Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Girl Fun

Today, I picked up Little K from school. We were in much need, of a "Girl Day." It was a good thing, that this guy was out working. :)

Our schedule has been so crazy! And we haven't been home much, in the last month. There really isn't time for a whole day of "Girly Fun" to be had. A Tuesday afternoon, was just going to have to do. We wanted to just stay around the house. Have some fun! Do some girly things. Um, just spend some time together.

You see, last week, I called Little K. And asked her, what she wanted to do. "Stay at the house. Cook something good, with you. Oh, and bake some cookies." Easy peasy! That sounds a lot, like my "Favorite Days" too!

First thing on our list, was cookies. And we couldn't decide. This cookie. Or chocolate chip cookies. With double the chocolate chips, and tons of pecans! We decided to make both. But we made these cookies with cherry jell-O, and flower sprinkles. Perfection for Little K! And completely different, from the cookies I made over the weekend.

After some baking, and some much needed "Taste Testing," we went to "Relax and Chat." 2 friendly dogs, crawled on the couch with us. And I got caught up, on Little K's life. You know...Barbies, being a Big Sister, and kindergarten. The good stuff, that life is made of.

During our conversation, Little K noticed our iPad. Laying on the coffee table. Picked it up. And noticed that I had been reading Ruffles and Stuff. She immediately noticed this post! And wanted to create something for her room. :)

We pulled out some paper, my crafty best friend, and some comfy pillows. Yes, for the next 2 hours, we made some fun words to hang. Little inspirational things. Little K's "Special Name," that I have for her. Things like that. We had a blast! And she told me, that she'd remember this day, whenever she sees her words!

Before I knew it, it was dinner time. And we hadn't cooked! Little K tells me, "I got this covered. Can I use the phone?" I was intrigued. So I handed over the phone. And she called her uncle!!!

"Um, we're busy Uncle Guy. Can you do me a BIG favor? And bring dinner home. With some ice cream. We made cookies. And you can have some. But only if, we get dinner!"

Girl knows how to work her Uncle Guy! 30 minutes later, he was home. 4 bags of take-out, 2 gallons of ice cream, and a present. That's what he came home with!

We spent the rest of the night, catching Uncle Guy up, on Little K's life. Then there was a little painting of nails, to be done. So this guy cleaned up the kitchen, while we put this nail polish to good use. And then he joined us, for dessert, playing with Barbies, and watching this movie. Yup, it was a good day!

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