Saturday, March 17, 2012

Treasures from Family Dollar

The last 2 weeks, are just a complete blur! No lie! I'm exhausted. We've done a lot of traveling. And even more working. But, I have something fun, to share with you. Before I settle in, for a quick nap! :)

My Bestie and I, recently went to Family Dollar. You see, when My Guy and I, were taking a little break, at my house, My Bestie, this guy, and Baby C were traveling. They made a little stop to get My Bestie her favorite BBQ. And then, they went shopping, in the Family Dollar, next door.

My Bestie saw a cute outfit, that she really wanted for Baby C. But they didn't have her size. :( And it was super cute! She sent me a picture. A little eyelet and peach dress. Adorable! So when we all met up in Sin City, we were positive, that we'd find it!

But the week was crazy! And I didn't really have any "down time," to go shopping. And My Bestie, was trying to avoid her ex-husband. So no shopping was done. :( But this week, we found ourselves, with some "down time." Not much for the 2 of us to do, while this guy, and this guy worked. So we headed to town.

And we found a Family Dollar. And well, we went a little nuts! That can happen in stores like this. Because everything, is ridiculously inexpensive. Well, 3 hours later, we walked out. With more bags, than I'd like to admit. I'm not lying! But we did find Baby C's dress!

One of the products that I did buy, was a nail polish. It was a last minute deal. I saw it, at the register. And I thought, for a $1, why not try it. The worst possibility, Big K might inherit it!

This is Sea Siren. The perfect turquoise color! Something that I'd been wanting to buy. For Spring. It's a little darker, in person. And has the slightest shimmer to it. Nothing crazy. Not glitter. But a shimmer, that sort of catches the light.

Like every other nail polish, that I've ever worn, it took 2 coats, to appear opaque. I polished my nails on Tuesday night. No base coat. No top coat. I've cooked, cleaned, crafted, worked, and even gardened this week. All week! And I didn't have a single chip!!! I took it off this morning. To paint my nails lime green. You know, because it's St. Patty's Day. I'm sure, I could have gotten a few more days, out of this nail polish.

I have to say, this nail polish really shocked me! For a $1, it holds up better, than some of my more expensive ones. I'm always surprised, by what I find in dollar stores. But this was a great buy! I'm thinking, I need to head back to Family Dollar. And pick up a few more nail polishes. ♥

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