Friday, June 29, 2012

Cute Wreath!!!

I just adore Pinterest! You can ask this guy, I spend HOURS and HOURS on Pinterest. Just searching through the site for inspiration. Sometimes I get so mad, when I can't find the source of the picture. But I use these pictures, to recreate things for our home.

I also happen to have a fascination with wreaths. I don't exactly know how this started. Just that it started. When I moved into my home, 11 years ago, I became obsessed with wreaths! In the early years, Hobby Lobby and Hallmark made out quite well. But these days, I create my own wreaths. And this one, has inspired another fun creation!!!

I found this picture on Pinterest. And just thought, what's not to LOVE? I adore polka dots. And that bow is darling! In fact, I'm off to the nearest fabric store this morning. Why? I'm going to recreate this beauty! Hopefully with the same fabric, but a red bow.

Doesn't that sound patriotic? I hope so! Because I'm hoping to get this done today. So I can hang this beauty up, for the 4th of July! I just can't wait!!!

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