Saturday, March 10, 2012

Oh Spring!

We've been in Sin City, for a few days now. And I'm feeling more refreshed. More inspired. More myself. Weird how that happens. But I'm going to work with it. :)

The weather has been nice. And warm. We've been performing. And I'm in LOVE with our new costumes! Cole is so talented! And with all of this, I've begun to think of Spring. It's just around the corner! And it's my favorite time of year.

Silently, I've wanted to go shopping. For the last few weeks. To head to my nearest Forever 21. And see what kind of fun items, they have. But, I've been busy. And it just hasn't happened. But this incredible weather, is just begging me, to go buy some new clothes. Like this...

It's hilarious, that I'm in LOVE with this bikini! I don't swim. I don't know how to swim. But I do enjoy, laying out by the pool. When this guy is out there. But not for long. Because, I'm positive that the sun HATES me! No matter what SPF I wear, I turn bright red!

But there's something about Spring, the warm weather, and all the retro clothes, that I've been wearing...that makes me pine for this bikini. Oh seersucker, how I LOVE you!

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