Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Happy Birthday Doll Face!

Happy Birthday my sweet Doll Face! What a special woman you are. My life started when I met ya. Not before that. You bring life, into everything that ya do. I'm just lucky, that you've picked me. To share in your life.

Doll Face, I'm sure that I don't tell ya enough. But I want for you to know this. I love ya. You are my world. The reason why I push forward. You've made me a better man. The woman that you are, inspires me to be a better man.

"Every little kiss, is drivin' me wild." Simply that's what ya do to me. In all the good ways, that only you can do. This is love. True love. I value it. More than any words can say.

The world is a better place. Because you are in it. My life, has never been better. Because you are sharing your life, with me. "Yeah, I'm a little drunk on you!" My only hope, is that I can make you as happy, as ya make me. Happy Birthday Love! Your Guy

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