Friday, June 29, 2012

Furry Babies

Here's the deal. I've NEVER liked cats! Mostly because, as a small child, I was so allergic to them. I couldn't stand those little balls of fur. I'd break out in hives. Couldn't breathe. It was horrible! Then when I was about 8 years old, I wasn't so bothered by cats. My allergies were more under control. But still, the ONLY cat I liked, was my grandpa's cat. This gorgeous black cat.

We were pals! Hung out together. ALL. THE. TIME! I was the ONLY kid, that cat liked too. Can you imagine, me and this gorgeous cat exploring the mountains. Because she'd follow me everywhere! Including to feed the geese. :) We'd lay out on the deck, reading books. Miss Panther tucked under my arms. As the Summer rolled on by!

And although my allergies towards cats, have gotten better, I NEVER thought I'd own a cat. EVER! Who knew, I'd fall in love with a man, that had 2 cats. Actually, My Love, has got a small "Furry Family." Dogs, cats, fish, longhorns, buffalo, a cow, a few horses, a pair of llamas, some sheep, and even some baby deer.

The "inside animals," are the animals I'm closest too. Which is understandable. Our 2 dogs, are my BFFs! They get so upset when we leave, and don't take them with us. But it's hard to travel with 2 big dogs. And who would have thought I would LOVE big dogs? I'd ONLY had small dogs. Growing up, we had 2 small dogs.

And the fish, are just fun and relaxing to watch. Literally, when I'm stressed out, I watch them in the tank for hours! It's so relaxing. But them cats, I wasn't sure how I'd feel about them. But you know what, I've grown to love those 2 fur balls!

One of our cats, likes to be dressed up. I wish that I can find this little hat thing. Our cat would adore it! I don't know what is wrong with him, but he likes when we dress him up. And when we cover him up, with tons of blankets. Silly cat!

This is the same silly cat, that likes to play with our iPads. I'm not lying! If we set one down for a second, our cat is there trying to watch videos. Oh yeah! He is addicted to YouTube!!! It's nuts! Our cat is just so silly. :)

And our cats are very affectionate. I'm glad they are both males. Because if they weren't, we might have a house full of cats by now. We're lucky, that our cats get along so well. This picture, is very similar to how we find our 2 cats. When we get home, they're hanging out together.

For the last couple of months, they've lived at this guy's company. We miss them. But as much as we're gone, they get more love at work. It's so sad. But we know that they are incredibly happy! Running around, being petted, and just enjoying life.

It's funny. A few weeks ago, we were home for almost 2 weeks. And we took our cats home. We LOVED the time together. Our silly cat, watched lots of YouTube videos. Our other cat, just chilled out. Watched me cook. It's funny how times have changed. But I just can't think of life, without our fur babies.

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