Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Lots of Birthday Parties!!!

A few of my friends, are a bit stressed at the moment. You see Manders is planning 2 birthday parties, for her kids. So is Sals. Between them, these 4 birthday parties, are for 6 kids. Including 2 sets of twins!!! Have I lost you yet?

I hope not! But both of my friends, are incredibly stressed out. I know! Will the kiddos remember these birthday parties, years from now? Probably not. But the parents will. And honestly, at this point, that's what matters. These 2 amazing women, want to give their kids, something special.

So they started with planning out the dates. Because all 6 kids, are born within a week, of one another. So 2 parties, for 2 weekends. And then there were themes. Manders struggled. What could she do? Last year, she had the cutest party, for her twins! Now she's stressed. Will her order come in on time? Oh, and we're getting ready to go to Sin City to work. Poor woman!

Sals on the other hand, had this part, in the bag. Maribel would have a princess party of some sort. We knew this months ago! Now we know, it's going to be "Pinkalicious." And the twins, will have a Sesame Street themed event. Cakes were ordered. So were pinatas. And I've been doing a lot of sewing.

But I had to laugh. When both of my friends sent me this picture. Could I make them? Did I really want to make them? Would I be here, for the parties? Lots of questions...

Well, we have our first speed bump. One weekend, we'll be in TN. The next, in CA. Ugh! Thank goodness, both of my Goddaughters' parties, are on the Saturday of the weekend. I can make those! Between, I'm so exited to make these! How fun. And super easy. I've actually thought of a few ideas to add.

We have a plan. I'll make these cupcakes, on the Saturday morning. Both weeks. Why? Because they are needed, at the Sunday parties. Both weekends! I can do this. Between, Manders and Sals, have both bought everything we'll need.

And this morning, I picked up the supplies, from my friends. The cupcake liners are adorable! The sprinkles are fun. And when I silently panicked, that my friends wanted the same cupcakes, I didn't say anything. Now that I have the supplies, I know that the cupcakes will look different!

Funny how life changes. A few years ago, we stressed about gigs. Schedules. Flights. Music. And costumes. These days, it's about birthday parties. Cupcakes. And the most perfect birthday present! To be honest, I enjoy these days, a heck of a lot more!

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