Monday, February 28, 2011

I Feel Like Running

It's been really crazy around here. I have this sinking feeling in the pit of my tummy. I just can't explain it. But if it's anything like Saturday morning, well that explains it all!

I tried to get along with my oldest brother. Not for me. Not for him. I lost all respect for him a while back. But for my Dad. For his birthday. It's important. You know what I mean? Well, my other brothers had arranged a special breakfast for our Dad. Invited? 4 of my brothers, their families, my parents, and me. It was shaping up to be a fun morning.

But my oldest brother showed up. With his girlfriend. And immediately, things changed. Isn't that weird, he wasn't invited. Neither were 2 of my sisters. They didn't crash the party. But not big brother. He felt like "he had to be there." Like it was his"duty." His privileged right.

There has been a lot that has gone on with my oldest brother. Lots that I'm not going to get into here. But no one was really comfortable. He acted like he is my Dad's only child. And really upset my brothers. But we all swallowed that. We wanted our Dad to enjoy his "Birthday Breakfast."

Once my parents left, all heck broke loose. My brothers were not holding anything back. Neither was my oldest brother. He was calling everyone names. Blaming all of his problems on all of his. And even came after me. I wasn't just going to sit there. I told him how I felt.

It was horrible. Uncomfortable. And something that we all had been trying to avoid. For a long while. It all boiled over. I'm glad that everything finally came out. I know who I can trust. And who I can't. 100%. I know. And I also know how everyone feels.

Let's just put it this way, all my brothers, they held their daughters a little closer to themselves. Yes, they don't trust my older brother. Neither do I. We all know that my Mom and I are the ones that take care of my Dad. Not any of them. Heck, we can go months without hearing from some of them. And all but my oldest brother, they're grateful for all I do for my parents. I'm glad that they see it. Not for the glory of it. But because I'm not doing it, hoping to get anything in return. I just want to take care of my parents.

But it leaves me wanting to run away from my family. I'm glad that I have My Guy to come back to. No matter what happens. I was upset that in the midst of our "Sibling Fight" my phone was broken. I desperately wanted to talk to My Guy, when I left that mess. But I had to wait. Now not only do I want to avoid most of my family, I now need a new phone.

I hate feeling like this. Like I need to "run away" from them. To get away. To not let my family into my life. My "inner circle." But it's always been this way. I'm the youngest of 9. They're all my half siblings. I have no one on my side. And I hear it all the time. They're not here for me. In anyway. And they'd really like to see me fail miserably.

I have 1 brother that I full heartily trust. And I have 1 sister that I'd like to mend our relationship. That's it. It's tough. And it makes going home hard. Especially now that my Dad is sick. And he needs us. My brother just creates more and more problems. Causing bigger and bigger rifts between us all. It hurts. But there's not much I can do. Other than just run away from them. And fight to be a part of my parents lives. The only healthy part of my family. ♥

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Red Riding Hood

I really want to go see this movie. I don't know why. I just do. It intrigues me. Maybe because I've always enjoyed the story. "Little Red Riding Hood" was one of my childhood favorites! I had 3 different books. So now that there is a movie, I want to watch it. Now I just need to find some friends to go with me. Happy Sunday! ♥

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Light My Way

I know that I've shared quite a few giveaway posts this week. Probably more than I should have. Scratch that. I know, that I've done way more than I should have. But I have been under the weather. Stuck in bed. And had almost nothing else to do. So there you go.

Anyway, I'm headed to go see My Guy today. It's just been a short time away from each other, but we both miss each other already. Crazy. I know! But I guess that's what you call love. :)

But before I leave you for the weekend. I wanted to share one of my favorite Etsy finds at the moment. The "Light My Way" necklace! Gorgeous. OK, so I'd share my actual birth date with you, if you were to give me this necklace. I'm joking! But seriously, I want to buy this gorgeous piece! ♥

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Friday, February 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Dad!

The last few months have been tough for our family. Especially my Dad. I can't believe that just 2 months ago, he was fighting for his life. Literally. It was the first time that I really was faced with losing him.

My entire life, I've known that my Dad isn't going to be around forever. I've always known that I will have significantly less years with my parents. Because they were older when I was born. But suddenly, it became real. Harshly real.

So today, it's extra special. Not just because it's my Dad's birthday. But because God let us have him for one more year. That is very, very special. And I know a lot of that has to do with all the love, support, and prayers that we received from so many people. Thank you all again!

