Sunday, June 10, 2012

Outdoor Inspiration

I ALWAYS travel with this guy. But let me tell you, this week has been so unexpected. Right out of "left field." It's floored me. Last Saturday, I was in my friends' wedding. Sunday, I "officially" became a Godmother, to 3 beautiful little girls. Monday, I lost my sister-in-law...

It's been emotional. Yesterday, were the services. And I still feel numb. Instead of a somber day, I was supposed to be celebrating Sofia. With this guy. Instead, I was in shock. That my young sister-in-law, is no longer with us. Today, I have to pull it together. It's Dawn's Bridal Shower. And I'm trying to stay happy and positive.

To get me in the mood, I've been on Pinterest. Looking for some inspiration. For our yard. We enjoy being outside. And with a new home, we have a new yard. That NEEDS to feel like home. So here we go...

How about some pretty flowers? In a cute little wooden barrel. I actually have 3 of these. And I sorta hate them. Because flowers are never tall enough, to be seen. But with these modifications, this could work. And it doesn't look too hard!

Or just some beautiful flowers. You see, I have 2 HUGE trees, in front of my home. My front yard NEVER gets any sun. This would be a nice change. A HUGE path of beautiful blooms. :)

How about a little shade. I have a HUGE backyard. With no shade! A nice little porch. But no place to entertain. I'm sorta in love with this entire arrangement. And the fact that it still feels fresh and airy!

At our new home, we have a big 'ol deck. We did buy some great outdoor furniture. But how cool, would these bench seats be? And they are so simple to make! This might just be, our next project. :)

And a beautiful dining area. I just LOVE to eat outside, during these warm months. Who wouldn't want to share a meal, in a beautiful area like this?

Now that I read through this post, I realize that the top 3 ideas, are for my home. The bottom 2, our for our new home. Can you tell that I'm going in a million directions? Oh well. I NEED lots of ideas right now. And Pinterest just happens to be the place, we're I'm drawing some inspiration. Now, we just need to tackle a few of these projects. While the weather is still warm.


Sunny & Star said...

I am so sorry for your loss. I will keep you and your family in my prayers.
Pinterest does have so many beautiful pictures. I love all different colors of flowers, so I would definitely want a mix of colors and heights.

Sunny Days and Starry Nights

♥Lola said...

Thank you Sunny and Star! That means a lot. Oh, I know! I adore Pinterest. And gardening too!