Sunday, June 3, 2012

Oh My!

Do you ever find a single product, and completely get stuck on it? Say you have a nice little eyeshadow collection, and you reach for the same 2 eyeshadows every single day. I'm one of those people. When I find a product I LOVE, I stick with it.

This could be the reason why I move Heaven and Earth, to track down my beloved mascara. Or why for the last 15+ years, I've used the same sunscreen. Or why no matter what new hand soap comes out, I'm still buying Target's "Milk and Honey" gigantic bottle of soap!

And sometimes, I do this with certain colors of makeup. And I'm not just talking about my foundation. I'm talking about things like lipstick, eyeshadows, and nail colors. A few years ago, I got stuck on white nail polish. For 3+ months, I wore white nail polish. These days, it's Sally Hansen's "Cafe Au Lait!"

It's just the perfect neutral color! :) For the last 2 months, we've been BFFs!!! And I just had to share with all of you. First of all, this is totally affordable. I bought 2 bottles of Sally Hansen nail polish, for $6. At Walgreen's, during a sale. These sales happen all the time! As in every other week.

Secondly, this nail polish is a dream to work with! The formula is not watery, but it's also not to think. I find this to be really important. A thin formula usually means, about 4 or 5 coats. Essentially, wasting the product. And if it's too thick, you get gloppy, messy looking nails. Not with this nail polish. I can get a good opaque look, in 1 coat. With 2 coats, it's just AMAZING! And better yet, you don't need a base coat or a top coat. Just this nail polish!

By this I mean, 2 coats equals a 8-10 day manicure! What a dream! Especially when you are busy like me. You just don't have time to sit and polish your nails. This color, formula, and price is a DREAM!!! It's paired nicely for some performances, a wedding, and a day at the lake. Honestly, this is one of those products, you have to buy this summer! ♥


Sunny & Star said...

I love the color. I have recently started to paint my nails more. I have nail polish, but like you I am busy and I never take the time to do it.

I hope you have a great weekend!

Sunny Days and Starry Nights

♥Lola said...

It's so hard to find time! But usually when I know that I'm going to be reading blogs, a book, or a magazine, I try to polish my nails. This color really is amazing!