Monday, March 26, 2012

Easy Baby Afghan

If you haven't noticed, I've been in "Crochet Overload," lately. This is mostly because, so many babies are being born! I've fallen slightly behind, in some projects. And orders, are really starting to stack up.

But, I'm always looking for new patterns. Such as this beauty! From Anneliese. Who is currently, in the middle, of a series called, "Head-Over-Heels in Crochet." A GREAT series to check out! But this blanket reminds me a lot, of a blanket that I already make. The blanket that I'm used to, is from an old crochet book. Very similar. But with fringe.

I do have to admit this, I'm suddenly inspired. I want to make this blanket. In these colors. Doesn't it look beautiful? Oh I think so! And from experience, I know this type of blanket, works up quickly. Maybe, I can make one, before Rachael has my new Goddaughter! ♥

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