Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sweet Summer Eats

I don't know about you, but when I think about summer, I think about fruit. Growing up, we had wild black berry bushes, a quince tree, and countless cherry trees. I would literally spend hours outside, eating straight from the bushes and trees! June was always marked with an endless supply of cherries!

As I got older, I'd use those cherries to bake with. I'd mix them with fresh peaches. That came from this guy's family's Ranch. Cherry and peach cobbler. Nothing said summer like that cobbler, with vanilla ice cream! But honestly, eating them off the tree, was the best!!!

Secondly, blueberries and lemons, we're also a big part of my summer. I'd go to the Farmers' Market with Enzo's grandma. We always bought blueberries, squeezed a little lemon juice on them, and ate them as we shopped. I still think of this combination, when summer rolls around. So much so, I've been hunting for blueberry and lemon recipes lately. :)

And of course, there is water. 10 months of the year, I drink cucumber water. I take a cucumber and thinly slice it. Add it to some ice water. AMAZING!!! Life changing actually. :) But in June and July, I prefer lemons in water. Sliced, not wedges. To me, they taste different. Crazy, I know!

There are countless other Summer fruits that I LOVE. Fruit that grew at this guy's house. Or at his family's Ranch. We grew up, eating right off the trees! And for me, nothing marks June, more than fresh local fruit. What's your favorite Summer fruit?

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