Saturday, March 24, 2012

Kitchen Inspired

One thing that I didn't mention, this week, My Guy bought a house. About 5 miles, from where my home is. For a lot of reasons, this is a logical move. Mostly because, when we're in the Southwest, nine times out of ten, we stop there. And well, my home, is in much need of some major TLC.

Honestly, I haven't really lived in my home, for a few years. It's just not a friendly environment, with my health issues. So this, is a good move. An unexpected one. But a good one. :)

We signed papers earlier this week. A nice place. On a lot of property. Again, this is beneficial for this man. Who honestly, enjoys his privacy. Being a "public figure," privacy is a tough thing, to get. So the fact that he buys properties, that are a little secluded, isn't a new thing.

Well, now I have 2 houses, to turn into homes. And I'm needing some major inspiration! Honestly, this new home, is something that we'd talked about, for almost 4 years! Yes, it was a long time coming. We'd seen many, many homes. Thought about a lot. And in the end, we bought an old "farm." Now, we're having a new home built on it. But keeping the old one. Maybe one day, we'll update it. So we can have family and friends, stay over too!

Back to my inspiration. I'm not a fan of the "traditional southwest" decor. Not at all! We're more of an "eclectic" couple. We like streamlined, furniture. Something timeless. With lots of fun accessories. Vintage touches.

First up, on our list, is a kitchen. Mostly, because I LOVE to cook. And My Guy, LOVES to eat. I also feel like, this room, will set the "mood" for the rest of the home. Here are a few bits of inspiration...

I really like the "feel" of this space. The openness of the room. All the windows. But I think it's because we're in the "Golden State." And everything here, is so open. In the Southwest, I'm fearing the sun a bit. It can be brutal. So I don't think, this will necessarily work.

Keeping with the "light and airy" feel, I really like this kitchen. But it also seems, a little too "busy and feminine," for our taste. What I do enjoy, is the color palette, the rustic floor, the big windows, open cabinetry, and the "eclectic feel."

This space is so fun! The mix of textures, is what catches my eye here. I like the idea of mixing new, and old furnishings. And the fun rug!

How about this kitchen? Something is just so fun about it! The color, the "eclectic" feel, and the use of vintage pieces. It's just unexpected. As much as I like this space, I just don't think this will work. Because we need some modern appliances, and such.

Honestly, this was the kitchen, that caught our eye. Something really fun! But sophisticated. It's inviting. Yet, a little quirky. And I LOVE the mix of colors. :)

We like that the "bones" of the kitchen, are modern. The cabinetry is classic. And we're leaning towards high grade, stainless steal appliances. But the accessories are fun, whimsical, and "eclectic." That's where the personality of this kitchen, comes from.

My Guy, really LOVES this table and chairs. I'm a HUGE fan of that rug. Both are items, that our grandmas, once owned. Things that we grew up with. :) And honestly, we're going to include them. So I guess, the "hunting" begins. And so do our plans. Oh, this is going to be fun!

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