Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Fun Jewelry

It's been one of those days. Family issues. House problems. Overwhelmed with studying. I never got in touch with a friend. And I just didn't feel well. Ugh! So I took a deep breath. And had a long talk with this guy. Which ALWAYS makes me feel better! Seriously!

Sometimes real life can get you down. Family issues, weigh on you. Make you feel, like you are carrying the weight of the world, on your shoulders. And sometimes, you just need a distraction from all of that!

Earlier, this guy went to get us dinner. He insisted, that he was in charge of dinner tonight. Honestly, it made me feel good. So I had about an hour, to do a little searching on the internet. And I came up with a few things, that I really like. :)

First up, is this cuff. It's so interesting. There's something about the shape. And the metal. I really enjoy the "handmade" feel of this piece too. The only thing, that I don't like, is that I can't find the source...

How about this bracelet? First of all, it's purple. My favorite color! And the design is nice. Simple. Something you could wear every single day. I like the knot detail. It just adds a nice bit of interest to the piece. Oh, and I've been wanting a leather bracelet. But this bracelet, well, it just seems more interesting.

And lastly, we come to this necklace. I'm sorta in love with it. :) The idea of a chalkboard necklace, it just intrigues me. What else can I say? I've never seen anything like it.

And that's my little bit of "internet" shopping. Even if I didn't buy anything. And I fell asleep. It distracted me, and made me relax a bit. This guy let me take a long nap. And tonight, we enjoyed a quiet dinner at home. Catching up on our favorite shows. Let me tell you, it was a great distraction from our "real life." ♥

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