Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Surviving the Desert Heat

We left "Wine Country" this morning. Headed straight for the desert. And the minute we landed, the heat slapped us in the face. High noon. The desert. The heat. And all I wanted to do, was find the nearest place with AC!!!

It made me think of the ways, I've survived this heat. Next month, it will be 11 years since I moved, to the desert. With no AC. The temps soared above 100. For days and days at a time! Then for the next few years, I've learned how to "Survive Summer in the Desert." Someone was recently asking me, about this...

And since I'm going to be spending a big chunk of time, in the desert this Summer, I needed to revisit my "Survival Guide." These tips, are great for anyone spending time in the sun. And heat. No matter if it's the desert, or the beach. :)

First, up a good lip balm. I've tried a ton! But year after year, I've come back to Blistex Deep Renewal. Not only is this good for Summer, but all year long! It keeps my regularly dry lips, completely moistorized. Plus, it has 15 SPF. Hello?!?!?! Perfect for Summer!!!

Well, I'm pale as can be. If you see me, it's hard to believe that I'm Hispanic. My entire family, is dark. And they get those glorious tans, all Summer long! Me? Not so much! Neutrogena's Healthy Defense has been my BFF for years! Yup, I've tried expensive products. But this little guy, works wonders!!!

Not only do I use this moisturizer for Summer, I use it all year long! All year!!! SPF 50 is my BFF. I'm telling you, this is perfection in a tube. It's light, but provides protection all day. I have oily skin, and have an issue with most moisturizers and sunblocks. But not with Healthy Defense. I LOVE Neutrogena!!!

Like I said, I've got very pale skin. I can go from "Snow White," to "Red Lobster" is 5 minutes! Growing up in the Southwest, was difficult at times. Even in the shade, I'd burn up. Then spend the next week or 2, nursing a horrible sunburn!

Then I found Neutrogena's Ultra Sheer, SPF 100. Every single day, I use this! There is no funky "Sunblock" scent. Just the clean smell of Neutrogena's products. It dries almost immediately. Not leaving any greasy feeling. Perfect!!!

But for those of us, that like to tackle outdoor fun, or even just exercise...Bull Frog Sport is what you NEED! Back in high school, I was a cheerleader. Literally, we lived outdoors almost all year! In the Southwest, that could mean trouble. But when I found this "Bad Boy," I was "Over the Moon!" Because it protects against both UVA and UVB rays. :)

First of all, this sunblock is water and sweat proof. Believe me, I've tested it many times! It should be no shock, that I run a lot. I also enjoy hiking. Since I was 14 years old, I've used this. And every single time that I have, I've NEVER been burnt! EVER!!! Not even, while doing a crazy yard cleaning marathon! It even works on your "Hair Crack." If you've ever braided your hair in the summer, with a part, you know what I mean. To me, that's the worst sunburn you could ever have!!!

Another secret among Southwesterners, is we change up our deordorant. When those HOT months roll around, we pick up a stonger deordorant. After years and years, of trying everything that is sold...Dove's Clinical Protection is my "go-to."

There are a variety of scents. All very light and fresh. This deordorant keeps you fresh and dry. Believe me, when I say this. There are some days, in the SW when you just sit there, and sweat. For no other reason, then it's 105 degrees. And your body is trying to cool down. You sit there, doing NOTHING, but sweating like NUTS! Let me tell you, this works miracles! :)

And we must protect our eyes! Have you ever gotten sunburn in your eyes? I have. And let me tell you, it's PAINFUL!!! Your eyes just hurt. Eyedrops sting. Closing your eyes burns. Having them open, hurts. So go out and buy yourself some good sunglasses. That protect against UVA and UVB rays. That's so important!!! Critical actually.

Honestly, I've found some really good pairs, and stylish, for around $10. But look for the UVA/UVB sticker. You'd be surprised, that some of those really expensive sunglasses, don't have both UVA/UVB protection. Ya, spending $100+ doesn't guarantee good protection. Just be aware. Funny thing is, I've found some adorable, chic, and fun sunglasses at the "Hunting Store." For $5. With UVA/UVB protection. Just look around. I know some of my friends have found them at Target, the Dollar Tree, or even the bookstore. :)

And a big 'ol floppy hat, is your best friend! Whether you're laying out by the pool, tackling your garden, or just relaxing...this is a MUST! It keeps the sun off your delicate skin, cools you down, and adds a little style. I have one, that my Grandma bought me, almost 10 years ago. I wear it all the time. And I think she spent $10 on it. Oh, and I just seen some cute ones, for under $10 at Wal-Mart.

Water, water, and more water. It's beyond essential!!! I prefer cucumber water. I also bring out the lemon, lime, or orange water in the Summer. Just take some fruit, or cucumbers, and thinly slice them up. Add them to a pitcher of water. And enjoy!!! I think people forget to drink lots of water. Honestly, I drink almost 2 gallons of water a day. It's so important to be hydrated!!!

And ice. I can't say enough about this stuff!!! Sometimes, I even make ice out of lemonade. Or throw in some fruit. It adds lots of fun, and flavor, to your favorite drinks. But honestly, at all times,I've got 25+ lbs of ice in my freezer. :)

There you go. A few things that have helped me, to survive the Summer heat! I also do things like sticking my body sprays and Fix+, in the refrigerator. Helps to refresh with something cool, in the middle of the afternoon. I also place a clean pillowcase in the freezer every morning. Then at night, I slip it over my pillow. So nice to lay on something cool, when the temperatures are lucky to dip into the 70s as a low!

If you have any tips, tricks, or favorite Summertime products, I'd LOVE to hear about them. Or even, your favorite Summertime recipes. Heck, anything fun about Summer! I've got a few months of heat ahead. And I need some new things, to help me get through our 100+ temps! ♥

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