Monday, June 18, 2012

We NEED This Space...

I've mentioned it many times before, that we travel a lot. As in 40+ weeks a year! We usually leave on Thursday evening, and return Sunday night. And 99% of the time, we have our motor home, that we stay in. A rather "fancy" little home on wheels.

Before meeting this guy, I thought motor homes/coaches were used for camping. You know, you take it out to the lake. Make a few hook ups, and you're good to go. I never realized, that you can customize these sweet homes on wheels! That they could provide more, than just a comfort for camping.

Heck, our motor home has a better kitchen, than my home has. Comfy couches, internet access, 2 HUGE TVs, wood floors, and anything you could need, while on the road. It's hilarious! But according to this guy, when you spend this much time on the road, it's essential. Our views vary on this. But it can also be, because we have very different careers. And we're in very different financial situations.

Very recently, My Love came home with a brochure. Apparently, it's time for a new "Home on Wheels." Hundreds of thousands of miles later, our home will retire this winter. I'm sad. When we met, it was a shiny new home. And over the last few years, I've made it our home. Not just a place where we eat and sleep, while on the road. But a real, comfortable home!

What made me laugh this week, was this little picture. That My Guy sent me. Because he wants me to be oh so comfy in there. And after our recent trip to Michigan, it's become oh so real, that I'm going to have a HUGE say in our new "Home on Wheels!"

I'd adore a place like this. But I just don't think it would match this guy's style. I really don't. But I might use this picture, as inspiration. I'd adore a "Reading Nook" like that. And comfy furniture. Maybe a place to store a sewing machine. And a "hideaway" desk, for me to use when studying. Oh, and that ceiling, is just screaming my name! My Love, might just regret sending me this picture. :)

But I am at a loss. I don't know the first thing, about designing a motor home. I know what we need. And what we like. But that's it! I've NEVER done this before. To be honest, I don't think this guy has either. I think he had other people do it for him, the last time. And where do you research these things? Can you tell, I'm a fish out of water?!?!?!

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