I've come to realize just how important it is to say, "I Love You." I'm not one to say that much. But if I've learned nothing more than this small lesson, always say what you mean. You don't realize just how quickly life can change. One minute, you're wrapping Christmas presents. The next, you're watching your Daddy fight for his life. Yes, it happens that quickly!

Happy Birthday Dad! You mean the absolute world to me! You're the very first man that I ever loved. And that ever loved me. I've looked up to you my entire life. Wanting to be the very best, just to make you proud.

Today is all about you. The things you want to do. Celebrating. And just enjoying life. I'll be saying tons of extra prayers today. Thanking our Dear Lord for allowing us more time together. Time to make memories. And to love one another as a family.

For everyone reading this, tell that special person just how much they mean to you. You never know if you will see tomorrow. And you never know if you'll get one more day to celebrate. Live every day to it's fullest. And with no regrets. Take it from my Daddy, and live your life without fear. ♥

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Searching for Peace

I know that I shouldn't feel this way. I should be very grateful for the life I live. I have a man that truly loves me. That has stood by my side through so much. Is here for me day in, and day out. My Guy is here, battle the Big C with me. I'm very lucky.

Beyond him, I have parents that love me very much. At times, I question my Daddy. But I realize, he grew up very differently than me. In a very different time. So I need to understand, at times, that harshness, it's really love. But I know, my parents love me. My Mom and I, well our relationship has just bloomed over the last few years. Something that I'm so grateful for!

I also have a HUGE group of friends that really love me. Best friends that I've had since birth. Especially Enzo. The man has done so much for me! Since birth, we've been "Kindred Spirits." Friends I've met along the way. My "adult" friends. The ones that are more like family. All the family friends that have watched me grow. That embrace me as a daughter. Yes, there are lots of them.

I'm also in a much more comfortable stage in my life. Financial, I'm doing well. I own my own home. Free and clear. It's mine. And I'm only 27 years old! I no longer have to go to sleep without eating, freezing in a cold house, and wondering if a tuition payment is more important than a doctor's appointment. I'm able to provide for myself. These basic things, that just a few years ago, were so far out of reach!

But I can't help myself. I've been going through a lot. The last few years have been tough. For me, it's been about facing demons from my past. Which is probably a shocker to many people out there. Yes, this shy, "Goody Two Shoes" woman...she has some pretty ugly things that she's had to face. Things that leave me sick to my stomach. Just thinking about them. But it's part of my history. The things that have shaped me.

Along with that, comes family issues. It's tough being the only child that my parents had together. I face more problems with my brothers and sisters, than most people face with their worst enemies. It's tough. It's hard to sit there and take all the name calling. The constant belittling. It's just tough.

The worst part is, I'm almost "forced" to have relationships with these people. People that I don't respect. I even question if I really love them. I mean, we're supposed to love our family, but do I love these people? I'm not sure. And that to me, is very sad!

In the last year, I've had to turn the other way for many things. Many family issues. I've had to listen to so many lies. To endure so much! To honestly, question every person in my family. Are they really here for the right reasons? What is their motive? I can't stand to watch what certain people are doing to our family. But I have no voice in the matter!

I guess there is just a lot going on. With my family. With old friends. People that I thought I could trust. Only to learn the hard way, that I really shouldn't have allowed them into my inner circle. Lots of circumstances surrounding certain family members. And of course, my own health. Let's also not forget about my Daddy's recent brush with death. It's all been tough.

Some days, I question everything in my life. All of it! I've recently found myself questioning things, that I never have before. Like my religion. Even my own morals and values. I guess I just need a "time out" from the "real life."

I guess the fact that our traveling is starting to pick up, well that could be a very good thing. My Guy has returned to his long hours at work. And I've been put on semi-bed rest for another week. So maybe God is just giving me a much needed "Adult Time Out." You know, to search for the much needed peace that my body, mind, and soul desperately need. ♥

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A very good friend of our family just celebrated her birthday. And I'll admit it, I'm a little behind on the present making side of things. So today, I got to searching for some good projects. And I came across this pattern.

Perfect! Our friend has decorated her kitchen in all different types of fruit. I'm going to be making her the 3 different sets. And probably an apron with some oven mitts to match. I just need to get to the store. I'm sure they'll have some sort of fruit fabric.

