Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Wedding Day Tulips

I have some friends who are getting married. Soon. Like in the next months weeks. And by "some friends," I mean a few couples. One of the couples, wants tulips. I think they're just so pretty! Classic. And simple. In a good way.

Josie e-mailed me a few pictures of what she's thinking about. She still hasn't made her final decisions on her flowers. That would sorta be stressing me out. But Josie is so easy going. I'm positive that she's not stressing. Neither is her florist.

Josie has decided to keep her main center pieces and such secret. But she is looking for some suggestions on her bouquet. As well as the bouquets for the bridesmaids. I happen to be one of them. :)

A simple bouquet of white tulips. Honestly, these are my favorite! So elegant, simple, and beautiful. I really want a bouquet like this. Not even for the wedding. Just to sit on my desk as I work. :)

Isn't this a stunning bouquet? Josie is thinking she might go with a bright bouquet like this. You know, for herself. Something bright and beautiful to go with her stunning white dress.

And this bouquet. Isn't it stunning? I think Josie just likes the mix of colors. She is also considering something along the lines of this bouquet. To be honest, it looks so fresh and beautiful! So Spring like.

I can't wait for Josie's wedding! She's been a good friend of mine for so long. And this is such an important day. I'm super excited seeing these pictures. It means the "Big Day" isn't too far away. And I know it's going to be beautiful. ♥

♥ Congratulations Josie and Daniel! ♥

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