Friday, March 16, 2012

Such Celebrations!!!

This is one of those amazing weeks! When so many people that I know, are celebrating birthdays. Actually, from now, until the end of the month, is pretty fun, and special around here. :) March always brings, a smile to my face!

Yesterday, Cari became an teenager. Wow! Where has time gone? Yesterday, would have also been my Uncle's birthday. RIP. Today, Sophia, is turning 5! Tomorrow, a good friend of mine, has a birthday. Sunday, little Lauren will be 5! Monday, Liliana turns 2. Tuesday, my sweet Maribel will be 5! Wednesday, Abby and Robbie, will be 2. The best birthday presents, anyone can ask for! Friday, Mariana and David Jr. turn 2. It's also an old high school friend's birthday. And next Tuesday, is my sister's birthday!

Sprinkle in, some of my cousin's birthdays. A few more friends. And a couple of due dates. Oh yes, March is a very busy month! One that is full of blessings. :) A month that makes me so excited! But it also includes so much traveling. To spend time with all the people I LOVE. It's totally worth it! ♥

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