Saturday, June 16, 2012

My First Love

I don't know if I've ever mentioned this here, I'm a HUGE baseball fan. HUGE folks! Growing up, me and this guy, would go to games ALL. THE. TIME!!! Actually, this guy, played since he was like 3 years old. And I was his biggest cheerleader, until he graduated from high school. And moved across the country...

This is what we did. With all our friends. There was a minor league team, in our hometown. We'd go to a game, weekly. Then as teenagers, we'd take an annual trip to LA. To see the Dodgers play. Because everyone we knew, liked the Dodgers.

But not me and this guy. Nope! We liked the Red Sox. Actually, I like the Mets, and the Red Sox. I know, I'm bad! But the Red Sox are our team. And since this guy has been living in Boston for the last 14's become a tradition, to head to Fenway Park!

Yup, I was a high school sophomore, the very first time, I got to go to the most amazing ball park. Seriously, I was in LOVE!!! And not just with this guy. Who at the time, I was dating. Heck no! I was in LOVE with this stadium. :)

And through the years, my best friend and I, have collected some amazing t-shirts, watched more games than I can tell you about, and spent some good quality time at Fenway. Heck, for Christmas, My Love bought us each a brick. To celebrate 100 years of Fenway!!! We got seats last year, for our birthdays!!! :)

With that said, My Love planned an amazing trip to Boston. Between his schedule and mine, it was a little crazy! But we planned it. We'd see 3 games. Just me and him. In heaven. With hotdogs, my Red Sox, and dear 'ol Monster Green!

Well, things didn't really work out. Life threw us a few curve balls. My life is up in the air. And my family needs me. Our trip was postponed. And now, I'm starting to realize, that this guy, is becoming a rather big Red Sox fan too!

At the moment, we're lining up our schedules again. Trying to find the perfect week, to head to Boston. Which ironically, at least 2 days a week, I work in Boston. But I still haven't gotten to Fenway. And let me tell you, that big 'ol stadium is calling my name! Until then, I'm so grateful for televised MLB. And at home "Red Sox" parties. With hotdogs, my favorite team, and my favorite guy! ♥

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