Thursday, May 27, 2010


I'm not much of a sandal wearing kind of gal. I have this issue with feet. I just don't like them. Not even mine. My toenails are always painted. Honestly, since I was about 7 years old, I've painted my toenails. My feet are in amazing condition. But I just don't like feet.

Therefore, I rarely, if ever wear sandals. Which is hilarious! Because when I was younger, I loved sandals! Probably because I hadn't discovered stiletto peep toes yet. But I once wore sandals. Along with not wearing shorts since high school, I have also put away all my sandals.

But you know what? It's hot as heck! And I think I should invest in one pair that I will probably wear down the road. You know, with my jeans of course! So I took to online shopping early this morning, because I couldn't sleep. And I found these beauties!

These are the Hookfin Wedges in Cognac leather. They're a little more than I would like to pay for sandals. Because I'm just not sure if I'm going to wear them enough. But these beauties are on sale for $65. I might decide to actually buy them. But I think I need to sit on that for a day or two. I'm still not sure if my size 6 footsies want to take to the sun just yet. ♥

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Much Love Illy Giveaway

You know Cakies is one of my favorite blogs. And right now, Ruby is hosting a giveaway for Much Love Illy. Such an adorable little shop! I just love all the pieces in there. The earrings are darling! I want 3 of the rings. And the hair accessories. Oh my!

Much Love Illy also has a fun blog! Go take a look at it. Well, you have a chance to win a prize pack of a headband, a hair pin, and a ring of your choice! So head over to Cakies and enter. You have until tomorrow, May 27th. Good luck! ♥

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Raspberry Chocolate Cake

I was sitting here trying to pass some time. To be honest, I was so bored! My Guy is working. And he asked me to come with him. My bestie is here too. But somehow, I'm sitting here alone. My pregnant bestie is sleeping. And My Guy is working. So I'm left to entertain myself.

Hello Google. I started a search for a chocolate cake. And look what I found. I'm not sure why the pictures are so small. But look at this cake!

Chocolate and raspberry bliss! OMG it looks amazing! Um, I started looking through this place. And I found what I needed to recreate this amazing cake! There is no recipe. I didn't find one. Mostly because the page that these pictures were on, isn't there anymore. I just made a chocolate cake, with chocolate icing. And topped it with beautiful raspberries.

Honestly, look at how amazing this looks! Um, I don't have my camera either. But my cake looks pretty amazing too! Who doesn't like chocolate and raspberries?

When My Guy finished working, he was greeted with this lovely cake. And he was very happy! My pregnant bestie, she enjoyed it too! See what happens when I'm bored. I find inspiration on Google. ♥

Souvenir Giveaway!

Do you like owls? I think they're cute! There is a giveaway going on right now at My Owl Barn. All you have to do is follow My Owl Barn Blog and post on your blog or twitter. So easy peasy! And there are 4 separate prizes. So hurry up and enter this wonderful giveaway! It ends tonight. ♥

Monday, May 24, 2010

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!

First of all, thank you to everyone who entered! This was a lot of fun! And if you want to enter another giveaway, come back in about a month. My mom, a few friends, and myself are going to do another giveaway. So now for the winner...

The winning number was 30! But since that is my Goddaughter, and I already planned to make her an apron, I picked another number! The winner is #34, Court. Let me know if you want an adult sized apron or a child sized apron. And send me an email (SweetNightingaleSing (at) gmail (dot) com) with all your information. By the way, those cupcakes that she recommended, they sound so yummy! ♥

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Slice of Sunshine Cake

So I have another Free Recipe from Gooseberry Patch. It sounds delicious! And very quick and east. And light. Perfect for Spring and Summer!

Slice of Sunshine Cake

Submitted by: Michelle Campen from Peoria, Illinois

18-1/2 oz. pkg. yellow cake mix
1/4 c. applesauce
4 eggs, beaten
11-oz. can mandarin oranges
8-oz. container frozen whipped topping, thawed
3.4-oz. pkg. instant vanilla pudding mix
15-1/2 oz. can crushed pineapple

Combine first 4 ingredients together; mix well. Pour batter into a lightly greased 13"x9" baking pan. Bake at 350 degrees for 30 to 40 minutes, or until a toothpick inserted in the center removes clean; set aside to cool completely. Blend remaining ingredients together; spread over cake. Keep refrigerated. Serves 16.

I really can't wait to try this cake! All the fruit, it just sounds like a delicious dessert. So quick and easy. Perfect for a picnic or a casual dinner. Yum! ♥

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Playing Grown Up Giveaway

Isn't this the cutest? I'm in love. I know I say that a lot. But seriously, this is so cute! You can go to Cakies and enter this giveaway. You can win any single item from this shop. Everything is adorable! But my favorite is this Teacup Chalk Board. How incredible would it be in our kitchen? Neither of us drink coffee. But this goes with our style. And my love for tea!

