Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sonny and Brenda's Wedding

The first full day of our "vacation" and what did we do? We both caught up on some TV. Sorta. We brought some electronics with us, to paradise, to do just that! While My Guy was catching up on his favorite show, and some much needed sleep...I was catching up on General Hospital!

Well, sorta. Because I'm still way behind. Like months and months behind. But I did catch up on Sonny and Brenda's wedding. And I've sorta fallen in love, with parts of their wedding. Weird, huh? Well here are some of my favorite pictures...

Did you honestly ever think that Brenda would marry Sonny? Or that Jason would be "giving her away?" I've watched GH since I was in middle school. I never thought this day would come!

I have to say this much, I love the color pallet. Not your usual "Sonny colors." You know what I mean. But I really do like them! So girly, fresh, and unexpected.

The bridesmaids' dresses are really unexpected. But so cute! I do like the style, cut, and color of them. And how cute is the wedding party?

I've noticed these flowers are really becoming popular as of late. I'm not a huge fan of these "Balls of Flowers." But I do like the color combination.

Everything about this wedding is so laid back and easy going. The colors, style, everything. Funny. I always thought that Sonny and Brenda would have some way over the top, and dramatic affair. I know, that comes after the wedding. The whole "blowing up of the car." But everything about this day is so "cool as a cucumber."

And on to the bride's dress. I really like the simplicity. And the addition of "color" to the dress. It really is a gorgeous gown. And this veil, I'm in love! I'm not sure what it is, but it's just fabulous!

The fabric and the way it drapes, just gorgeous! I actually want to find some similar fabric, for a project that I'm working on. No, it's not for a wedding. But honestly, this fabric is just stunning!

Breathtaking! That's all I can say. Every detail is just perfect. And wow, I never thought this day would come on GH. Now if only Brenda had survived...

But seriously,what a happy couple! The flowers were gorgeous. Everything made my heart smile. Is that weird?

Maybe I'm just in the midst of a "Wedding Fever." You know, all my "engaged friends" are nearing their wedding dates. When I put on a silly bridesmaid dress, hold some flowers, and celebrate my friends. Maybe I'm just getting older, and softening up to the idea of "marriage." I'm not sure, but this wedding, it just made me smile! ♥

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benilhalk said...

Wow! This was interesting! I watched on the day after my wedding with my husband. He was patient enough to watch it with me. I got married a month ago only in one of the finest venues in Los Angeles. Anyways, I can relate so much to this post. Nice one!