Friday, March 9, 2012

I LOVE Milo...So Does He

We've been looking, at a lot of furniture, as of late. We have 2 new houses to furnish. And one house, that is still in need, of a few key pieces. It sorta has me stressed out! To the max.

Mostly because, we're ALWAYS on the road. Have little time, to go shopping. And have some pretty different styles. But we do agree on 2 things. One, this man is going to pay for it all. Two, it has to be comfortable!

I've been looking for some more "affordable" pieces. Something local. This man, is just looking for furniture. Insisted that our homes, need to be furnished. ASAP! So we both came to the table. With our plans in hand. And you know what? I LOVE this sofa, that he found!

I'm not sure what it is. But this sofa, just calls my name. It's a little manly. And a little feminine. My favorite part of this sofa, is definitely the legs! This man, LOVES that it's made out of leather.

Purchases like this, make me extra nervous! My current sofa and loveseat, cost a combined $400. New. And on clearance. That's how I roll! While this man, just knows what he wants. And is more than OK, with investing the money. This time, I just might have to side with him. Because I want Milo to come live with us!

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