Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Oh Dresses!!!

I took to Pinterest lately. For a little inspiration. The month of June, is extra crazy for me this year. 3 weddings, 2 baptismos, and many graduations. Oh boy! So I've been hunting around, for some cute looks. What do you think of these?

A really good friend, is throwing a rather "fancy" party for his daughter. Who is graduated this year. It's at night, and like I said, totally "fancy." I think a dress like this would be fun. And doable. In this desert heat. Sorry people, I'm not wearing any kind of floor length dress, in triple digit weather!

This fun frock, would be perfect for a Bridal Shower. Or a Rehearsal Dinner. I just adore all those cutouts! And the length, is perfect. If only I knew, where this dress was from...

And this cute dress, well it will be perfect for any sort of BBQ, or even one of the Baptismo parties. It's fun and light. And would be perfect for church, with a little cardigan. :)

I've been on a bit of a "Shopping Diet." For the last 2 months, I really haven't bought anything. But it's kind of necessary right now. Have you seen any cute dresses lately? At what stores? I'm having a bit of a problem, actually finding a dress to buy. And a need a couple for all these celebrations. ♥

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