Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Happy Birthday Abby!

Dear Abby,

Happy 2nd Birthday! Today, you and Robbie, turn 2. It's a BIG deal! Your Nono and I, can't stop smiling. To know, that you are growing up, to be the best little girl!

There's not a day, that goes by, when I don't think of you. When a smile makes it's way, to my lips. When I don't miss your "baaffly kisses." Or your little whispers, in my ear. Yes, I miss all those things!

But it's been a thrill, watching you grow. In 2 years, you've changed so much! Become more, and more loving. Much more independent. Wanting to do so much, all by yourself. Everything from making your bed, to tying your shoes. :)

You absolutely melt my heart, with your big "squeezes." And great big smiles! How you chase around butterflies. And wonder about everything in life. Wonder why the sky is blue. And marshmallows are white. Why the puppy, likes to sleep under Nono's desk. And why you can see me, in the computer. :)

Sweet Abby, you just make my heart sing. Every single time, you put on my high heels, and "tot around." When you hold tight, to my finger. And nuzzle into my neck, as you fall asleep. I just LOVE watching how excited you get, over "cuppy cakes." And how you ALWAYS grab for your baby, and your favorite book.

Today is a very special day. A day when you become a "Big Girl." You're not a baby. And I know, that your Mommy, is a little sad about that. So am I. But it's so magical, to watch you grow so big! I can't wait, to see what's in your future. And how you become, an amazing "Big Girl."

Happy Birthday Abby! I hope that you and Robbie, have an AMAZING DAY! I LOVE YOU SO!!! And wish that I could be there, with you, today. Have lots of fun! And enjoy your day. :)

Your Nana♥

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