Friday, March 4, 2011

Funny Animals

I don't know if I've ever shared this with you. But we have 2 cats, and 2 dogs. They are "indoor" animals. My Guy had them way before we ever met. Plus quite a few "outdoor" animals.

Our dogs, well, I've become very close to them. My Guy, he's learning that our "Fur Babies" just love me more. It doesn't matter that he's their "Daddy." That's just the way it happens. But I think he's making his peace with all of that now. :) Even if our cats are very independent. And tend to spend much of their time sleeping in a quiet room!

Since we travel a lot, our "Fur Babies" tend to miss us. A LOT!!! But they get lots of love from My Guy's family. And we are lucky enough to take our dogs on the road most of the time. But to say that our "Fur Babies" get happy when we go home, well that's just an understatement.

And our "Fur Babies" provide many, many hours of great entertainment for us. They are amazing "Cuddle Buddies" when we need it the most. Our dogs like to go with me when I run. Heck, our animals are just a bright spot in our lives. :)

But we just laughed hysterically the other day. Why? Because of our silly cat. When we first got our iPads, one of our cats was fascinated with it. He'd just sit there staring at it. And if we happened to put the iPad down, he'd go play with it. Putting his paws on the iPad, like he really knew how to use it. No lie!

We've got our cat playing on our iPads many times. It's really funny. We have tons of pictures. And even some videos of all of this fun. I'm not lying! But our cat never should any interest in our laptops. Until recently.

My Guy and I were watching some YouTube videos. Laughing hysterically. I'm pretty sure our cat thought we were nuts. Until he perched on the couch behind us. And saw the cat. I can't even remember what video we were watching. But it did have a cat.

Well, we got up to grab a snack. And when we walked back into the room, our cat was sitting on the laptop. I think he actually figured out how to replay the video. We silently sat and watched. Our cat sat there and watched the video. Then, somehow figured how to play it again. And again! Then we cracked up laughing.

How in the world? I don't know how he figured it out. But it was so funny! Now our cat, he likes to sit on our laptops, similar to this picture. I think he's just looking for that cat in the video. :) ♥

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