Sunday, March 4, 2012

Crochet Along: Week 2

Welcome Back! It's Week 2 of our Crochet Along. And this week, we begin our projects. That means, we're crocheting! But first, how did your shopping go? Did you find everything you need? Were you like me? Sitting in the middle of the yarn aisle, trying to decide, which yarn you wanted. That was really me!

For Week 2, our goal is to begin our blankets. And work to row 24. That will complete the first block. Or what we're going to refer to as, a "Bunny Block." Which means, by Saturday, we should, have some cute bunnies to admire!

For me, I have to admit something. I started crocheting my blanket already! I started last week. Because I didn't have another project to work on. And we were on the road. I'm making a baby blanket, in a soft yellow color. Last Monday, I almost finished the first "Bunny Block." I know!

But don't fear. I'm starting a second one. In a pretty yellow, 4 ply yarn. I have no clue what the color is! Because the label, is not on, this skein of yarn. But it's more of a muted color. I was tempted to buy Red Heart's Bright Yellow. It's so pretty! But I'm making this for our living room. And the more muted color, goes better with our decor.

I know that Manders started her blanket as well. But only got 3 or 4 rows done. She was trying to work ahead. Just a bit. Because she is in the middle, of planning 2 birthday parties. And didn't want to fall behind. I told you, the Crochet Along, is just about an outline. More of a support system.

This week should be fun. And interesting. I want to get both of my blankets, to row 24. By Saturday! I'm positive that I can have it done. I'm really interested in seeing, what the size difference is going to be. Should be interesting.

Don't forget, if you have any problems or questions, please contact us. Or leave a comment. Maybe someone else is struggling too. We're a supportive group. Ready to help, wherever we can! Happy Crocheting!

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