Friday, March 2, 2012

Simply Wow!

My friend Cole, e-mailed me, this picture yesterday. Just look at it! This dress is made out of old magazines! Can you imagine? Wow!

Cole has been making my costumes, for years now. And this, just made me smile. And laugh. I told Cole, that we really need to add one of these, to the mix. Wouldn't that be fun? Maybe not too useful, and durable. But I think it would be a fun piece to showcase. :)

By the way, we're performing in Sin City next week. Craziness is our schedule! But it's always a lot of fun! I enjoy catching up with my friends. And making other people happy. We have 15 shows, in less than a week! On top of that, this guy is working there all weekend. Oh, it's going to be crazy! But I'm so excited, to see my new costumes! Hopefully something fun, just like this, will be in the mix! ♥

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