Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Fun Crochet Food!!!

My cousin asked me, almost 3 years ago, to be his daughter's Godmother. It was a very special day! My Goddaughters really do mean the world to me. And I see being a Godmother, as a blessing.

Unfortunately, she happens to be my one Goddaughter, who I see the least. It makes me so sad! But I make sure, to call her weekly. And send her little notes, and surprises every other week. I think it's so important to stay close. And to let her know, that I'm here for her. After all, she's ONLY 4 years old!

Well, for Christmas I bought her a little Kitchenette. And it hasn't quite made it to her. So I've been slowly crocheting her some fun food. And I hit the jackpot last night! I found this AMAZING blog. With so many cute patterns!

First up, some breakfast. How cute is this? A friend egg, toast, and bacon. I'm sure, this will be a hit!

How about some milk and cookies? On the blog, they're labeled as "Santa's cookies." I just think they're cute! I'll probably make the cups a more neutral color. Not so Christmas-y.

Would you like a hotdog? I just adore this pattern! Because I've NEVER seen anything like it. But I'm going to have to add some relish. Because that's my favorite part of eating a hotdog! :)

Or maybe a hamburger is more your style. The lettuce just cracks me up! But I think this will be fun to recreate!

And you can't forget the shake and fries! I adore these curly fries!!! I've never seen a pattern like that. The twist on the shake is also ADORABLE!!!

Or maybe you would like a movie snack. Popcorn and a pretzel. How fun is this? I LOVE the shape of the popcorn. :)

And crochet food, just wouldn't be complete without a few s'mores! How fun is this! S'mores just happen to be a favorite of mine. :)

I'm hoping to crochet quickly. I would like to get a nice set done. Before I see my Goddaughter. I think these will be a nice addition, to her Kitchenette. Who knows, I might even sew up an apron and oven mitts!

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