Oh, and I just have to say this. This pattern makes me dream of summer days. You know, relaxing outside. Enjoying a yummy BBQ. With lots of fresh fruit. Yum! Oh the days of warm weather. I might just have to make me a set too! ♥

Lap of Luxury Giveaway

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Help Needed!

My friends Pete and Teresa are getting married in a few months. And Teresa really LOVES this jewelry. I'm not sure where she found this picture. But to be honest, our dresses look similar to these. Our dresses. The bridesmaids. Not hers.

Anyway, Teresa would like for us to wear chunky jewelry like this. From what I can see, this jewelry looks like it's made with faux pearls, gems, and other chunky beads. Has anyone seen anything similar? Anywhere?

I'm thinking we're going to need to go to shopping. Maybe the mall? I don't know. But it's crunch time. And bloggy world, we could use your help! So please, please, please...leave me a comment. Let me know if you've seen something similar to this. We'd all really appreciate it. Especially our easy going friend Teresa. Honestly, she is the most laid back bride ever! This is the only thing that is still on her list. And that's saying something. Since she still doesn't have a dress! ♥

Cherry Pie Supreme

I've really been craving something yummy! Something sweet. And something with some fruit. I've really wanted to bake lately. But I just haven't had much time lately. So when I seen this recipe on Gooseberry Patch, well I was sold! Did I mention that it's this week's free recipe? Oh ya! This recipe is just all about good things. :)

Cherry Pie Supreme

21-oz. can cherry pie filling, divided
9-inch pie crust
4 3-oz. pkgs. cream cheese, softened
1/2 c. sugar
2 eggs, beaten
1/2 t. vanilla extract
Garnish: 1 c. frozen whipped topping, thawed

Spread half of pie filling in bottom of crust; set aside remaining filling. Bake filled crust at 425 degrees for 15 minutes, or just until golden. Remove from oven; reduce temperature to 350 degrees. In a large bowl with an electric mixer on high speed, beat cream cheese, sugar, eggs and vanilla until smooth. Pour over hot pie filling in crust; bake at 350 degrees for 25 minutes. Filling will be slightly soft in center. Cool completely on a wire rack. Spread with remaining filling; top with whipped topping. Serves 8.

I feel like I need to run to the store and go buy everything right this second. Heck, I might just do that. In reality, I just need 2 items on that list. I swear I can already taste this delicious pie! Don't forget to go to Gooseberry Patch and check out their free recipe every week! ♥

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Purse Bling Giveaway

Are you like me? At the end of the day, your purse looks like a "Hot Mess!" You know. There are tons of wrappers, receipts, and who knows what not all, inside your purse. You can hear your phone ring. But you can't find it. And in my case, I'm trying to sign a chart, on the way out of work, only to dig through my purse, for a pen, for 10 minutes. Let's not even start on how many crochet hooks get "lost" in the depths of my purse.

But wait, there is hope. Yes there is! Thanks to Purse Bling. Just look at this amazing piece!

It has tons and tons of pockets. Everything you could need or want is nicely organized inside your purse.

Just look at how pretty everything looks. So neat and organized. Not just a pile of stuff. Just imagine how easy it would be to change your purse!

I'm honestly in love! I know that I tend to say that a lot. But seriously, for this OCPD gal, this is a dream. And organizational dream I tell you! I just informed My Guy, if I don't win this, I need one of these beauties, for my birthday. :) Did I forget to tell you? You can win one of these cuties! Head over to Little Miss Momma and enter! ♥

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Custom Necklace Giveaway

Wouldn't you just love your own custom necklace? This is such a cute idea! It sorta reminds me of my grandma. Who for years and years, and even more years, sat and embroidered so many wonderful things.

For your chance to win, head over to Deer Little Fawn and enter this fabulous giveaway! And while you are there, take a look at the amazing blog. It really is one of my favorites. ♥

Can We Start Over?

We've had a pretty hilarious day, thus far. And it's still early. But that's our life. And we're who we are. No changing that. I'm pretty sure that My Guy and I are a little old, and set in our ways. :)

Usually we have dinner with his grandma on Monday nights. You know, as long as we're in town. And we don't have to work. Heck, there have been times when I go to her house for dinner, while My Guy has to work. He has to miss out, but I don't! She makes dinner, I take dessert, and then I do all the cleaning. Because I just LOVE spending time with her. Hearing stories from the past. But this week, it just didn't happen. There were a few things that got in the way.

