥

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Coral Necklace

I'm a HUGE fan of big jewelry. Big, bold, and colorful jewelry! While looking for some decoration inspiration, I came across this picture. Isn't this necklace gorgeous? I'd LOVE to have it for Summer!

I'm a HUGE fan of Pinterest! I LOVE to be inspired by all the pictures. But it aggravates the heck out of me, when I can't find the source. Like for this necklace. How can I buy it...if I don't know where it came from? Well, have you seen this necklace anywhere? I'd LOVE to buy it! Summer is just around the corner. ♥

Gap Creek

Can I be honest with you? I read a lot! Always have. Probably always will. And by a lot, I mean at least a book a day. 5 newspapers. Sometimes even a magazine. It doesn't hurt, that I'm a fast reader.

I've got a nice collection of books. But to be honest, I take advantage of our local library. I read, request, and love many of their books. And when I find, that I've checked out a book 5+ times, I actually go out and buy it.

But as a kid, my parents spoiled me rotten. With books. Not with toys, clothes, or that sort of thing. But books, they didn't mind. Those school book orders, I'd buy every single book, every single week! Then when the Book Fair rolled into school, I'd get whatever I wanted. I belonged to a ton of Book Clubs. And spent most of my life, reading.

Heck, even trips to the Price Club (now COSTCO) got me a new book. I'd get to pick out 1 book a month, from there. One book that I bought, was Gap Creek. Somehow, it was the one book, that I NEVER read. Why? I have no idea!

While packing last week, I ran across it. Some 12+ years later, I finally picked up Gap Creek. And a plane ride later, I was in LOVE! What a cute book!!! Something right up my alley.

The story is about a young couple. Who struggle in the beginning of their marriage. Living during a tough time. With an elderly man. Who dies, and leaves their lives hanging by a thread. With no money, little food, and an uncertain future. Tragedy marks their first year. But they make it past their 1st anniversary. Stronger, wiser, and more determined. This is definitely a good read! Something that will leave you, with a smile on your face!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Fajita Fun!!!

It's no lie, or secret, My Guy's family, L-O-V-E-S Mexican food!!! It's a good thing, I'm Hispanic, and picked up on my family's great cooking skills. :) At least, once or twice a month, I cook for My Guy's grandma. It's a whole evening of fun, catching up, and lots of food!!!

But I don't neglect the rest of his family either! His nieces lived with us for a while. And well, they got a little hooked on Mexican food too! Little K, is at that age, when play food is essential! There is not a day that goes by, when she doesn't want to play. If they happen to be over, while I'm cooking, she'll either ask to help me. Or she'll pull out her play food and "cook" too! :)

When I saw this pattern, just over a week ago, Little K came to mind. Immediately! And I knew, that I had to make it for her. :) By the way, isn't the pepper adorable? Well, I've printed the pattern, packed my yarn, and hope to have a nice little present, for Little K come Monday! ♥

Monday, April 2, 2012

I Want to Make These

If there was just more time. Between now and Easter. If we weren't traveling. Or actually knew, where we'd be spending Easter. If only. I feel like lately, that's my little motto. If only...

Well, if I had a few more hours in my day, I'd make a few things. To make our home happy. To give as gifts. To calm myself, just a bit. Recently, a friend, sent me a few pictures. Here's my inspiration.

How about a pretty wreath? Something fun, and unexpected. A little whimsical. I'd love to whip something like this, up for our front door.

How about these simple decorations? Not too Easter-y. That means, we could get away with having them up, just a little longer! I like the simplicity. :)

Or how about some cute, little sheep pillows. I'm really LOVING these pillows! They could go well with our new, buttercup yellow blanket. Sheep and chicks!!! It doesn't get more Spring like than that!!! :)

A fun pillowcase. I want to make a few of these. For some very special little girls. With some minor adjustments. I NEED to make some time, to make these precious pillowcases!

Maybe even this bunny. It's so unusual. But fun! I like the long eyelashes. That the body shape is a little quirky. This could be another fun gift!

These are a few things, that I'd LOVE to make right now! To add a little fun, Spring, and color into our home. What are some projects, that you're wanting to make? Or what are some things, that are inspiring you, this Spring. It could be clothing, pictures, flowers, food, or anything else. I'd LOVE to know!!!