Thursday, June 21, 2012

Fun Walls :)

We've been looking at tons of decor ideas. Tons! And one that we keep coming back to, is the idea of the vinyl wall decals. When we were decorating rooms for our "Little Nieces," we used some fun decals.

And now, we realize, that you can use them in other rooms. And they don't look cheesy. OK, some can. But for the most part, they are just fun!

This van, banner, pom-pom decal is just fun! It reminds me of a scribble. Just a little doodle for our wall. OK, I like it. But probably wouldn't put this up in our home. But it is fun!

I saw this, and immediately thought..."Would be perfect for Little Nephew!" We're still working on his room, in our home. I think this would be fun. :)

Or maybe something a little more traditional looking. I just adore this picture! For all the details. Those chairs are AMAZING! Love the light fixture. And those walls...

How about bringing in some nature? Love these trees! And those little birds are adorable. Not too over the top. Just perfect!

This tree is so adorable! Actually, this picture totally inspired me. And I spent about 3 hours searching through Etsy. And finally found a seller to replicate this. I ordered it for our "Mud Room."

Honestly, this is my favorite! This tree is GORGEOUS! I'd LOVE to find this somewhere. I think it would look AMAZING in our living room. It's chic. And whimsical.

There are so many wonderful ideas out there. I found all these pictures on Pinterest. And I've been inspired. These are such fun and easy ways to dress up a room. Not too complicated. Vinyl decals stick well to walls. But come off easily, when you are ready for a change. Definitely something to try out. ♥

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