Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Happy Birthday Maribel!

Dear Maribel,

Happy Birthday sweet girl! Today, you are 5 years old. Such a big girl! A sweet little girl, that is spreading all of your love, to all of us. Us very lucky people.

What a blessing it's been. These 5 years. To be part of your life. To know, that in some small way, I'm helping to guide you, in life. I will always be grateful to your Mommy and Daddy, for giving me this chance. For giving your Nono, and I, this chance.

My entire heart, lights up, when I'm around you. When we curl up, with your books. To read about far away lands. And all the time, we spend playing with your dollies. The many tea parties that we've had. It's time, that I will ALWAYS cherish!

It's such a blessing, to spend this time with you. To warm my heart, with all of your love. To watch, as you grow, into a "Big Girl." The joy, that you spread, with your music and dancing. Maribel, you are such a sweet girl!

Today, I can't be there with you. But know, that I'm ALWAYS in your heart. And soul. That your Nana will ALWAYS LOVE YOU!!! And you can ALWAYS count on me. Have a Happy 5th Birthday! Filled with all your wishes, come true! :)

Your Nana♥

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