Note to My Guy. If I don't win it, I think we really should buy this. It would go perfectly with our orange knife Guy. :)

Anyway, hurry up and enter! This giveaway ends May 20th. At 8AM PST. Good Luck! And don't forget to look at this amazing shop!!! ♥

Monday, May 17, 2010

Giveaway Day 2010

Well, what is that? My Guy wrote me a letter last night. It was an amazing thing to wake up to this morning. It actually made me cry. Love you too "My Guy!"

But today is Giveaway Day! I'm so excited! Here is my giveaway. You can see the complete list of giveaways here. There are pages and pages of them! It might take me until next week to get through all of them. :) But there are 4 that I want to specifically point out:

1. My Mom is giving away some Amis. So cute!
2. My Goddaughter made some hair bows. I want some!
3. My Prima is sharing some sweet baby gifts!
4. My friend made a beautiful necklace!

So go take a look. And don't forget about these 4 amazing women! You know you want some of their creations too! Also, for anyone that is just here browsing. These lovely ladies and I are working on a big giveaway for July. So don't forget to come back and take a look! ♥

Cherry Apron Giveaway

Welcome everyone from the Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day! I'm putting this post on a scheduled update. Because it's Sunday. And we're going to be traveling later. So I'm not exactly sure if I will wake up on time tomorrow morning to post. The only problem, I don't have a camera. Please have mercy on my picture. I had to nail my little apron to the side of a building and snap away with my cell phone camera. Obviously, I didn't get the best picture.

But here it is. My Cherry Apron!

This giveaway is for a either a child sized or an adult sized apron. This is a cafe style apron. The bottom layer is red and white polka dots. The next layer has cherry print fabric. And there is a sequence cherry applique on the right side pocket. The ties are also a little long. Because I for one, enjoy tying my aprons in the front. :)

For your chance to win, please leave me a comment with a link to your favorite summertime recipe or food blog. One comment per person. The giveaway is open to US residents only. And the giveaway ends on May 23rd at midnight MST. I will use to pick the winner. Good Luck. And I hope you come back! ♥

Sunday, May 16, 2010

My Doll Face

My Love,

I'm hijacking your blog. It's a good thing I know your password. I just wanted to write ya a note.

We just got home. And you're absolutely exhausted. You slept on the plane home. Ya also slept on the way home from the airport. I didn't have the heart to wake ya when we finally got home. 2 dogs in tow. I carried ya in and got ya up to bed. I sit here watching ya sleep like an angel. You look so peaceful. God knows, ya need some peace in your life.

How in the hell I got this lucky, God I'll never know. I'm thinking Daddy sent ya to me. He knows I need someone to take care of me. Someone to keep my ass in line. Who isn't scared to hell, of my glares when I'm pissed. Ya are such a strong woman. I still don't know how you do it. I'm in awe.

For some time, my life was boring. Lacking something or someone. In one word, life was...lackadaisical. It was routine. Boring. Filled with people that I couldn't trust. Having to make appearances. Everyone needing an answer, a sound bite, or some other piece of crap from me. Then I found you.

I feel love from ya that I can't describe. Every week when ya kiss me good luck and send me off to work, I feel pride. I want to go out there and kick some ass. Just for you. I yearn for the day when I can hold you in public. When there is no longer a reason to shield ya. When I can tell the world that you are my Lady. My Love.

Today, I felt like a piece of shit. Nothing went right. Still, everyone needed some piece of me. All I wanted to do was get that shit done. I can't explain the frustration or disappointment I felt. But it was bad. The entire way back to ya, I felt bad. Until I opened the door. There you were. Standing with a big smile and open arms.

If you can smile like that, I have nothing to bitch about. My love of my life, is fighting for her life. You are shielded and hidden from my public world. But you are still there with a smile and a kiss for me. I feel bad because I put ya through so much shit with my work. Somehow, ya don't leave running. I don't know how ya do it. I really don't. It just goes to show your strength.

I'm just glad that ya love me. It's that simple. I can't imagine my life without ya now. As you lay here sleeping, all I can think about is laying down beside ya. Holding you in my arms. And making your world a better place. I love ya. It's simple. But I don't think ya really know, how much ya mean to me. My world would be nothing without ya in it.

I heard this song on our way home. It reminded me of ya. Of us. I want to grow old with you. I know, I've got a few years on ya. But ya know what I mean. I can see a couple of fair skinned kids in our future. Living out here in BFE. Chasing around some dogs. I can see that. I know you can too. Love ya Doll Face! Your Guy

Not Looking Good

Well, the weekend has not been so kind to My Guy. He's struggling with work. Why? I have no clue! He works so hard. But something isn't clicking. And I can tell he's getting frustrated. He wants results. And they're just not happening. Lord Bless the guys he works with. Because he's starting to get short with them. More sarcastic than anything.

