Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Makeup for a Cause

Not long ago, I found this company on twitter. Actually, they found me. But as I started reading about the company, I was really impressed! Makeup for a worthy cause.

Do you ever find yourself buying makeup, and wondering about making a difference? A few years ago, my eyes were opened up. As I moved closer to the border, I realized just how much violence is in the world. As I entered the medical profession, it became even clearer.

A few years ago, MAC started a controversy with one of their "Limited Edition" lines. They made a donation to the cause. But it wasn't anything like Radiant Cosmetics. Who really are using their company, to make a difference in the world. And in women's lives.

The mission of Radiant Cosmetics, is to make people aware of Human Trafficking. And all the violence that comes along with it. Every Radiant Cosmetics purchase, helps to support this cause. And helps in the fight against Human Trafficking.

This company really touched me. It really hit home for me. I've already purchased some items from Radiant Cosmetics. Not only are they supporting a GREAT cause. But their makeup is pretty amazing too! Give Radiant Cosmetics a try. You'll be helping out women, who don't have a voice. And who NEED our help!

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