Thursday, June 7, 2012

Little Nooks

With all this "Making Our Houses, Homes," I've been spending a lot of time on Pinterest! I can't lie. When I've got some down time, I'm on Pinterest. Searching. I just NEED some inspiration!

My latest obsession, is "Reading Nooks." Mostly because, I spend a GREAT deal of time, reading. Whether for school, or for personal reasons. I've ALWAYS got a book in my hand! Just look at some of these ideas I've found!

It's actually funny, that I found this picture. We have a space like this in our home. It's on our back staircase. Right now, we have a bunch of plants up there. I NEVER thought of putting some comfy bedding and pillows up there. It would make a cozy little nook. For all sorts of things! :)

This tepee just makes me smile! Little K adores it too! And asked me, if I could make us one. Looks like Little K and I, have a few things in common. We both want to put it out in the woods. And just hangout. Sounds like fun to me!

And lastly, this is MY FAVORITE!!! In our new home, we have a little attic overlook. And I just didn't know what to do with it. A little office would be nice. Where I can write. And that little nook, is just perfect! For curling up, with my favorite books.

All these pictures, just make me so HAPPY! I want to get started ASAP! I think part of it is, I HATE to have unfinished projects. These unfinished homes, are stressing me out! This man, provides so much for us! And I want him, to be able to go to any of his properties, and enjoy them!Not walk into a home, with no furniture. Worrying about buying furniture, picking out paint colors, and all that other stuff.

Do you know what I mean? Personally, I've owned my home for a few years now. I purchased it almost 11 years ago. It's nowhere near complete. Heck, there is A LOT of work, that needs to be done. But, I'm OK with it. It's mine. And I'm in no rush. I have a long list of things, I want to do with my home. And I have lots and lots of pennies to save.

But when this man buys a home for us, I want to complete it. For him, and I. Yes, My Love works so hard. And I want to do the same for him. That's why, this blog seems to be currently exploding with decorating ideas. I'm sorry if it's boring anyone. But right now, it's all that consumes my thoughts. And I just need to get these projects completed! ♥

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