Then he comes back here, to me and the pups. And he's just him. Wanting to get away, from all that pressure. So much so, we stayed up late last night. Watching movies and playing poker. Just laughing, and enjoying ourselves. I'm trying hard, to make his days go easier. But I know, that he's feeling the pressure. I don't know how he handles it all so well. Because I just don't know, if I could handle, that much pressure.

I'm just trying to make his life a little easier. My Guy, the man I love, he carries the weight of the world on his shoulders. Every single day. It has to be tough. And right now, he's so frustrated with himself. I don't know how else to make his life better. But he's not sleeping much anymore. Which is not normal for him. You can ask anyone that even remotely knows him. Usually, it takes a small army to wake him up.

I honestly don't mind, getting up extra early in the morning, to make him breakfast. Or making lunch for 30 grown men, in a small kitchen. I don't mind the many stragglers, who show up to dinner. Or taking care of all the things, he doesn't have time for. I don't even mind, that some days, we don't get to talk until we go to bed.

This is the man I love. It's strange how quickly life changes. How when you're not looking for love, it finds you. Or how when you're sitting on top of the world, suddenly, you can tumble downward. Right now, I just heard that My Guy, hit another road block. Looks like the weekend ended, the way it's pretty much gone, since we got here. Sad.

But we're both looking forward, to spending the next 2 weeks, close to home. I'm pretty sure we both need that a lot! The fur babies are always a good distraction. And who doesn't like sleeping in their own bed, cooking in their kitchen, and spending time surrounded by loved ones? I hope, this is what My Guy needs. Because he deserves to be rewarded for all of his hard work.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Bunting Pillow

Isn't this a cute pillow? I just LOVE the bunting detail on the front of the pillow. It's so fun and whimsical! Would you like the chance to win this pillow? Head over the Armelle Blog and enter this giveaway! Good Luck! And hurry, the giveaway ends tonight. ♥

Friday, May 14, 2010

Coconut Strawberry Cake

"A resplendent crown of fresh, juicy red strawberries tops this scrumptious homemade coconut cake with fluffy white frosting."

When I read that, I knew that I just had to make this cake. Look at this picture. How can you not want to eat a piece of this cake?

Coconut Strawberry Cake

For Cake:

Nonstick cooking spray
All-purpose flour for dusting
2 cups sifted cake flour
2 teaspoons baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
3/4 cup (1 1/2 sticks) unsalted butter, at room temperature
1 1/2 cups granulated sugar
3 large eggs, separated*
1 cup "lite" coconut milk
1/2 teaspoon coconut extract

For Icing:

1 cup granulated sugar
1/3 cup water
1/4 teaspoon cream of tartar
3 large egg whites
1 teaspoon coconut extract

For Cake Assembly:

1 cup unsweetened shredded coconut, toasted
1/2 cup strawberry preserves
4 cups (about 1 1/4 pounds) whole stemmed California strawberries

To Make Cake:

1. Place oven rack in bottom third of oven; heat oven to 350°F (175°C). Spray two 8-inch cake pans with nonstick cooking spray. Line bottom of each pan with a circle of parchment paper, spray the paper and dust inside of each pan with all-purpose flour, tapping out excess.

2. Sift together cake flour, baking powder and salt; set aside.

3. In bowl of electric mixer with paddle attachment, cream butter at medium speed until soft and light. Add sugar and continue to mix about 5 minutes or until light and fluffy. Add egg yolks one at a time, beating after each addition until completely mixed.

4. On low speed, alternately add flour mixture in 3 additions and coconut milk in 2 additions, beginning and ending with flour mixture.

5. Add extract and beat at low speed until completely mixed.

6. In clean bowl with whisk attachment, beat egg whites at high speed to soft peaks. Gently fold one third of the egg whites into the batter; fold in remaining egg whites gently but thoroughly.

7. Divide batter between prepared cake pans and bake about 35 minutes or until cake springs back when touched and toothpick inserted into center comes out clean. Cool on rack 5 minutes; run a small knife around edge of each pan and carefully invert cake onto rack. Remove pan and cool cake completely; remove paper before assembling cake.

8. To make icing: In small saucepan combine sugar, water and cream of tartar. Bring to a boil, covered, over medium heat; do not stir. When sugar is completely dissolved, uncover and boil 5 minutes longer.

9. In bowl of electric mixer with whisk attachment, beat egg whites at high speed to soft peaks. Continue to beat while slowly pouring hot syrup onto egg whites; add extract and beat until cool.