So, she came over for breakfast this morning. Probably not the best time to have planned this. Since I had a doctor's appointment, My Guy had to go to work, and we were getting ready to head west. But we hadn't seen each other in a long time. And I truly had missed her. We still had a yummy breakfast! I LOVE the fact that she LOVES Mexican food. So we had chiquichilles. So yummy!

On the way to my doctor's appointment, something happened to the car. And while My Guy was trying to figure it out, hood up and all, someone recognized him. Before I knew it, I was hiding under a seat in the back, he was on the phone with his assistant, and there were at least 20 cars stopped on the side of the road. All those people were taking pictures of him! Craziness!!!

I think I've said it more than once on here, but Mondays are our Sundays. Therefore, Tuesdays are our Mondays. And believe me, today FELT just like a MONDAY! Everything going wrong, and a HUGE list of things to do.

We lucked out a bit. One of My Guy's friends happened to see us stranded on the side of the road. He called a buddy of his, that owns a tow truck. And by the time My Guy's assistant got there, they were hooking up the tow truck. Some whispers were exchanged. We, or I should say I, was towed half a block into some random garage. Where I was able to sneak into the assistant's car. And then we were off to the doctor. Crazy! But no one saw me. :)

I was late to my appointment. My doctor was nowhere to be found. And I fell asleep in the waiting room. My Guy, he had to rush to work. Ya, we broke down maybe 5 minutes from his job. But they had to drive 2 hours to my appointment and back. After his meeting, he came to pick me up. I was asleep. In the waiting room. Still hadn't seen the doctor...

Eventually, I was checked out. I'm "A OK." Well, thanks! I knew that. We missed our scheduled flight out of town. And had to wait to be cleared for another take off. 2 hours in an airplane. On the tarmac. Ya, it's been a tough one.

I'm just happy to be going home. To the SW. Where I belong! Hopefully tomorrow is more kind to us. I can't take another day like this. Oh, and we might just tell my Dad about this whole relationship thing. You know, since we've almost been dating for 3 years! Where in the heck has all the time gone?


These are chilaquiles. One of my favorite breakfast foods ever! And I'm not a "Breakfast Eater." Not at all! But the first time I had a plate of chilaquiles, I was sold! To be honest, we try to make this our breakfast, a couple of times a month.

This morning, My Guy went to go get his grandma. We usually have dinner with her on Monday nights. But certain things happened, and well, this week we couldn't meet for dinner. Instead, we are doing breakfast this morning. At our house, not hers. Very exciting!

And I just LOVE that she is so passionate about Mexican food. :) When we were making our plans for this morning, she asked me if I could make her a special dinner. What you ask? Chicken with mole. I can't wait! That's one of my favorite dinners! But that won't happen until we get back to town.

I'm not going to lie, it was a tough morning. Probably because we didn't get to bed until 3AM! I just couldn't sleep. The poor man tried everything to make me more comfy! It just wasn't happening. Then the alarm went off at 6:30AM! Not great for us. But we definitely had to get moving. You know how that goes...

My Guy got up and left. His grandma lives a ways from us. And I jumped in the shower. We have a crazy busy day ahead. Including my doctor's appointment, My Guy's work meetings, and our trip west. Yes, we're going to my hometown later today. Friday is my Dad's birthday. :)

I'm somewhat organized right now. Our bags are packed and sitting at the door as we speak. We're going to be gone until right before my birthday! That's nearly a month. Craziness! But My Guy is working out west until March 6th. Then we are still working on the plans for the following 10 days or so. But we'll be gone. I don't think our dogs are too happy about any of this. Not at all!

So I'm off to go make our version of "The Breakfast of Champions." You know, and start this day. Would it be bad if I ate a plate before My Guy and his grandma get here? I'm really hungry. And the kitchen smells so yummy already! ♥

Monday, February 21, 2011

Oh, Sweet Joy Giveaway

I've really wanted a pair, of these covered button earrings, for a while now. I've considered going to Hobby Lobby and buying everything I need. But in the end, I just browse Etsy.

And a rosette's honestly been on my list since Christmas. Because I've gotten lazy with my hair. And most days, it's been in some type of bun or knot. A cute headband would definitely add to that!

