Thursday, March 15, 2012

Happy Birthday Cari!

Dear Cari Bear,

Happy Birthday! I'm in shock, that today, you are officially a teenager!!! This is such a BIG day! And I wish I was there. To tell you in person, just how much I LOVE YOU! To give you a GREAT BIG HUG! And to tell you, how very PROUD I am of you! Cari Bear, you are phenomenal!

I still remember you. When you were little. Going to work with your Daddy. Watching everything around you. So quiet. But taking in the world. Learning so much. Growing. In mind, body, and spirit. Already, on your way, to becoming this amazing soul!

Life has not always been easy to you.
But God has a special path, planned out just for you. A special place in life. To do remarkable things. He has blessed you, with such a loving, kind, and gentle Daddy. One that LOVES YOU, more than life itself. Don't ever forget that!

You are absolutely, the sweetest girl, that I know. The kindest soul, that I've ever met. You are a very special girl. And all those, that have the honor of being in your life, know this. We are the blessed ones!

My heart is bursting with LOVE for you! I want you to know that. You can ALWAYS count on me. Your Nono. And your Daddy. Sweet girl, I pray that your life is blessed with happiness, love, success, dreams coming true, and with God's Blessings. I LOVE YOU! Happy 13th Birthday Cari Bear!

Your Nana♥

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