Sunday, March 6, 2011

Quiet Time

I'm pretty much craving a little bit of this. Quiet time. A good book. A comfy couch. No worries. Just some time to breathe. Time to let my mind rest a little. Maybe a cool breeze. And the light scent of fresh flowers.

The last few months have been extremely busy. And chaotic. I might have a crap load of siblings, but I still feel the entire weight of the world. You know, when it comes to my parents. I wouldn't have it any other way. I enjoy "being there" for my parents. I like that I have the opportunity, to take the time off of my life. And just be with my Mom and Dad. Nursing my Dad back to health. Easy the stress and pain that my Mom feels.

But it's a heavy load to bear. Especially with everything else I have going on. Let's not even get me started on my own health issues. I'm exhausted. And work, well, it just takes the last of my energy. All the time! School, well it's there too. It's never been hard. But it's draining.

God knows this. I'm positive that's why he has sent me My Guy. A man that I can lean on. And really believe and trust. Someone that is always here for me. Someone that stands beside me. And when things get too hard, he carries me along. Did you read his post from yesterday? All I have to say is, I'm one very lucky woman!

I know, that God knows best. He holds my entire future in his hands. I believe this, with my entire heart and soul. I also believe that he sends us the perfect people. The ones that fit right into our lives. That make us better. The people that help us to stretch and grow.

As much as I crave peace and quiet. Most of all, some alone time, I'm glad I have My Guy. He makes my entire life more simple. He adds to the quality of my life. And encourages my dreams, hopes and goals. That's incredible!

Today, instead of staying in. You know, in my gorgeous hotel suite, I'm heading out. To be a supporter of My Guy. To show him the love and support, that he shows me, all the time! There will be enough quiet time in my future. I have 3 books packed for our trip. But today, I'll be cheering on the man I love. My reading will just have to wait. ♥

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