So for the fun stuff. Oh, Sweet Joy is offering a headband and a pair of earrings in this giveaway. Yup! Just head over to Sandy a la Mode and enter. Good luck! ♥

The Rusted Chain Giveaway

I just have to say this, I've LOVED The Rusted Chain for a long while now! I must seriously visit the site weekly, if not daily. :)

So when I seen this giveaway on Sandy a la Mode, I almost cried. It's for a $25 shop credit to The Rusted Chain. You MUST go enter. Because if you win, you will not be disappointed.

Seriously, look at some of her items. Just beautiful! Do you think My Guy has gotten the idea yet? Maybe he'll get me something beautiful for my birthday. :) Good luck! ♥

Ashley Carter Designs' Giveaway

Ashley Carter Designs has some cute things! I think I'm falling in love with this Etsy shop. This is just a small sample of what you could buy from the shop. And her blog is really cute too! Sandy a la Mode is holding a giveaway for a $30 shop credit to Ashley Carter Designs. Hurry and enter! ♥

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Somer Knits Giveaway

I think I've shared, more than once, on here that I want to learn how to knit. There are so many gorgeous pieces that you can make. But I still haven't ventured out of my "comfy crafting zone." I know, one day I will.

But there is something truly amazing about knit pieces. And right now, Much Love, Illy is having a giveaway. The wonderful prize is this knit cowl from Somer Knits. She has amazing pieces in her shop. And has a cute blog. So hurry up and enter! ♥

Crazy Weekend

I sometimes wonder if it's just us, or does everyone have these crazy weekends. You know, the ones that are jam packed with a million things to do. I'm exhausted just thinking about it all! I don't think we actually had more than a minute or two to just sit. But it was a nice weekend.

There were plenty of ups and downs. The extreme kind. Really high highs, and really low lows. But in the end, it was a really good weekend. My Guy is back to work. Full time. And he is so happy about it. I do believe I will get off of bed rest tomorrow. And I think Enzo is heading home tomorrow too.

See, lots is going on. Oh, and I'm back to the craziness at work. You know the stuff. 100+ hours a week, more files than I know what to do with, that kind of thing. But I'm more than happy with all of that. Even if I'm working from home. I'm anxious to feel productive again. You know, past all this "Big C" stuff.

On a better note, this week is my Dad's birthday. And we're heading west to visit. That and My Guy will be working out west for 2 weeks. So we're looking forward to a little travel, and R&R in the southwest!

Honestly, I'm just looking forward to seeing my loved ones. Both family and friends. Oh, and maybe just maybe, seeing my house. I miss it! But right now, My Guy is calling. He's made lunch. Smells delish! And we're planning on having a lazy day. Mondays are our Sundays after all! ♥

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Little Kisses

Happy Sunday! It's a pretty wonderful day out here. I can't lie. I hear that it's supposed to be 80 degrees today! Wow! Florida I love you!

My Guy has already left for work. I'm guessing that he will be back in a little bit. You know, to get his head together before all the action. But I can tell just how excited he is, to be back at work. And I'm full heartily happy for him. :)

So while I have some time to kill, and I'm stuck in bed, I've been doing lots of Etsy "Window Shopping." Yes, it's not good for the bank account. But seriously, there are so many beautiful things that I have saved to my favorites. :) Like these earrings. Hello! They're gorgeous!

I should just buy them. But I'm trying to show restrain. Oh, and you know, the college costs are just piling up. So I'm just looking for now. But really there are so many talented people out there. They really do inspire me.

So back to real life. I have to admit, I'm excited for this afternoon. But I'm really sad to be leaving paradise...AKA Florida. I'm going to soak up as much of it as our last few hours here. Happy Sunday! ♥

Saturday, February 19, 2011


I know that we are in the middle of paradise right now...Florida. My Guy is hard at work. But I've spent the last 2 months taking care of my Dad. Just holding it all together. You know, then all my health issues started up last week. And I've been on bed rest. So much for paradise. I've been in bed for a week now!

I've enjoyed our trip. But at the same time, I've found myself dreaming of far off places. You know, tropical paradise. Some place breathtaking. Then I stumbled upon these pictures of the Dominican Republic...

Look at room! That bed is just calling to me. It wants me to sleep in it. No lie! I'm laying here just imagining it. I might have to bookmark this for My Guy to look at. He has a week off in April I think. :)

Honestly, this view is amazing! I don't swim. Heck, I don't know how to swim! But I want to jump head first into that glorious water! It's just picture perfect.

