Monday, June 11, 2012

Adding Summer Color!!!

I've been looking for some colorful accessories. Something to add a little fun, to my wardrobe. Here's the deal. 9 months a year, I wear black. Almost all the time. Then in the warm Summer months, I turn to white. I'm that woman, that wears all white. All summer long. Ugh! I know, I need help!

So I've been branching out. Buying colored denim. Which I LOVE!!! Adding some fun accessories. But I've been looking for some colorful accessories. Something like these...

A pretty fuchsia clutch. Wouldn't this be fun? The perfect bit of Summer color. To dress up a casual outfit. Or to add with a cute dress.

Oh wellies! I've been searching for some fun rain boots. We travel a lot. And to places where it's ALWAYS raining. At home, I have my own rain boots. That I wear to garden in. Or when it's raining. But I'd like some fun, and colorful rain boots, for when we're on the road. And these peach ones, are ADORABLE!!!

I'm a BIG fan of silver jewelry. And of turquoise stones. I'm from the southwest. So I've grown up around this type of jewelry. I ADORE this bracelet!!! I think it would add a lot of fun, to a white dress.

Now if I just knew where, these accessories where from. That's the only sad thing about Pinterest. It's hard to track down the source of the pictures. Have you seen these accessories? Or anything fun like them? What do you think of fun Summer colors? ♥

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