Friday, March 16, 2012

The Magic of Little Sister!

This guy's little sister, knows that I adore Max Factor. Heck, she knows that I adore makeup in general! I finally figured out, who was giving this guy, so many tips about makeup. He ALWAYS brings home sweet gifts for me. Like MAC's entire, newest collection! Or some new product, that I've never heard of. It's his little sister. Oh, and that manager, at our local mall. :)

Anyways, his little sister met someone in the UK. I'm not sure how. Or the details. But they were chatting it up. And decided to do some sort of "Makeup Swap." I don't know all the details. But "Little Sister," asked for some specific things. Some of which, we're for me!!!

I almost cried, when I got 5 tubes of my beloved mascara! The blue tube, because it's waterproof! And 10 Lipfinity Lip Tint Pens! Oh my goodness!!! I've been walking on clouds, ever since!

Yes, she knows, that I simply adore lipstains. I've got very pigmented lips. And these liptints, just seem to be, the way to go. Oh, and they're amazingly long lasting! Especially on my long, 48 hour shifts, at the hospital! They last!

These liptints are AMAZING! You can build up the color. To get amazingly pigmented lips. Like a lipstick. But they are long lasting. And you don't leave a "Lipstick Trail." You know, on glasses, or this man's lips. :)

Unlike other lipstains that I've used, these don't dry out your lips. They are left feeling soft. The applicator is the perfect shape! Often times, they're too big. But this one is perfect! Giving you good control, when applying the product. You don't need any lipliners, or lipgloss, to complete your look. Everything you need, comes in this little tube!

Yay, for "Makeup Swaps," and "Little Sisters!" Is there anyone from the UK, that would be willing to do a "Makeup Swap" with me? I've got my eyes on a few more "UK Only Products!" ♥

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