Who doesn't love sun, sand, and that beautiful water? Honest to God, I'd give just about anything to visit this place. I sincerely hope My Guy is reading this. He's always asking me where I want to go on vacation. And since my last 2 choices have landed us in blizzards, and then ultimately back in my hometown, this would be a nice change of pace. Is it crazy that I can already feel the sand between my toes? ♥

Mel [V] Designs' Giveaway

There's another great giveaway at Love Stitched! It's from Mel [V] Designs for this cute camera strap! Yes, I'm in LOVE with ruffles. And this, it just made my day! So hurry up and enter the giveaway. You know that you won't be disappointed. Come on, who doesn't want some ruffles in their life? ♥

Sew Chatty Giveaway

I might be the only person that still writes checks. Wait my parents still write checks too! But anyway that you look at it, I really do like this checkbook cover. It's from Sew Chatty. And honestly, it's just adorable.

I have a cute checkbook cover. But nothing this cute! I wish I would have thought of the idea. It really is adorable! You have a chance to win one at Love Stitched. Hurry up! You know you could use some ruffles in your life. It would make paying bills a little less painful. ♥

Friday, February 18, 2011

Rachelle D Giveaway

There's something about this necklace that I just LOVE! It could be the name...Lucy. I'm a HUGE "I Love Lucy" fan. But I'm thinking it's more than that. Look at the colors! And that flower. :)

Rachelle D is offering one of her necklaces to a lucky Vintage Wanna Bee reader. How cool is that? I'm secretly crossing my fingers and toes. I REALLY want this necklace! It's perfect for spring and summer. Oh those warm months that I just crave.

So hurry up. The giveaway ends tonight! Good luck to everyone. And Happy Friday!!! I'm so lucky forward to this weekend. ♥

His Dad...

Today is the anniversary of My Guy's Dad's death. It was unexpected, sudden, and tragic. A day he'll never forget. A day that not until recently, he'd kept very private, and to himself.

After all the things that happened with my Dad, we sat and talked. My Guy was AMAZING through that entire time! Utterly amazing. He was there for me. Let me cry. Let me just be. Then he shared his story, and his Daddy's story. Heartbreaking! Just heartbreaking.

I've known that this day was coming for a while now. That it was going to be a tough one. A big anniversary. Not just today. But that weeks leading up to, and following this day. All the memories. The questions. The comments. It's a lot for anyone to bear.

So I'm here for My Guy today. I want to be the strong one. The person for him to lean on. The shoulder for him to cry on. Yes, I know men don't like to talk about these things. Heck, they try to keep most stuff like this private. But I'm going to be here.

I know that My Guy an his Daddy had an amazing relationship. Something that most people wouldn't understand. A bond that is unbreakable. Even after all these years. It truly is amazing to hear My Guy talk about his Daddy. You can just feel the love that they shared.

Unfortunately, I never got to meet this amazing man. The man that shaped the man that I love. But he was also amazing. Had a heart of gold! And from what I hear, it was HUGE!

Today we are going to remember him, and celebrate his amazing life! Rest in peace. Know that you were and will always be so loved. By so many people. But most of all by your family, your son, and also by me. ♥

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Living in the "Now"

Since I've been under the weather, I'm getting into reading again. Very much so! For anyone that knows me, even just a little bit, you know that I LOVE to read! :) Unfortunately, over the last 2 months or so, I've forgotten to pick up a good book. So this is a welcomed change of pace for me.

This morning I was so into my book, I didn't realize that My Guy was leaving for work. He stood there, at the foot of the bed, with a sad look on his face. Until his buddy came in and told me, I think he's waiting for something. Oh ya, a kiss.

Do you ever get that way? So into something that you are doing, that you forget about "real life." I have to admit, when I read, I get that way. And when I sew. It just feels like something takes over me. Oh ya, when I garden too!

Something tells me, I'm going to find little notes like this one. You know, floating around. To remind me about what's really important in life. I know that I need to do better. But right now, I'm just not in the best of spirits. It has a lot to do with my health, and my Dad's. But you know what, I'm going to make the effort.

I'm stuck on bed rest currently. But I did manage some dinner plans for My Guy and I tonight. And tonight, it's going to be all about time together. I've got a stack of his favorite movies. And a ton of music that he enjoys. Because nothing is more important than living in the "now." Good book or not, I have a GREAT man that loves me! ♥

Vintage Wanna Be Giveaway

Funny how I was just telling My Guy how I wanted a new hat. You know, for the days that I don't feel like "doing my hair." It can be a chore! Anyone who wants long and thick hair, well, it's not all it's cracked up to be. Trust me!

