Saturday, June 2, 2012

Wedding Day 'Do

Today, my friends are getting married. We're all so excited! I'm still missing this guy. And all of us are missing Sancho. Who couldn't make it to the wedding. And Jose, who is out fighting the fire. Man, 3 very funny guys! And they're all MIA.

But we're trying to not let that bother us. And I'm taking my "Maid of Honor" duties seriously. As always!!! That's why we have another 4AM post. Why? Because I have to head out, and pick up some breakfast, the bouquets, and make sure we have everything we need. Lots to do. Especially this early, in the morning. And ya, I hit the "Snooze" button more than once. Before deciding, I just better get up...

I'm totally off topic now. But I wanted to show you our "Hair Inspiration" for the day. Mrs. Manders will be doing our hair and makeup. Yay!!! And Louisa picked out this cute updo...

Nice hairstyle. Especially for an outdoor, Summer wedding. In the desert! We also have these cute little headbands. And the colors of the wedding, are nice and fun! Totally reminds me of Summer. Tangerine and Lime. Oh. My. Goodness! I also hear, the wedding cake tastes AMAZING!!! Can't wait!!!

I better get moving. I'm really excited!!! Weddings just do that to you. And honesty, there has been so much going on. I'm just ready to dance the night away. How many hours...until the dance begins? Because Lola, is ready to "Bust a Move!" Have a Happy Saturday!!! ♥

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