Monday, June 25, 2012

His Favorite

I'm ALWAYS at a loss, at what to buy this guy. For his birthday, Christmas, or our Anniversary. It's so difficult! Because he has everything he needs, and wants. And whenever he finds something he wants, he buys it. Unlike most of us. Who put it on a list. Hoping one day, to own it.

Yes, all his years of hard work, do pay off. It allows him, to buy what he wants, when he wants it. But for me, it's tough. Because when these special days roll around, I'm hopeless. What makes things 100X's worse, is he spoils me to death!

Can you see my issue? You should have seen me at Christmas time! I didn't know what to buy My Love. I spent weeks and weeks, searching stores. And online. Then one late night, I found this table on Etsy. I ordered 2!!!

What I didn't realize was, he'd TOTALLY LOVE THEM! My Guy has an office in our home. And he promptly moved furniture around. Gave away the 2 end tables, that he had in there. And put these 2 tables in their place.

And while a buddy of his was over, a month ago, he was raving about these tables! It made my heart grow with LOVE! He REALLY LOVES his gift. It was the best feeling. To know that he didn't even know about these, before Christmas. But now he enjoys them!

Now people, I'm on the hunt for a good birthday present. I've got just over 3 months. I hope I find another treasure out there! Between, don't you just LOVE Etsy? ♥

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