Anyway, Little Miss Momma is hosting a giveaway for your choice of this hat or a purse. You have until tonight/tomorrow. So hurry it up! You won't be disappointed. The prizes are from Vintage Wanna Bee. And you know what, I really want one of her headbands. Good luck! ♥

No Plain T's Giveaway

You have to just admit it. This is such a cute accessory to add to your favorite t-shirt. It's from No Plain T's. All I know is that I really love it! So head over to Simply Handmade by Paige and enter. The winner will be chosen tomorrow. For one of these cute pins. So hurry up! ♥

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Modern Locket

I want one of these beauties! You are probably wondering what it is. It's a locket! And why do I want one so badly? Because it would be gorgeous! A bit modern. And well, I thought I could put a pretty picture facing outward. And on the opposite side, a little love note that My Guy wrote for me. That's what I'd do with it. But you could sandwich so many different things between the glass. Like feathers, dried flowers, pictures, quotes, really anything you can dream up! ♥

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Lyric Lace-Up Shootie

These babies are now mine! Woo hoo! You see, I've been wanting these shoes for a while now. But I wouldn't just go and buy them. I couldn't bring myself to that point. I'm pretty sure that My Guy got sick of hearing me talk about them. Heck, the webpage was even favorited on his laptop. I think he got the hint. And today, he walked through the door with my shoes! Yay! I told you, My Guy is a keeper. And I'm definitely in love with My Guy and my new shoes! ♥

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Saturday, Cowls, Naps, Work, and My Guy

Do you see this cute cowl? Do you? Ya, I'm in love with it! Maybe I just have this sudden urge, to surround myself with beautiful things...just to make me feel better. Anyway that you spin it, I want it. Especially now, day 1 post-op.

My Guy is "Officially" back to work. His first real big deal is tonight. And he's pumped! So am I. I just hope that I can stay awake until then. And just a secret to share with you...he came out here yesterday, and left early this morning. He came with lots of goodies to make me feel better to. He really is so sweet!!!

I'm going to go take a nap. I hear it's supposed to help you feel better. Especially, post-op. Ugh! I HATE feeling like this. But what can you do? I'm just hoping to watch My Guy and some of our friends tonight. Heck, if I'm feeling up to it, I might try to crochet a cowl like this one. ♥

Friday, February 11, 2011

Things I Cannot Change

The last 48 hours have not been kind. I'm not sure what's really going on. But I do know this much, I need to give it all up. Give all of my worries, pains, and baggage to the Lord. He will help me through all of this.

To sum it up, I was headed to go spend some time with a good friend. Take 5 minutes to just breathe, and be somewhat normal. Instead, I ended up in the ER. A complication to this situation I'm in. And now, just over 36 hours later...I'm flying east. Getting ready for yet another operation.

I'm not questioning it. I'm not holding anyone responsible. Just knowing that I want to feel better. And I want to live. I'm not sure what my future holds. But I have the faith that it will be good. Regardless of what the outcome is. In 2 hours, some of my most trusted colleagues will help me on this long road to recovery. ♥

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Fire and Raincoat

It's been raining a lot around here. A LOT! It makes me think. I probably should have packed better. In terms of "weather" related clothing. And it "made" me start some online searches. Where I found a few very cute things. But nothing as good as this...

The Fire and Raincoat from ModCloth. They get me every single time! Anything that I'm looking for, somehow leads me to ModCloth. The prices are usually pretty good. But it's definitely the clothing that I save up for. You know what I mean?

But this is one raincoat that I might have to splurge on. I really like the cut, the color, and the timeless feeling of this beauty! The collar just makes me smile. Now if I could just squeeze $100 from my bank account. Why do I have such a hard time spending money on myself? ♥

Monday, February 7, 2011

Stellar Style Coat

With all this snow and cold weather that we are having, I haven't been doing much. Other than some "Online Window Shopping." OK, there is the occasional cooking, crocheting, or movie watching. But it's the shopping, that is putting me in a great mood! And look at what I found...

This is the Stellar Style Coat. And I'm in LOVE! Does anyone have an extra $125? Anyone? I could really use a jacket right about now. I'm not even going to talk about how I don't have the proper clothes for this weather. Oh ModCloth, why do you always have to tempt me? ♥