To Assemble Cake:

1. Spread 1/4 cup of the preserves on top of 1 cake layer.

2. Thinly slice 2 cups of the strawberries and arrange in 1 layer on top of preserves.

3. Spread remaining 1/4 cup preserves on bottom of second cake layer and invert onto first layer.

4. Spread icing on top and sides of assembled layers; pat coconut onto sides of cake.

5. Arrange remaining strawberries on top of cake, stem side down.
Makes 8 to 10 servings.

I just wish I would have found this recipe sooner. It would have been the perfect cake for my mom! But doesn't it look yummy? I'm definitely going to be baking this soon. I just need to go shopping for the ingredients. Oh, I'm going to dream about this cake tonight! ♥

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Costco Shopping

I don't know about you, but I LOVE to go shopping at Costco! Today, My Guy insisted that I go shopping. I think he had the big mall in mind, when he handed over the black American Express. For many people have one of those things? They scare me just to look at them! I didn't want to go to the mall. It's some drive from where we live. Maybe My Guy thought I'd head to one of the cute boutiques not far from here. Nope. I just didn't want to shop.

But I did end up going to Costco. Because very last minute, I found out I'd be cooking for about 40 hungry gents tomorrow night. I don't know where the stores are there. So I headed to Costco here. :)

And like every trip to Costco, I got lost in the fresh fruit and veggie section. I just don't know how that happens! But it does. Before I knew it, I was leaving with flats of berries, grapes, and tomatoes. Yummy!

Right before we left, yes we're on the airplane right now, I rinsed off some raspberries. They are amazing! So delicious and sweet. And don't you tell a soul, but My Guy and I are almost done with them! This container is about 4X's the size of the pints you buy at the grocery store. Can you say it? We're enjoying some yummy, good for you, food!

I LOVE Costco! And not just for the free samples. Or those yummy berry sundaes. But because they always have the best produce. Honestly, if you are single, find some friends. Everyone can pitch in some money, and you can buy some amazing food! I used to do that when I lived alone. Or you can be like me and buy a flat of strawberries and eat them all by yourself! I do that still! Does anyone else love Costco like me? ♥

Friday, May 7, 2010

Strawberry Yogurt Cones

Remember how I told you that I LOVE strawberries? I just can't get enough. Having our own strawberry plants doesn't help either. It just makes me want to sit and eat all day and night!

I was looking for some yummy, and different snacks. Because our strawberry bushes are really starting to produce some nice berries. :) Not to mention, all the great deals at the grocery store. I found this "recipe." It's simple, healthy, and yummy! I've been enjoy some fresh strawberries on top of my yogurt cone for about a month now. Why didn't I think of this? All of my favorites. Here's the "recipe."

Strawberry Yogurt Cones

1 cup fresh California strawberries, stemmed and halved
1 cup non-fat yogurt: plain, vanilla or lemon
4 waffle cones
Colored sprinkles or granola, for garnish

In bowl, gently mix together strawberries and yogurt, reserving 2-3 halves for garnish. Spoon into waffle cones, dividing mixture equally. If desired, garnish with sprinkles or granola and remaining strawberry slices. Serve with spoons. Makes 4 servings.

Honestly, I'm really enjoying this. I've been cutting up strawberries and putting them in the bottom of a cone. Then I add about between 1/2-1 cup of yogurt. Just plain. It's what I eat for breakfast. So I buy the big container. Then I add some sliced strawberries on top, with some sliced almonds. This is definitely one of my new favorite snacks! ♥

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Happy May Day!

Happy May Day! What is May Day you ask? Well, there's a variety of definitions. But I see it as, a day to make up some cute baskets and surprise my friends with some yummy goodies! Who doesn't like to surprise their friends with a fun treat?

Maybe some paper baskets with your favorite flowers. Perfect for any neighbors or friends that enjoy gardening.

A simple hanging paper cone with your favorite flowers. It's a nice way to share some of the beauties you grow in your yard.

Maybe a watering can. You can fill one up with either cut flowers from your yard, or some flowers that the recipient can plant.

How about a project your kids can help with? A simple can filled with Springtime goodies. :)

Or maybe a can with some precious blooms from your yard. I really like this look. It's simple and elegant.

Or a quick craft. With some paper and chocolate flowers. Yum! I would love to have some of these.

Maybe a mix of a pretty plant and some yummy chocolate. This is a win-win for everyone!

This is my personal favorite. The May Day cupcake! It's cute, yummy, fast, easy, and just plain fun!

I actually just got back. Turns out, I was hard at work on some May Day baskets last night. Too bad I forgot my camera at home. So no pictures. But I made some goodies and delivered them bright and early this morning. No one saw me. But guaranteed, they know who left them. :)

I had picked up some baskets after Easter. So I used them. And I made some paper and candy flowers, bird shaped suckers, Rice Krispie treats shaped into flowers, these cute cupcakes, and some springtime brownies. Yum! My Guy was in heaven last night.

For the ladies, I also made some Springtime aprons, kitchen towels, and pot holders. I hope everyone enjoys their treats. It was a lot of fun to put these together for a wonderful group of friends! ♥