Saturday, June 23, 2012

A GREAT Love Story!

Today, my friend Dawn is marrying her Prince Charming! She's had a tough life. Filled with tragedy, hurt, and sadness. But at the end of that dark place, she found the most AMAZING man you can imagine!

Alejandro was exactly what she needed. What her kids needed. What made everyone happy, complete, and safe. Someone that just LOVES the 5 of them, because this was God's plan. I'm so happy for them! And so inspired by this AMAZING love story!!!

Just over 2 years ago, Dawn left a pretty horrible situation. With 4 small kids. And nothing else. I'm so happy to say, that J and I, were able to help them start over. Little did we know, that Love was nearby. Waiting to grow and blossom. :)

Just another example of God's Love for us. How he rewards us. With love. Today, my friend will marry her best friend. Her soul mate. And Alejandro will not only vow to love sweet Dawn. But he is adopting her 4 beautiful kids!

I wish the happy couple, a lifetime of love, happiness, and peace. I know that God is going to bless them. And we all pray that their family will grow. With the love, that is planted in their hearts and souls. Congrats Dawn and Alejandro!!!


SewLindaAnn said...

I was so touched by Dawn's story, and beyond relieved and happy that their family life will be stronger than ever. So important to have love and support through treacherous times in life.

♥Lola said...

Yes, Dawn's story is amazing! To know that she survived Domestic Violence, and was still able to find love, is so inspiring! I'm so happy for their family. :)